21 thoughts on “4-Strand “Slide-Up” Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

  1. I have another way you guys can think about doing this braid: think about it like you're doing a regular three strand braid around one piece of hair (strand) that is staying straight (because that's exactly what the braid is). I can tell you why Mindy had to hold onto the strand second to the left most strand at the end; it's because she stopped braiding when the straight strand was the strand that was the second to the left. If she had stopped braiding one stitch before that one, she would've held onto the right inner strand and pushed up the rest. So the reason some of you might not be having success in trying this braid it because you've lost track of which strand is actually the straight one (I had trouble with the same thing when I was learning). Also, a good tip that she didn't mention in the video is that the more loosely you do this braid, the better the braid looks because the strands of the braid are more separate from each other. It also help to have the hair damp and gelled a little bit to help keep the strands separate from each other, so the straight strand doesn't "tease" so much when you push the other strands up, and plus your hair looks beautiful a perfectly wavy when the braids are taken out when they're dry.

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