Advanced Flower Arrangement “Weaving skill” 高級插花「編織式」Adv-24-B90

Advanced Flower Arrangement “Weaving skill” 高級插花「編織式」Adv-24-B90

Gordon Lee Floral Design Braided , many of my friends like to learn this skill, today I demonstrate to you the whole braided and using the method of step After the completion of this lutescens how to braid, I will teach you how to flower arrangement on this leaf First we need to choose a suitable lutescens, picking the best of those symmetrical and average, between leaf and leaf have an inch wide from the best, too dense or too wide distance is not ideal! In addition, both sides of the leaf long as possible Now we begin to weave this lutescens First of all, we want the very bottom of this anti leaves up like me approach, then these leaves one last look weaving, The second leaf are doing the same, keep this action The third leaf to do the same, put up anti leaves The other side of the same methods are used, remember the first leaf, the bottom must be reversed He wishes to try this method, you will find some of the leaves will be off-center, this time, you try to put the leaves back to the middle part can He wishes to do when they are more difficult, because it is easy to deviate from the leaves As to weave beautiful finish leaves or not, this also depends on the length and distance itself lutescens Remember to try all the leaves back to the middle position (Fast motion model) Both sides are doing the most important thing is people like me, back to the middle of the leaves Standing to do is easier (Fast motion model) Now is the final step in knitting this piece lutescens best part about the end only seven inches This lutescens regarded as a very good standard and Kwai So you need to pick the right lutescens, weaving this technology is absolutely not difficult, and the more practice they can Go to this side, the same intermediate leaf back, as far as possible bilaterally symmetrical If you do a flower arrangement works, what form of weaving techniques to cope with this? We can use the combined platform, or flower arranging This lutescens are almost done, just at the end of the reservation about seven inches length about Now we are part of this, and fixed with wire wrapped around it If there Yezi Song off period, you can put it corrected Ye Zaisong off even if all easily corrected As you can see, I have the whole piece lutescens, resulting in the shape of a method of weaving We see the middle part there is some space, this is not a problem, because we are taking advantage of this part of the fresh flowers We can take this piece of mud on top lutescens First, we will use these glue bottle, add some water, then use tape to secure it to the stems Next, we use a tiny Sabah leaves cover the glue bottle Similarly, we use this method, do a few bottles of glue Our intention is to use this water bottle placed some of the larger flowers such as hydrangeas or Cymbidium We can use this method to this Cymbidium put glue inside the bottle then put in this position Scissors cut with the same first glue bottle cap, is inserted inside the Cymbidium, Cymbidium then placed in this position Next, we will use this hydrangea, you can cut them into a small branch, and then put it on the water bottle We can put hydrangeas in front of the Cymbidium, Cymbidium not too high If you want this flower rich, we can use the anthurium, put in this position We can also use these orange roses, which is about four to five inches length, placed between income hydrangea and Cymbidium We can also in this position, to pay more two to three Rose These flowers will be concentrated in the middle part of the piece lutescens If you think too much this part of space, you can also choose some non ecstasy, a length of about 3 inches None of these ecstasy, a length of about three inches, concentrated in this position, the directions are the same. This position can also be more put some non ecstasy We clearly see that I’ve put all the flowers on this piece of San Weikui above, but we can also do with a few green leaves set off We can also use these tea leaves, put them in the four weeks of flowers Back position can also put some leaves We can also use these so-called throwing leaves and put them back position We can also use these Chunlan leaves, covered with a type of skill, to do some decoration Similarly, we can use taped Chunlan leaves the tail with a small bamboo stems or We can put these Chunlan leaves, like me, placed flowers on top of a length of about 25 inches Usually we use three Chunlan leaves will be enough, do not need too much like me, forming three circles Sometimes, we can also use some small flowers, in addition to no ecstasy addition, we can also use these King Tong peacock flowers, can be four to five inches length These tiny flowers on top lutescens As you can see I only had a lutescens, weaving ended fashion, and then placed flowers on top These designs can be used for conference tables, dining tables, churches, etc. Remember, look for an approximately 36 inches long lutescens do this work, the effect will be a little better, when available, according to this way we can make a flower arrangement works We can refer to this way, with the San Weikui to design a floral works, place at home or conference table (Subscribe this channel)

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  1. thank you for sharing i use, clip on pegs, to hold my strips to stop them coming apart hope this helps

  2. Absolutely fantastic works of floral art, you are exceedingly creative, I love your art, and I will attempt an arrangement, I have these palms in front my apartment, I love them very much.

  3. precioso tengo tres años de querer aprender a  tejer la hoja y gracias a la traducción aprendí mil gracias
    ojalá que alguien pueda traducir este mensaje y yo tenga respuesta gracias y hasta la próxima

  4. Hello SR. GORDON LEE, lo sigo desde PERU, una admiradora de su trabajo, me encantan los videos y aunque no entiendo el idioma logro entender el trabajo que hace y me ha servido de mucho. Felicitaciones por el excelente trabajo que hace. Gracias por ayudarnos.

  5. Очень полезная, интересная и качественная технология. Спасибо за текст на русском языке. Вы молодец и доктор в аранжировке. Ещё раз спасибо!

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