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  1. I felt pain towards the end of this procedure and she told me that I should bear the pain as she was unable to numb me up any further at that point. It was an absolute dreadful experience. Moreover, I suspect she got too close to my sinus because I had a nosebleed when I arrived home. I even heard the student doctor discussing the possibility of it occurring.

  2. I will be having this done in a couple weeks.  The endodontist is recommending valium before procedure but that will require a driver to and from which haven't been able to find.  The other option would be to use local anesthetic only.  Thoughts?

  3. Well funny that this video shows the exact tooth that i had an infection in yet the Endo dr cut along were my gum meets my teeth and flapped the skin of four teeth all the way up to where that video shows the actual place where he should of went in. WTF I have a red mark below my eye now that i am hoping is going to go away and a black and blue part on my lip and the inside of the my lip where the four teeth gum was cut is all black and blue. Its a teaching school but he does have DR in front of his name so he was not the student but working under a attending i haven't had any pain and it seems to be healing i have about 10 stitches i get out tomorrow Monday and i had the procedure on Friday. I am hoping and praying i don't have any discoloration now on my gumline that comes down to my tooth as that is where he cut up not up where the root was. I am going to ask him when i see him tomorrow why he did it that way.

  4. I just had this done on tooth #14 yesterday. I felt no pain or discomfort during the procedure. The doctor did pop through to my sinus but we knew that was a risk going in, my root was all the way into my sinus. Today I’ve not had much pain at all, and mostly only when I smile. Also thank you for this very informative video. I didn’t watch until after lol. I did get a bone graft before suturing.

  5. Spent months with a dying tooth, was on antibiotics for 5 days, spent almost 2 hours having a root canal done only to have to fail. Not looking for to this.

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