Bernina 350 03 Accessories

The accessories that come with the Bernina
are quite extensive. Let’s start with the bag that with all the feet in it. First off,
we have Bernina oil. We’ll show you specifically where you need to oil and how often you need
to do it. You’re going to have three, four bobbins with the machine, and there’s one
full one already down in the machine and wound. Now, this foot that’s on the machine is the
buttonhole foot. Check out how easy button holes are. When you want to use the regular
accessories that come with the machine, the ankle is separate. You can actually snap this
on whether it’s on the machine or off. You can just click that on, and there’s a hole
right here where we can just flip that up and under, and with one hand, there’s a little
lever you pull down, and it attaches the foot in place. The other accessories that come with the machine
are a blind hem foot, a zipper foot, a 1/4 inch foot, and an open-toe foot, all feet
that quilters usually purchase, but because this is the Patchwork Edition, they come with
the machine. In the other accessory bag are other tools. The Bernina seam ripper, when
you use the seam ripper, just take and put it in the other end so you have a handle.
It’s actually one of the sharpest seam rippers I have ever used, and I know my seam rippers
because I always made mistakes when I was younger, and I still do. Screwdriver, a place to kind of keep your
thread hugged up against the end there. You actually get two of them because there is
a vertical spool pin as well that can sit up there. These are spool caps depending on
the size of spool that you’re using, you’ll put them in place. You get a small one, a
medium one, and a large one. For example, the small one will go right up against the
spool here. So, I have a spool that has a larger end to it, it can go here, and one
that has no end, you can almost put these little prongs into the small end of that particular
spool. A height-compensation tool. We’ll use this
for going up and over jean, thick seams. Love that. Bernina puts that in with all their
machines. A basic assortment of needles, a seam guide that you can slide and put on at
the back of all the feet, a screwdriver that is set up for the torques, which is the size
that some of the items on the side can be and a cleaning brush. We’re going to put all
those in the accessory bag that came with your machine, and you can keep those all nice
and organized beside and keep it close by, and always take it with you when you go to
classes, retreats, or sewing with other friends. You’ll also find hidden inside your manual,
your warranty card. You’ll find that you want to have this filled out and signed by your
dealer. You’ll have for warranty, a 20-year warranty on parts, mechanical parts, five
years on circuit boards, and two years on electrical, which will be your power cord,
foot control, that type of thing. Make sure that you keep your machine serviced on a regular
basis, and that warranty will always be for you if you ever need anything.

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