Bookbinding Thread | Sea Lemon

Bookbinding Thread | Sea Lemon

In this video, I’ll show you different types
of thread you can use for your bookbinding projects. First, the most common threads. There’s binder’s thread, made from linen,
archival safe and because it’s kind of stiff, it doesn’t tangle as easily. There’s waxed thread. If you search “waxed
bookbinding thread” you should find many options of colors for sale, the most popular being
irish linen thread. As another option, it’s really easy to make
your own waxed thread. Not only does it give you more color options, but you can often
find the materials at your local art store. I choose 2 ply embroidery or craft thread,
and use jewelry wax or beeswax to make it. Check out my easy tutorial here to learn how
to make your own. You can also find the link in the description below. And then there’s regular sewing thread. I
use this mainly for case binding, and sometimes I wax this thread as well, just so it tangles
less. Now for the alternative threads. You don’t have to limit yourself to the threads
I just showed you. Sometimes it’s fun to experiment and try unique materials. If your binding holes and needle are large
enough, you can use materials like ribbon.
Or types of cord, like ones found in the jewelry making sections at art stores. Or waxed dental floss. Yes… floss. It’s
something that almost everyone has in their household, plus its waxed. and it gives your
binding a fresh minty scent! When choosing a thread, think about what type
of book you’re making — is it a decorative temporary book, or will it have heavy use
and you want it to last for a long time? Then choose your thread accordingly. test your
thread for strength first, you don’t want thread that pulls apart easily, and make your
best judgement. Don’t feel limited to the traditional thread, try and experiment with
some alternative materials, just get creative and have fun with it! Feel free to leave your comments below, and
tell me what your favorite type of thread is. Check out the video to the left to learn how
to coptic stitch. Check out the video to the right to learn
how to make your own waxed thread. And be sure to subscribe for more tutorials.

74 thoughts on “Bookbinding Thread | Sea Lemon

  1. i think i might make a sketchbook soon xx i love ur tuts!!!!
    and can u check out some of my videos? theres one called naughty peg and thats a bit weird but hey, i was hypo!!!

  2. what I would like to see is a video on how to take boring composition book for school and such and make them in to something fresh to death, and a tutorial on the book at 1:49 would be awesome

  3. I love your tutorials! I've been intently watching your coptic stitch videos and I was wondering how sturdy that method of binding is. I'd like to make a nice sturdy sketchbook.

  4. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your tutorials, quick question, how would I make the one leather journal with the stitching showing through the cover?

  5. Estou encantada com seus vídeos! Apesar de não falar inglês é possível entender perfeitamente todos eles! Parabéns!

  6. I was wondering can you use parrifin wax(a candle stub) if you can't get beeswax? Also have you ever tried hemp cord?Thanks,Hannah

  7. Estimated sealemond asked whether the embroidery thread has to waxing or just use it as well as it comes, and bought it and saw that has a texture like waxed

  8. I'll second that! I've been wondering how to cope with the extra bulk once the photos are placed in the album.

  9. I have a portfolio on which I am going to make a video and upload soon I will link that video on one of your portfolio video someday

  10. can i use any thread i have in my house or it must be waxthread  ??!!  i love your videos soo much you're talanted …… thank you for your effort 😀 😀 😀

  11. sorry, what's the first kind of thread that you mention? The one that comes in a big variety of color. I can't understand DX

  12. Hi Sea Lemon. Could you please tell me how many plies of the DMC thread, aka yard, do you string on the needle and do you still double thread the needle since DMC thread/yarn is pretty thick? If you use DMC (excellent thread) FLOSS (cross stitching thread), how many strands do you string the needle because it has 6 strands? I already started doing a text block and did the stitching with FLOSS, as opposed to the DMC cotton thread/yard and used all 6 strands, double thread, and so far so good. Am I doing this right so far? I hope so! Thanks for all your help! Ciao!

  13. So waxed ( bees wax) embroidery thread will be okay for heavy long term use??? Love your videos!!!!!

  14. Is there any particular weight thread you'd recommend for particularly fragile paper? I'm trying to re-bind some old books, and the pages are quite fragile…

  15. Hi Sea Lemon, I love your videos. I am currently making a design portfolio and I have chosen coptic stitch because it lays flats and shows craftsmanship. I have a couple questions…

    1) Which is the best thread for coptic stitch? I have used the craft thread, similar to the ones u showed above that come in many many colors, which I like, but it looks a bit bulky and lacks showing the beautiful braided detail of the coptic stitch, is it because i used 4 ply instead of two?…

    2) Is there any way to minimize the gap that shows between the different signatures when flipping through the inside of the coptic booklet? Should I stitch tighter? Lighter? any suggestions would be very helpful!

    Thank You,
    [email protected]

  16. hey, awesome videos it gives me great ideas on projects to do when i have the time!
    I've used floss in the passed since craft store was nowhere near (and now when i run outta thread), and I've found that it works just as well and with a minty smell!

  17. I used wool for two projects because it had many colours, and it worked, but the binding was a bit wiggly and I had lint of my pages ^^
    I'd prefer cotton thread or cord, I think…

  18. thank you for teaching me how to make extra because I'm going knickers dream catcher and make more videos a very good at it

  19. Seaaaaaaa Lemonnn, would you think that crochet thread is a little too harsh for bookbinding (if I wax it)? Thank you!

  20. Let's see, I want to bind a book that I'll pass down for several generations. Oh, I'll just use dental floss.
    My grandchildren should get a kick out of this.

  21. Would it be possible to braid thread with dental floss to give it extra strength? or will it fall apart and tangle?

  22. Hey girl. I really like your videos. I'm making a memo book like those field notes books, I have seen too many people using staples, but I'm planning on using it everyday on my rear pocket so I need it to be resistant, this is the first book I'm doing by myself, what thread should I use?

  23. I used a nylon thread that was designed for bead weaving called s-lon beading thread. It is very strong and designed to be pulled tight in bead woven bags for example

  24. I use bamboo thread because it's really tough and stiff enough that it doesn't tangle easily. It's also thinner than the waxed linen I have

  25. Couldn't find waxed thread so I bought linen thread and just dipped it in my Yankee candle wax warmer which happened to be on right near where I was working! Seems to have worked well and smells good!

  26. I'm making my very first book, I recently bought some string or thread from the jewlery section, it said it could hold up to 20 lbs. but I'm not sure if it's waxed, I'm just wondering if it's necessary for the thread to be waxed or can I just make it as is?? please help

  27. Is craft thread/bead thread okay? Just need to bind a book for a 40page assignment. The teacher is just going to mark it.

  28. Is size 18 thread too large for Coptic stitch binding? I found this really awesome vera gated thread but it looks to be really thick and it's a size 18 so I wasn't sure if that was going to be an option or not. Thanks so much!

  29. I was thinking about using upholstery thread. if it's strong enough for couches and chairs then it should be more that good enough for a book. the type of books I want to make are sketchbooks that I would use and sell.

  30. Hi! I'm using 2-ply embroidery thread that separates into 6 individual threads. How many of the individual threads do you use for bookbinding?

  31. As far as using thread goes, would upholstery thread be the best move? I figure this because you know its for you know, couches, chairs at people sit in every day, getting up and down on a constant basis.

  32. I have dusty old sewing thread and never-been opened new dental floss. What do I choose? I'll go with dental floss, it's stronger and waxed, and waxed is what I prefer.

  33. I like to use the thread that is usually used to make fish net. It's awesome because I use my books a lot n now they don't tear apart.

  34. Embroidery thread itself is pretty thick. I never saw this and I have been bookbinding with sewing thread. The first book I bound, however, was sewn with dental floss. If I begin using embroidery thread, should I still double-thread it? Thanks!

  35. Dumb question, but what do you mean by two ply embroidery thread? Is it the strands that you pull apart?

  36. For my first couple of attempts, I used 300lb test Spectra weave fishing line, because it was what I had handy from an old project. I pity the fool who tries to tear up those books… 😀

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