#2 How to Braid a French Waterfall

#2 How to Braid a French Waterfall

Hi guys!
Blonde Tais channel is on air. Here you’ll learn how to make super easy and beautiful hairstyles for girls! The hairdo, that we’re going to make is called “Waterfall”. It’s a perfect way of framing the loose hair. We start with taking three strands and we make a plain braid by always putting the side strand into the middle. From the top we add some hair to the strand, we take it down and leave it. Next step, we take some hair from below the braid as on video and we strand it etc. We strand the hair in this way until we get to the other side of the head. At the end we make the usual three strands braid, to remind you how to make it, here is the link. When you are done, add some volume to the braid by pulling out some strands. You whirl the braid into a circle like you see here and fix it with the hairpins. You could also decorate the braid by the thin spring. The circle itself you can decorate with crystal hairpins. How to make them, follow this link. Writing comments if you like it!

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  1. Ух ты, очень нежное и красивое плетение, а самое главное, не так сложно как казалось бы. Завтра с сестрёнкой перед садиком опробуем. Я думаю что для образа маленькой принцессы коса-водопад это самое то. 🙂

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