Baby suit cutting & stitching tutorial in hindi | how to make baby pant

hello friend’s well come to our channel w2w boutique. Thank you very much for our support and our 10,000 subscribers have been completed. today i will tell you the baby pant cutting & stitching. we have a baby pant & with it’s measurements today we will learn to cut. this is a cotton febric will pant the first inverted. measurement the length of the posture & wide of the hips. the length of the posture is 8 inch. and width is 7 inches we are sewing cotton, so keep one inch loosen will keep full length 17.5 now we mark the fabric. firstly fold the fabric four times. after folding four times to keep baby pant on the cloth. this easy way to stitch with old pant i am using it in elastic on top of the pants and on the waist. it will be extra 2 inches for elastic. keep 1 inch extra for hips 1.5 inches to reduce the footing of the posture. can give round of half an inch. in bottom we will apply elastic, so we have to take 2 or 2.5 inches of extra from bottom. add 2 inch extra cloth because the length of the fabric is less. I’m doing 2 inch extra marking i have less clothing length, so i’m joint here. 1st we will sew on the spinning wheel of posture keep the straight part inward adding a 2 inch fabric strip i am increasing the length of the fabric. stitching the cloth with equal length of the elastic. now we will prepare the waist part stitch with half inch folds stitching the cloth with equal length of the elastic. do not complete stitching keep the gap of 2 inch to insert elastic.

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