Современные схемы для вышивания крестиком

To needlewomen have become successful entrepreneurs, they need little and at least temporarily change their thinking. Creating for the soul is good, but not always profitable. To needlework brought income, you need to create it for people. We need to do what people want to buy. And people want to buy not “some creation of beads or yarn,” but a very specific thing: a gift, a handbag, a pillow, a picture. And they do not need to sell “my work from beads or yarn,” but “a gift for your son”, “a pillow for your sofa”, “a picture for your living room”. Correctly? Take, for example, Etsy – the world market of handicraftsmen. Is someone looking for a “towel with embroidery”? Hardly ever. Most often they are looking for a “towel for embroidery” or “an embroidery scheme for a towel”. What is “cross-stitch embroidery” – only know the needlewomen themselves. They are the main buyers of goods with the key words “cross-stitch”. Simple buyers are not interested in this at all. They just need “towels”, just “tablecloths”, just “shirts” (of course, there are exceptions, but they are exceptions, which is very rare). So, if you want to massively sell something embroidered with a cross, your main buyers will be needlewomen who know what it is. And if they know what “embroidering with a cross” means, they themselves know how to embroider. So, they will not buy ready-made things from you. They will buy from you schemes for embroidery. That confirms the success of our two needlewomen who understood this and are selling on Etsy exactly the patterns for embroidery. Moreover, not just schemes, but those schemes that are in demand today. For example, today geometric patterns of cross stitch (“geometric cross stitch”) are fashionable. (this scheme is sold by the needlewoman from Ekaterinburg, her shop etsy.com/shop/galabornpatterns – 4563 sales). So if you know how to embroider a cross and want to earn it with Etsy, learn how to describe the embroidery schemes (or look for niches where people search for items with embroidery – there are such niches, I’ll describe them soon). It seems to me, it is not difficult. This is even easier than making knitting or sewing patterns. Because in this scheme the main thing is a picture, and not a verbal description of the process of creating an image. There are even programs that translate the picture into a diagram for one or two.

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