AK Sewing for Beginners – Basic Sewing Techniques – Part 2

So this is your first test seam stitched Normally seams are pressed open from the wrong
side We have created a nice flat seam from the
right side We will neaten the raw edge to stop it fraying As for the darts, we tie off the ends with
a simple knot I use a pin or needle to position the knot
close to the dart point A second knot to be safe Cut the threads with a bit of a tail We’ll say this is the Centre Front Waist darts are normally pressed towards the
centre Press up to the dart point and no further Then press the area beyond the dart We have created the shaping Bust darts are normally pressed downwards Again press up to the point and then press
from the other direction So to neaten our straight seam edges we use a zigzag stitch on its widest setting
on a standard machine Line the raw edge up with the centre of the
foot I’m using a standard stitch length but you
can lengthen it if you like Keeping the edge in the centre of the foot allows the stitch to wrap the edge rather
like an overlocker We don’t want the edge to roll as this will
result in a bumpy ridge that will show when the seam is pressed This simple rule will make all the difference
to the finish A nice flat edge This seam allowance won’t fray however many
times it goes through the wash That is all the basic sewing you need to know to create a wardrobe full of beautiful garments So let’s see this process for real Here I am joining a side seam The pieces are right sides together Your machine will have a setting for a standard
length of stitch and you will use this most of the time Straight stitching will be used throughout
your garment to join pieces together and to stitch your darts for the shaping I am not pulling or pushing the fabric I am just guiding and keeping the seam line
straight Most machines have a setting to stitch at
a slow speed This is useful if you are finding it difficult
to control the speed with the foot pedal Here I am stitching gathering thread around
a sleeve head curve I have to be careful not to stretch the fabric
and distort the curve I am just guiding, not pushing or pulling Here I am stitching a dart Always start your stitching at the garment
edge and sew towards the dart point I start as always sewing in reverse for a
few stitches I take pins out as I go Shorten your stitch length as you approach
the point and then sew straight off the edge Leave long threads so that you can knot them Pressing Always press as you go For any fabric other than cotton, I usually
use a pressing cloth This reduces the risk of creating shine on
linens, woollens and man mades I usually use a steam setting through a dry
piece of muslin Waist darts on bodices, skirts and trousers
are usually pressed towards the centre and bust darts are pressed downwards I’m using a tailor’s ham here but pressing
on a flat surface is fine Lastly, keep your work tidy, clipping threads
as you go Work with clean hands Try not to over handle your work This goes such a long way towards keeping
your project fresh and brand new for when you get to wear it And that’s all you need to get started This has been an introduction to Sewing for
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