3D Split Braid | Three Different Looks

[MUSIC – “PICTURE PERFECT”] -Hey everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles, and today I’m with Kamri. -Hi guys. -And we’re going to show you
how to do the 3D split braid. Now, this technique
was new to me. One of you guys sent
it in on my email, which I loved as soon as I saw. So thank you for the idea. This technique, it’s so simple. It’s just such a basic,
basic way to braid hair, but it’s totally different,
gives a really unique look that I think you could really
play with in wedding hair all the way down to toddler
hair, wet hair, dry hair. So you’re going to love this
one just because it really spans a lot. That’s perfect. Now just for the sake of
teaching you guys really clear tutorial on this one, I’ve
put her hair into a ponytail, and we’re going to just
work with this today. So I’m going to take
her hair and divide it into three sections,
just as though you were going to do
a regular braid. I’m going to try
to make them even. So three sections. Now, on a regular braid, you
would take this middle piece and go out and over, and
you’d take the middle piece and go out and over, like that. The only difference between a
regular braid and this braid is that you’re going to
split this outer piece. So I’m going to reach my finger
between this strand like this, reach through and grab
that middle strand, and pull it through. And then recombine the
strands, the two pieces, into the one strand
in the middle again. So I’ll show you
again on this side. Put my finger
through, reach through and grab that middle section,
put both pieces around it, and then recombine
them in the center. And we’re going to go
back to the left side, reach through, grab that
piece, reconnect them. Put your finger through, reach
through, and reconnect them. And we’re going to just
continue doing this all the way down the hair. You can see that
it’s pretty basic. I mean, this to me
qualifies as a daddy do, because I think there are
dads that could do this one. This one really has a
lot of options around it. Continue just reaching
through and grabbing it, so again, comb
this out a little. Put your finger
through the middle, reach through, grab the
entire center section, put it through, and then
recombine those two pieces. And we’re going to keep
working down as we go. Such a great hairstyle. This would be perfect for
straight out of the water, if you have a child
that’s a swimmer. In the summertime when
their hair is wet, this one’s going to hold is out
of their face, keep it secure, and, you know. Great one straight
out of the shower, if you’re running late for
school, anything like that. For wedding hair, I think
you could play with this one by doing a low ponytail
with half your hair and doing fancy curls,
and then pulling some of these from the sides and
doing these really loose braids with this technique, and
putting it into that low bun, so it’d be like a
braid over the curls. So pretty. So when you get down
to the end, you’re just going to work until
you run out of hair. And the reason
I’m calling it 3D, you can start to
see, I’m sure, is because this
particular technique– I’m just about there,
one more, maybe– OK. And I’m just about there. So now I’m just going to
secure it with an elastic so that it holds. Now the reason it’s 3D is
because kind of our like our 3D round braid, this particular
technique if you look– here’s the top braid, looks
like a normal braid, but then guess what? Bam. You have another
braid on the sides, and then you flip it
over, and bam, there’s a braid on that side. So it creates almost
like a cube, really. Like all four sides are
braided, which is so fun. And then just to make
it a little fancier we’re putting a little
cute accessory in her hair. And you’re done. If you wanted it even
to look more grown up, you could pancake
this part in here and make it really
fluffy and soft. I mean, really, so many
options, my mind is spinning. Let’s do the final spin. Kamri likes this hairstyle
because, how fast is it, Kam? -Really fast. -Which is what she loves,
because she’s always like Mom, I want to go. I want to go swim, I want to
go play, I want out the door. Now besides this
style, I went ahead and did a couple other styles. I did one on Kamri
earlier today, and then I did Brooklyn’s
earlier today and took pictures that I’m flashing
right now, just to get you guys thinking
on how you can utilize this hairstyle in lots
and lots of different ways and make it look young or older
or anything you’re looking for. You can do it on yourself,
it’s really simple. I’ve been doing it on my hair. So I think you’re
going to love this one. Now, extra news! Exciting! Yay, oh, yum! So this week we were
able to go and fly to New York, Brooklyn,
Bailey, and I did, and we were guests
of the show The View, and it will airing July 3. So you can check it out, we’ll
have more info coming on that. Our second big piece of news
is that Cute Girls Hairstyles, Brooklyn and Bailey,
and Cutepolish, who you guys know is an amazing
nail polish tutorial YouTuber, are all joining up to do a meet
and greet in Downtown Disney. We will be near
the main stage just by the ESPN Zone from
11:00 to 1:00 on June 28. So if you happen to be
in the LA area for Vidcon or any of the other fun things
going on at that time of year, hop on over and say hi! We would love to see
you guys and meet you. And we will see you
guys next Sunday. Bye guys! [MUSIC – “PICTURE PERFECT”] -Do the same thing on this side. Just take the ends, hook
them under that front braid. -Hurry up, do it, do it! Are you ready? One, two, three. One, two– -Roll over. -Three! -Good job.

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