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(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Marissa,
and today I’m going to be showing you guys
how to do three quick and easy braids. These are my go-to hairstyles for school when I’m running late
because most of the time my hair is too thick to straighten and curl every morning. So I just put it in braids. I can do these really quick. If you guys like braiding hair tutorials, then I’ve done two other tutorials and Brookie has done one
too, and we will link that down in the description
so go check those out. While you’re down there,
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notification so you guys can be a part of our notification squad. And now let’s go into the hairstyles. These braids are mostly kind of loose and like pulled out because
I was kind of thinking of like a bohemian hairstyles
with lots of big braids. That’s what I kind of
think of when the word bohemian pops in my mind. So these are three
bohemian-centered hairstyles that you can do on yourself. Okay, so I’m just gonna
start by taking out my hair. I had braids in today for
school so it’s kind of wavy. Okay, so this first one doesn’t involve any Dutch braiding or French braiding so if you don’t know how to do that, then you’re good on this hairstyle. And now that my hair is all brushed out, I already have a side
part in and I don’t know, you could do a middle
part, whatever you prefer, it doesn’t really matter. So I take a small chunk of hair right at the front of your
like part or hairline, whatever you want to call it. And we’re just going to
do a simple, just braid. Go all the way down too
because we’re gonna incorporate it into another braid. And you want to do it a little looser so that you can pull it apart. (upbeat music) And then, you don’t have
to put in the elastic yet, but start pulling out the like
little pieces of the braid. And it’s good to pull
apart every little strand just so it looks more full and big ’cause it’s not a very
big braid to start with. (upbeat music) Then take a small plastic
elastic and tie it, this off, and then pull them out a little more. This is probably the longest hairstyle that’s in this video. It doesn’t even take too long. Okay, there’s our first
braid, and now we’re gonna do a braid right here and right here. So we’ll have three braids. Just pick up the piece right next to where your other braid ended. (upbeat music) Alright, now we just do one more braid, and then we’re not done
with braiding actually. (upbeat music) And a helpful tip for pulling
apart braids is don’t wait until the end to pull it apart because it’s harder to get the top to get really big. So I would recommend
going like halfway down and pulling it apart and
then pulling it apart when it’s all the way down too. (upbeat music) No, your braids don’t
have to be perfect either because it’s bohemian. At least in my mind, I think
bohemian like messy and full. Actually, you could leave
this down if your hair was like straight or something or curled, but if you don’t want to do
that, there’s two options. You can do like a side ponytail, and just gather it in
like this, and tie it off. Or what I like to do is a side braid ’cause the braids kind of you know come into the bigger braid. And then you get like a really cool, looks like a waterfall. And then once I see my elastics
getting close to the end, I just take them out before
I tie off the bigger braid. Then tie off the big braid. Kind of pull it apart. And there it be. And then pull, you can
either like do this. I know some people don’t like their ears so they cover it up. But take out some pieces
and you are finished. So pretty. (upbeat music) Hey now, the second
hairstyle we’re going to start with a small section
at the front of your head. And then divide that into three. And this one we are gonna Dutch braid, but if you want to learn
how to Dutch braid, I have a learn how to
French braid your hair and I’ve taught you
guys how to Dutch braid your hair in my other video so watch those if you want to learn. Okay guys, for this second hairstyle, we are going to use the same side part that we had in the
beginning, and gather all of your hair to one
side, it doesn’t matter, I prefer the right side because that’s the side that I braid on. We’re gonna take a small
section from the front of your head again and do a Dutch braid. So if you guys want to
learn how to Dutch braid, I have other videos that
I teach you guys how to and I teach you guys
how to French braid too. So go watch those if you
want to learn how to do that. Okay, we’re gonna start our Dutch braid, and we want to gather all of the hair, kind of so it will fall flat
if you know what I mean, when there’s no bumps. And I don’t know, it’s kind
of tricky the first time. (upbeat music) So the braid will, you
want to braid it in a way that it’ll kind of just fall down the side ’cause we’re gonna gather all the hair into a big like loose Dutch braid. See how my hair poofed up right here? You want to kind of like
comb it out with your fingers so that it’ll lay flat. The trickiest part is
gathering it from the back because you can get a lot of bumps. So take a really big
piece and smooth it out. (upbeat music) Now I have all of my hair gathered up and I’m just continuing
the braid all the way down. (upbeat music) And then the final step
of this braid is to pull it apart just like we did the mini braids in the first hairstyle. (upbeat music) And here is the finished hairstyle. This is so cute because it gets everything our of your face. And for this one, we’re
going to lose the part. Okay, so you want to take a section from the end of your eyebrows. So it’ll be really big, you know, ’cause you want a big bohemian braid. And so take that big section,
actually it’s not too big, but it’s I don’t pretty big. And we’re gonna do a
Dutch braid so section your hair off into three sections and do a braid. And for this braid, you
don’t have to have it in like a straight line. It’s pretty much just a big Dutch braid on the top of your head. (upbeat music) And then once you get to
about the crown of your head, then stop and finish the braid because we’re going to
put it in a high ponytail. Okay, now we’re going
to again pull it apart. Make sure you like how
it sits on the top too. And then gather your hair
into a high ponytail. (upbeat music) I’m going to leave the braid in in the ponytail just
cause it kind of gives some texture to the ponytail
so it’s not so boring. Then you can use like a
fun colored elastic too. And there you have your
braid into a ponytail. (upbeat music) Alright guys, thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you guys learned a few things about what you want to do with your hair when you don’t have time and
please subscribe down below. That would mean the world to me and thank you guys so much for watching. Bye.

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