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  1. @kev041964 There are many different excellent types of beading thread on the market, but for a beginner I would recommend using Fireline (sku: XCR-1278). The reason being is that Fireline consists of incredibly strong and durable synthetic fibers which are braided together, and unlike traditional nylon beading thread it does not require pre-stretching or waxing. You can also color it to match your beads using a permanent marker.

  2. @Beadaholique countinued – As far as the bead size goes, it might be easier to start with a larger size such as an 8/0 Czech glass seed bead or a 10/0 Miyuki delica. Many beginner pdf patterns are available online, usually for purchase. Keep checking back with us for free project instructions using peyote stitch and other fun techniques! Thanks!

  3. @Beautyforhire Go to Beadaholique's website and search for Project R109 – Silvery Bubbles Ring. You will find a list of supplies and instructions there.

  4. It is possible to do odd count peyote. It does not go quite as fast as even count peyote but what it allows you to do is create a pattern with a center row – which is great for arrow designs. I will do a video soon showing how to do this stitch, I think that is easier then explaining.

  5. I followed the instruction for Silvery Bubbles Ring, and made a ring that fits my finger exactly. After wearing it for just 2 days, the ring grew larger, and is now falling off my finger.
    I used FireLine 0.006 and miyuki beads.
    Could you please help me understand if this is normal, so I should make the next ring smaller, or if there is some problem that I should be aware of?

    I’d appreciate any help,


  6. stretching out a little is normal, but it sounds like yours is stretching quite a bit. I think it may have to do with your thread tension and knots. My suggestion would be to work your needle and thread back into quite a bit of your beadwork after you have finished. This will reinforce the tension and also help the structure of the ring stay intact.

  7. For your knots, make sure to not just tie one knot, but work your needle and thread into the beading, tie another knot, work it in some more, tie another, etc… All this helps. Good luck!

  8. Hi! I would suggest putting glue into the ribbon crimp (E6000) and then gently squeezing the crimp – but not as hard as you normally would. Since the beads are made of glass, it is really a delicate matter putting a crimp on the end. I would suggest actually not using a ribbon crimp and instead sewing a clasp onto the side the your stitching. A tube clasp works well for this but there are other clasps and strand reducers out there as well.

  9. I just cannot get this to work! Is it because my beads aren't very equal in size? They are "vintage" from the 50's and 60's, and while they are all *generally* the same size, they are far from uniform.

  10. Hi! Yes, it could very well have to do with your beads being slightly irregular in shape. The beauty of peyote stitch is that uniform beads lock tightly in place, like puzzle pieces coming together. I would give it a try with some Miyuki Delicas, I think you will have far better luck.

  11. thanks so much for your (very quick) reply!! I watched the video probably 17 times last night, and finally have a nice run happening 🙂 I am just being picky about which beads from the vials I chose – it's a bit tedious, but is definitely working out nicely now.

  12. We have instructions on how to make the Silvery Bubbles Ring – Project R109 – on Beadaholique . com's website. There's a link for it in the video description underneath this video.

  13. Hi! We have several videos which can help you. The first one is how to tie off and add a thread to bead weaving – this will show you how to end your thread. There is not really a way to "close off" peyote, if you mean that you want all the beads even with each other. Megan made a great video on how to create a beaded toggle clasp for a peyote bracelet. You can also just stitch a closed jump ring to the end of your bead weaving and then attach a clasp to that.

  14. Click on the link for the Silvery Bubbles Bracelet – Project B141 – located in the video description underneath this video to find the full instructions on how to make the bracelet.

  15. Our videos are made to teach you techniques and inspire you to create 🙂 All of the supplies for you to make your own Silvery Bubbles Bracelet – Project B141 can be found on our website.

  16. Τελικα,αυτο που μας δειξατε,τι σχεση εχει,με αυτο που υποτιθεται πως θα μας δειχνατε;

  17. …είναι η ίδια τεχνική (peyote stitch). Για το σχέδιο της φωτογραφίας χρησιμοποιήθηκαν απλά σταδιακά μεγαλύτερες χάνδρες (στο δεύτερο χρώμα)…

  18. I'm not sure why that is happening. I checked the link underneath this video for the Silvery Bubbles Bracelet – Project B141 – and the link works. Please try it again or you can go to our Free Beading Projects and enter in "Silvery Bubbles Bracelet", it should come up.

  19. it need to be with wildfire? can you explain me the diference between wildfire, fireline and c- lon? im new in these kind of bracelets thats why im asking

  20. I would love to see how to make this Amazing Ring you wear,so do you think you could make a video to teach how to make this one Please i'm shure it's not only me wuld love to know how to make this Fantastic Design Ring so Please think about that! Thank You.

  21. Would c-lon/nymo work ok for this as well or is it not strong enough? I came across a collection of 36 colors of beading thread (for free!!) and would rather use colors that blend if it would be strong enough.  

    before anyone asks, it was a yard sale and they just threw those in with other beading stuff i bought, i dont know any magic websites, lol

  22. Would you please do a tutorial on your ring? I'm new and would appreciate it very much. Thanks 😊

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