August Braid Box Video: Dutch Braids with Kanekalon Hair by Erin Balogh

August Braid Box Video: Dutch Braids with Kanekalon Hair by Erin Balogh

Hey guys! Quinn and I are back this month
with the August Braid Box video. We are so excited to show you what you get in the box and the hairstyle that goes along with it. So the first thing you get in the box is a
packet of Kanekalon Hair I’m going to talk that more in a minute. And then you also get some really cute Starfish Bobby Pins – these are really pretty And you get a Seashell Detangler Brush Quinn you want to show us how it works. There you go. To brush your mermaid locks. Nice. And then you get a packet of Glitter Hair Gel in a pretty Sea-green color. So this is to finish off your part lines and to make the hairstyle extra Mermaid. So the one thing I wanted to talk about with the Kanekanlon hair when you receive it, it’s going to come pre-braided like this and I have actually gone through and divided it into two bundles so you can see that there are two elastics attached onto each bundle so you are going to go ahead and you’re just going to undo this braid I keep a little bobby pin on there just to kind of hold those elastics together. You are going to undo it and you’re going to find that you have two sections here. So these sections you’re going to actually take, and you’re going to leave this elastic on and you’re actually going to put this into the hair with the elastic. So you are going to create a little ponytail and then you are going to attach the Kanekalon hair into the hair just like this. I find that if you’ve never worked with this hair before it is a little tricky because it’s all loose but if you keep it all secure with an elastic and secure it into the hair especially when you are first learning how to use it and practicing with it it makes it so much easier. So that’s how I have sent the hair to you in the box. And then from there, there’s lots of other techniques for how to add it in and different braiding styles, and that type of thing. So, with that, we are going to get
started. With the hair divided equality into two parts, begin by making a small ponytail like shown on one side Next you will add in some of the Kanekalon hair This hair comes braided and pre-bundled in two sections with an elastic around each section You’re going to want to undo this braid and separate out the two bundles On a side note, I recommend hanging the second section on a hook or coat-hanger or a knob until you are ready to use it I like to attach the bundle to a finger while I prepare to attach it to the ponytail Then pick up the ponytail and attach the Kanekalon hair to it like shown Real quick before I go on, I want to show you how to take out the hair when you are done Before you take it out you will want to secure it together with a new elastic To do this, stretch an elastic between two fingers, bring them under the hair and then pull one end of the elastic through the other end and pull it tight Then carefully find the original elastic and cut it out of the hair with a seam ripper When it comes out, the new elastic will keep it secured together and ready to hang up until the next time you want to use it Alright, back to the braid I am going to go ahead and reattach the Kanekalon hair to the ponytail like I did before and then next thing you will want to do is divide the Kanekalon hair into 3 parts Set the left and right section off to each side while keeping hold of the middle section, and then divide the hair from the ponytail into 3 parts You will assign each of the Kanekalon sections to each of the 3 ponytail sections Watch to see how I do this I like to match the middle Kanekalon section with the left ponytail section and then begin the braid by taking these under the middle ponytail section Then I match up the right Kanekalon section with right ponytail section and take these under as I continue the next stitch of the braid Then I match up the remaining two sections With these two sections I beginning adding hair in to “officially” start the Dutch Braid This is all the Kanekalon hair you need to add into the braid so from this point
you will continue making a Dutch braid Continuing the Dutch Braid is not too difficult but the challenge lies in trying to keep the Kanekalon hair “on top” so it can be seen and doesn’t become buried or hidden into the hair sections One way to do this is to separate the Kanekalon hair from the natural hair each time before you add new hair into the braid When you pick up new hair, add it to the natural hair first, take these under the middle section and then follow with the Kanekalon hair Watch to see how I do this This will take a little more time but definitely helps to keep the
Kanekalon hair visible especially as you keep adding new hair into the braid If this feels too complicated to separate the hair out, just simply Dutch braid like normal One other technique to help the Kanekalon hair show is it to “twist” the entire hair section as you bring it under to rotate the Kanekalon hair up to the top I find this method works well if you tend to hold your hands in the “palms up” position as you braid I hold my hands in the “palms down” position making it harder to rotate the hair up as I bring it under the braid So if you hold your hands in the “palms up” position you may have an advantage
keeping the Kanekalon hair visible Either way you do it, that colorful Kanekalon hair is in there and when you go to pull or pancake the braid after you’re done, you will be able to
pull those sections out more to the surface When finished secure with an elastic And then I like to wrap the elastic with a little bit of the Kanekalon hair using a Topsy Tail tool Then go back over the braid to pull or pancake it bigger and to help reveal more of the Kanekalon hair You can really get in there with your fingers and dig out some of the Kanekalon hair that might be a little more buried If you want to hide the elastic at the top you can take a bobby pin and catch part of the braid and tuck it back under itself like shown Repeat on the other side When you’re done with the braids you can go ahead and generously
apply the glitter hair gel to the part line either with your finger or a brush
(I used a make up brush) And that’s it! You’re all done We really hope you enjoyed this video 😊 If you did make sure to give us a thumbs up below 👍🏼 And if you haven’t already subscribed to our channel be sure to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss out on what we are doing next! Thanks so much! ❤️

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  1. I'm SUPER EXCITED to try this out I'm scared to mess the hair up but now I want to get this hair in every color 😁…

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