1K, Plain Weave Ultralight Carbon Fiber Fabric

1K, Plain Weave Ultralight Carbon Fiber Fabric

big beam Hi I’m Steve from Fibre Glast today I’d like to show you one of our
most exciting carbon fabrics the 1K Plain Weave Ultralight Fabric
available at Fibre Glast dot com carbon fiber is a
popular reinforcement for composite lamination because of its superior strength and
stiffness to weight ratio among all the fabrics in our carbon
fiber selection our number 2363 offers the greatest
strength to weight ratio the 1K tow used in this tight plain
weave is the key to this performance each
of the one thousand carbon filaments that make up the tow yield the highest ultimate tensile
strength in the industry that’s the force required to pull both ends of any
length until it breaks they also boast the highest compressive
strength the capacity to withstand loads that compress and flexural or bend strength in the
industry these fibers when woven one to one allow for uniform strength in both
horizontal and vertical directions and provide a combined high strength and
ultra-light weight many layups will alternate layers at 45
degrees to further maximize strength in order to
realize the strength properties the 2363 is made to be used with resin use an epoxy like the System 2000 epoxy resin also available Fibre Glast dot com to
create the highest strength parts the unique ultralight fabric is often
used for aerospace UAV and other similar applications where
ultimate weight savings can justify the extra cost its tight 24 by 24 weave further maximizes
strength and also makes it suited for applications with small or detailed work as with all of our carbon fiber
reinforcement Fibre Glast is committed to ensuring that every roll of this fabric
is First Quality and manufactured to the highest
standards that means you can expect the same properties and handling characteristics every time
you order from us we’re glad you’re tuned in to watch
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3 thoughts on “1K, Plain Weave Ultralight Carbon Fiber Fabric

  1. I reinforced a cardboard tube with this 1K plain weave and used it for a model rocket. This rocket was pushed again and again to nearly Mach 2 with no deformity or cracking. If you need strong and light, this is the product for you. Prepare to open your wallet.

  2. The cost of material doesn't explain it. Is there a reason why 1k carbon cloth cost $60/yd and 1k or less fiberglass cloth cost $5/yd?

  3. It is actually cheeper to weave carbon-fiber in 12k than 1k as the weaving it'self is more time consuming. There are different weaves of 1k for different conditions. It is the amount of pics per square inch that really describe 1k. Haven't seen Fibre Glast's product but guess 24 x24 (ends)pics or perhaps 19×19 1k. These are all plain weaves i am describing. Sitting next to several partial rolls of 1k as i type. Have a 17×17 pic plane weave 1k that(because of a less closed weave)allows a special 3 layer laminate consisting of 1k then 34×34 pic Spectra then another 17×17 carbon. Open-ness of my 1k allows epoxy to bond to the(very difficult to bond Spectra) for ultra light paddle craft.

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