Beginner Fire Fan Tutorial #01 | Simple Weaves

Beginner Fire Fan Tutorial #01 | Simple Weaves

Good news everyone! Because of the multiple requests that I receive to make some tutorials in English explaining some of my moves I decided to make this short set of videos on very basic moves Explaining how to start following Russian videos and how to learn from videos and so on The thing is that there are few very basic fan moves which you have to learn And once you’ve learned them, then you can easily follow all other, more advanced tutorials So in this first video we’ll begin with the simplest and the most popular move of all times – the weave I’m sure everybody can do it, but just to make sure that you understand and we have the same terminology Here is the “Forward” weave, like that, with your thumb going forward (leading) And there is the “Backward” weave, which is like this Make sure you can do it with both hands It’s of utmost importance that you can do equally well with your left hand Forward, and equally well backward, because it’s super important Make sure you can combine them – one, the other Backward, backward, something like that Why, why am I doing it? I have a collage degree… A monkey could do this! Plz pay your attention that I’m doing this move as close to my body as possible I’m not doing something like that No, it must be really well controlled! Once you’ve learned that It might take few hours, it’s okay, just take your time Then you can learn something like that you start at the bottom and then you raise your arm up And then back to the bottom And the backward – the same thing Once you’ve learned that, try to do it as close to your body as possible Something like that… it makes more like “body-tracing feeling” or something… Make sure you can do it with both hands, because it’s super important Next, we’re gonna learn the timing I’m sure most of you know it, but still it’s useful to take a quick look First, there’s the “Same Time” So, opposite direction same time An there’s something that people sometimes call “Split time”, though it’s not really the split time, it’s still the same time It’s this move, everybody knows it, right? What’s not everybody knows is how to it backward Most people cannot do the backward, make sure you can do both moves backward You can do same time backward, and this stuff backward It will help you a lot in the future And now we’re gonna combine this move with arm going up and down And will add the left fan doing split time weave And we’ll get something like that or…. something like that These are just two weaves, as you can see I mean, it’s easy, right? Next, once you’ve mastered that, we should try to learn the “same direction” It’s little bit more difficult, but still it’s essential Your right fan goes backward But you left fan goes forward Something like that As you can see, even I can’t do it really precisely But then, as you move it upward, here you’ll the windmill As we just saw, the windmill is just a combination of two weaves on the top But there is one more classical trick, which is kind of a bonus here It’s the “giant” – the combination two huge weaves This is a regular weave, but the weave for the giant looks like that, with an expended arm Make sure that the plane of your fan is parallel to the wall Once you’ve learned that with both hands You can try combine then into this kind of Giant Or if you’re capable of doing this in the same direction… this stuff You can also learn a giant like that, because it’s the same move, but with extended arms Note that I turn my body a bit as I do the move Finally, if you’ve learned all these moves, you can try to combine them Actually, the combinations can be pretty random. I can go up or down, Or turn to the Giant, or do one hand giant, one hand something like that I’m not really limited by anything But what I really want you to learn in this It’s the most important point of this tutorial, probably You have to learn how to stop and inverse the rotation I’m talking about this kind of stuff, you just stop and do the backward You’re doing backward, you stop and start the forward It is difficult to overestimate how important it is Because this is how you connect your performance with the music So I really advise you to focus on it for an hour or two And finally the homework As a homework, I advise to try this kind of stuff You start with a simple move, but then you stop your right fan for example in from of your face Inverse the rotation and do this kind of same direction thing And stop right fan again and do the opposite direction thing So begin with this simple move Then try to go upward and to do the same thing here, like that As you can see, it really improves the impression from your performance, because it doesn’t look as simple anymore Especially if you try to combine the stops by right and left hand And that’s all for today, thank you for your attention Hopefully it was useful for you, and not too much annoying If you plan to follow these tutorials please subscribe to this tutorial channel You may also subscribe to my main channel where most of my videos are stored And if you like the kind of stuff I do, you may also like to check my music because it’s the main thing I do in my life And here is a small demo

41 thoughts on “Beginner Fire Fan Tutorial #01 | Simple Weaves

  1. thank you so much for the tutorial.!! I was wandering if you could make a vidoe tutorial going slower on how the wrist goes for doing the front and back weaves? =)

  2. Спасибо за крутые обучалки!) Только вот пойстер возражет, что это не восьмерки, а бабочки)) Что скажешь?)

  3. Thankyou ^.^ Iv been dying to learn tech fans for years coming from fire and aerial hoop. I'm stuck with hangers for now but this type of repetition is really helpful and I can feel where I need to gain lean muscles in my left wrist. Looking forward to following this tutorial journey.

  4. Thank you for the terrific drills to practice. I appreciate you mentioning early on the body tracing that is a necessary element to keeping the movements clean and in control. Great tutorial.

  5. Not helpful at all:( I'm so frustrated with tutorials that talk about the move but do not go threw the finger and hand position to actually show you how to achieve the move, why is NOBODY doing real tutorials

  6. Your technique is so beautiful and the accent is awesome!! I hope you watch Archer hahaha!!
    One suggestion to your epic tutorials for us beginners! Could you do some of the weaves in slow motion? I have no idea how you're able to keep them spinning so tightly….My wrists are nowhere near that dexterous – Maybe I'm doing it wrong

  7. I don't know if maybe my wrists are just super inflexible, but is it basically a figure-8 motion you're making with your hand? Thanks!

  8. hello, you said "everyone can do the weave" except not me, I'm just beginning and I'm watching your videos to learn but you didn't describe how to do this very basic step- can you please make a video describing how to do the forward and backward weave? thanks

  9. I feel like as soon as I master the first tutorial I´d already have enough skills to do an entire act lol

    I know the video is old but still I wished the movements were shown waaaaaaayy slower! Like if you don´t already know the moves by heart it is so tricky to figure out what is going on while trying to just copy moves from a video :S Still got at least some great inputs on what to work on

  10. hello ! quick question: are those fans 30 cm in length? Awesome tutorials as always , thank you for sharing !  greets from Germany !

  11. Something like that… easy, right? Something like that. Everybody can do this.
    Guy, are you real? How frustrating!

  12. Hey guys, I see a lot of people wishing this was slowed down—just hit the 3 dots at the top right of the screen and change the playback speed. You can slow it down as much as you like! Happy fan-ing!

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