Basket Weave Card

Basket Weave Card

Hello stampers, this is Kelly Acheson at Today I have a really fun folding technique
for you called the Basket Weave, and that’s what we have going down the side of this card. It looks really complicated but it’s not,
I promise. Join me in my tutorial and I’ll show you just
how easy it is. Here are the consumables for this card. You’re going to need a card base. Mine is 8.5″ x 5.5″. I’m using Night of Navy cardstock. I’ve folded this in half. I’ve got a piece of Designer Series Paper
that’s 3.25″x5.5″, a Whisper White layer that’s 3″ x 5.25″, a layer for our banner that’s
1″x3.25″ and then some scraps – Night of Navy, Peekaboo Peach, Mint Macaron, and Watermelon
Wonder, a piece of thick baker’s twine – this happens to be Calypso Coral and it is about
22″ long. Then I’ve got the template that you can download,
and you’re going to need this to make your basket weave card. I’m going to take this template and cut it
out right along the straight line edge – any one of these. I’m going to grab my card base and burnish
the edge good so I have a good crisp fold. Using some paper clips we’re going to clip
the template onto our card base. I’m doing that on the folded edge with the
solid line at the folded edge. Also make sure that your hash lines are pointing
down when your card is facing you. I’m going to center this. When I’m centering it what I’m looking at
is where this top line meets the fold. I want this to be the same distance as where
this bottom line ends down here. I’ve got about 1/4″-3/8″ at the top and the
bottom on both of those. I’m going to hold this in place with some
paper clips. Make sure the paper clips are out of the way
of your scissors. The last thing we want to do is cut into a
paper clip with your scissors, because that will ruin them. Using a nice sharp pair of scissors we are
going to cut on each one of these lines. Make sure you get all the way to the end of
each line. These hash marks are very uniform and that’s
going to give you a good result in the end with your basket weave fold. Be careful so you dont’ cut this end off. It’s easy to do – you need to keep control
of your scissors. We’re going to pull our template off, and
our paperclips. You’ll see we have this feathered edge down
the side of the card. This very last piece that you cut here – you’re
going to need to cut that off. You need it to be straight across like the
bottom of our card. I’m going to get my scissors in here and cut
this straight across. You may need to snip this very end a little
bit to get that to come out. This just makes a V, just like that. We’re going to keep this for later so don’t
discard that. Now you’re going to open your card up and
this has the feathering here where we cut all the slits in it. We’re going to leave this first one alone
and grab the second one, so skip this one, grab the second one, and fold it down. Press on the fold lines there, and then tuck
it under the triangle that’s here. We’re going to do the same thing again. Skip the next one and pull this down and tuck
it under the previous one. Repeat. Skip one, fold that down, tuck it under. Skip one, fold that down, tuck it under. I told you this was easy, right? Skip, fold, and tuck. That’s all there really is to this technique. Isn’t that cool? It kind of gives you that herringbone effect. With this one that we cut off, we’re going
to put some glue on the very ends of it – woo, that’s a little bit too much glue, hang on,
I don’t want to make a big mess with that. A *little * bit of glue – it came out a little
too fast. We’re going to tuck that and then glue this
right at the top to continue that pattern. There we go – there is your Basket Weave fold. Isn’t that fun, and very elegant. Let’s finish up this card – I’ve got some
other great tips to share with you. We’re going to do a little bit of stamping
right now. I’m going to bring in a scrap of paper to
protect my desk top. I’m using Soft Sky ink and Night of Navy ink
for this particular card. I’m going to ink up my greeting in Night of
Navy. I’m going to use the Soft Sky for my clouds. I’ve got this cute little hot air balloon
that I’ll put right down here in the corner. Sending Smiles across the Miles for my front
banner. I’m using the Banner Triple Punch – perfect
every time. We’re going to start putting our card together. This piece goes right to the outside edge
and I like to stack it like this because then I know I’m getting it all the way out to that
edge.Here comes that baker’s twine. I thought this was a great embellishment for
the edge of my card – it adds that little element that I felt it was missing. We’re going to tie this in a bow. I’ve got some dimensionals for the back of
my banner. Don’t forget that tried and true little tip
of sticking your fingernail in the middle of these so the edges pull up a little bit
– it’s easier to remove the backing. That’s a great tip – that came to us many
years ago by somebody. Inside I’ve got an 1/8″ border around the
outside edge of this piece. Isn’t that cute? Now I want to show you some really good tips
on the hot air balloon. I’m going to bring in all of these pieces
and I’ll show you in just a minute how these all stack together. These are all the pieces behind the hot air
balloon. If you look on here it’s all different colors
behind there, and these cut out all those colors. I’m going to run everything through my Big
Shot and I’ll be right back. The easiest way to work with all of these
is to put them in order before you start working with your glue. That’s how our hot air balloon is going to
go together. I’m going to bring in a scrap here. This could possibly change your gluing life. I like saying that, because this was an AHA
moment when I saw somebody do this. I put some liquid glue here and I’m going
to turn my balloon over so I’m at the back of it, and use a sponge to soak up some of
this glue and I’m going to dab it onto my hot air balloon. It’s really kind of tricky to get the glue
on the back right? You’re going to add all the pieces so you
have a nice rainbow by putting the puzzle together. And you don’t have glue squishing out on the
other side of your hot air balloon. So this is a pretty cool idea. I’ll get a little bit more glue on my basket. Here comes our hot air balloon. Isn’t that neat? Very simple and quick. Again, I chose to use dimensionals to lift
my balloon up. Here comes our card. I hope you enjoyed the basket weave tutorial
– you can use this on a variety of card themes. If you make one, be sure and post it on the
Splitcoast galleries so we can all see it and cheer you on. For more information and more creative ideas
you can visit me at Thanks so much – have a wonderful day.

17 thoughts on “Basket Weave Card

  1. Love love love this card with that basketweave edge. Love the colors the stamps and the sentiments and ink. Thank you for the inspiration. Wishing you a super week. Hugs Susan

  2. What a gorgeous balloon card!! Love the basketweave technique – I will definitely have to try this! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  3. Great glue tip, Kelly! Thanks so much for sharing how to make the fun fold, and the pretty card!

  4. It really is way easier than it looks. Thanks for the tip about sponging on the glue – it is a little pesky using the fine tip glue pen between each little piece.

  5. Kelly, Thank you so much for sharing this great technique. I have never seen this before so this is a first for me. Can you explain how to do this on a larger card say a 5×7" card or a square card like a 5×5". How would I adjust your template to do this? Thanks for any help and advice.

  6. Wow! Wonderful tutorial, & I love the finished card. Great tip on gluing the balloon pieces, too. You could also apply Stick It adhesive to the back of your cardstock (the balloon in this case), die cut it, and then peel off the liner & stick your backing pieces on. Just burnish, & you're done–also no mess. Thanks so much for sharing your card & tutorial! 🙂

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