1X1 RIB Knit Stitch Pattern

1X1 RIB Knit Stitch Pattern

The 1×1 Rib Stitch Pattern! Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit! Today, we are knitting up this super simple
and totally stretchy 1×1 Rib Stitch Pattern. This is perfect on garments when you need
a little give, especially on hats! To begin, we are going to cast on in multiples
of two, so that is an even number of stitches. Our first stitch is a knit stitch, which you’ll
see in the pattern instructions that is K1, that’s just knitting one stitch. And then we’re bringing our yarn to the front
in order to purl. So, we just purl one stitch right here. And, of course, I have links to knitting techniques
if you’d like to brush up on your knits and purls. It’s in the description below. And that’s it, we just continue that same
pattern in between the asterisks, which when you see that in patterns, that just means
you repeat between those two little stars, those little asterisks. So then, again, it is a purl one. And we keep doing Knit One Purl One all the
way down the row. And now, here we are at the end of our row. And because we cast on an even number of stitches
it’s knit one and purl one. Okay, now we’re ready to go ahead and knit
the next row. So, we’re going to turn our needles around
and right here again, it is exactly the same thing on every single row. Knit one, bring your yarn around, and we purl
one. And let’s do it one more time for good measure. We knit one and we purl one. Awesome! And just continue your K1, P1 and you have
got the 1 by 1 Rib Stitch down. And here’s a way to tell. When it’s straight, that’s a Knit Stitch and
when there’s a little cross like that, that is a purl. Again, when we look right here and it’s straight
that means you knit and the next one is purl. And you’ll see how totally stretchy it is. It looks a lot like the Stockinette Stitch
but it’s really super stretchy and it’s identical on both sides. On the right and wrong side it looks exactly
the same. I hope you are inspired to knit up the 1×1
Rib Stitch Pattern. And please check out all of my knitting patterns
and make sure to SUBSCRIBE and happy knitting to all of you. Bye!

36 thoughts on “1X1 RIB Knit Stitch Pattern

  1. Hi! First off I want to say that I love your channel! I was wondering if you could maybe show us how to do baby mittens? Other channels do it, but none of them talk, that I have found, while they are knitting them. No one does it like you do!

  2. Can you do a video on how to knit a Cable Hat? I really wanna make my Mom a Cable Hat for Christmas, And I think I have already asked for a Cable Hat video but I can't remember if you said you would.
    Anywho This is a great Video!!!

  3. Thanks for doing this one! I love the stockinette stitch but it drives me crazy the way it curls but this one doesn't. Keep them coming and have a Happy Thanksgiving! 😊

  4. Hi, I'm from India. I'm a beginner and your videos helps me a lot 😊 but I have a question here…if I slip a stitch at every end of row, would that look good when I finish the entire scarf? Would love to have your response.

  5. How do you achieve that perfectly balanced 'V' stitch, mine always seems tighter on the right side. If I try to knit looser or tighter the left leg of the v is tighter. Its incredibly frustrating.

  6. Hey guys! My new KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK now includes this stitch and to easily knit it up offline. Get it on Etsy ($6) here: http://bit.ly/knit-pattern

  7. You are a god send lol I was having so much trouble because I didn’t understand what you had to do when you flip your work

  8. Happy knitting to you too! Me and my sister are very excited to be knitting and learning different stitches such as this one that I saw here! You've made this very easy to learn, and I am truly inspired by your great video-thank you so much!!

  9. Hi, I have a question for anyone who can answer. I haven't knitted in a long time, pattern states in glossary 2×2 rib. Row 1 K2, P2 then Row 2. P2, K2 but on begining 1st row after cast on, it says commencing with 2nd row of 1×1 rib work 5 rows. The whole 1×1 part has threw me off, does this mean start on a P1, K1 row for every one of the 5 rows? 🤔 Thanks in advance 😁 x

  10. So when I start the row with a knit and then end with a purl so even though that happened I still start the next row with a knit stitch

  11. I found a pattern that calls for this stitch but it has an odd number CO. I don't understand why that would be. Can you help?

  12. I started off with 20 rows. When I finish kiting those I ended up with 21 rows… and the next time I did it I had 22. So every time I finish a whole row of knitting I get a new loop at the top of my stick. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong:( I hope you can understand. I tried to explain the best I could

  13. i'm trying to do this but I'm afraid mine is too messy??? like it looks loose and completely different from the one in the video, Idk what i'm doing

  14. this is insanity. Like its so clear, i understand everything, but I STILL CANT DO IT. I TRY AND I LOOKS LIKE A HOT MESS EVERYTIME.

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