Brooklyn & Bailey Cover Mother’s Day | Behind the Braids Ep.3

– [In Unison] Happy Mother’s Day! (playful music) – Hey guys, so it’s Saturday and Mother’s Day is tomorrow. And since we have church
early in the morning we decided to go to
breakfast this morning. And we are at IHOP. Show you the family. – Yum yum yum. – [Voiceover] Everybody’s here. – We’re celebrating me today. – [Voiceover] And they’re having a party. – [Shaun] Okay so, the food is delivered. This is what it’s like
to feed a family of eight when we go out to eat. Rylan we’re getting ready
for her volleyball game, What are you doing? – Sausage! – [Shaun] You like sausage? Yeah. – Taste it. – We are on our way to church right now, in the car, we’re all ready to go. On Mother’s Day! Mom. – Hi. – [Voiceover] It’s time to appreciate you. – It’s time to appreciate her? – [Bailey] No, we appreciate you all the time. But today’s the official day. – It’s Mother’s Day so we
can pay attention to you now. (laughing) – [Bailey] How are the
kids doing back here? – Good. – Good. – [Bailey] Good? And who’s over here? – Me. Rylan and Brooklyn. Show them your shoes. Look at those babies. – [Brooklyn] Big ol’ heels. – You might actually be taller than me. – [Brooklyn] I think I am. – [Voiceover] Seems like
you’re still relaxing. – I am. – Shh, Mom’s playing a game! – [Voiceover] She’s playing a game? – Yeah, she told you. – [Voiceover] Yeah she did. – We’re playing this new app that I found called Best Fiends, that’s totally addicting. And I’ve been trying to
pass this level for like 10 minutes. And I have four moves left, you can see. And I can use these little characters here to help me. And I have to defeat this monster. I have to line these up
correctly in order to do that. So I have to be smart and strategic about what I do. Let’s see Pais, what should we do? Woohoo! We won! Dad! Shaunie! I just beat your level! – Yes she did! – So one of my mom’s favorite treats is chocolate covered strawberries, so that is what we’re doing right now. (playful music) – Paisley thinks we should
play Chase and Tickle. – Yes. – Right? I think that means she runs, I chase her. (dogs barking) (giggling) – Freeze! – [Voiceover] Tickle! Freeze! (Paisley laughing) Oh. – [Voiceover] Oh! (cheering) – So I’m hearing some
banging clanging in here, so I’m going to check out what’s going on. Ooh! Yum! It looks like my dinner in the making. – You’re not supposed to be in here, you’re supposed to be
resting in your room, reading a book. – [Mindy] Nice apron. – Just for you. The best gift I can give Mindy is to not overcook her steak. – [Mindy] Yes, please don’t. – I’ll try. – [Mindy] What do we got over here? Asparagus marinating? Yum. You made some juice? Some Crystal Light. Delicious. Good job Kamri. – Mhmm. – And I think I’m gonna go back to my room and get some more me time for a minute until dinner’s done. Yummy! – Okay, so you want to take a look and see how the steaks are doing? Let’s go ahead and take a look, they smell good. Ooh, see those? Look pretty good. – [In Unison] Happy Mother’s Day! – I wanna say the prayer. – [Shaun] Paisley wants to say the prayer. All the moms out there, I can cook a lot of steak
if you want to come over. – Looks delicious.
– [Shaun] Alright, who’s hungry? – Me! – [Shaun] Let’s eat! – [Mindy] This is what
dinner cleanup looks like at our house. – Yeah, while Mom’s resting huh? – Banana. – [Paisley] I’ll check ’em, Mom! – Yum. And yum, and yum. – [Voiceover] Yes please. – [Voiceover] Okay everybody, take a strawberry. – [Mindy] Mmm, this one. I want this one. – [Voiceover] Ready, set, (laughing) – So we are about to open presents, And Daxton and my dad are going first. – [Mindy] Pretty! – Okay buddy, tell Mom was these are for. – One rose for every hour of
the day we think about you. – Aw. How many hours are in a day? – 24. – 24, there you go. – Wow! That was sweet, guys. – [Shaun] He’s a charmer, isn’t he? – You have to take the tape off, Mom. – There’s little tiny pieces. – Okay. – [Shaun] This is like
the box that isn’t a box, that’s inside of a box
that’s inside a box. – In the very center there’s a heart! Wow! I love it! Did you give me all your love? Thank you. (kissing sound) To Mom, Love, Dax. – Some of them just have pencils in them. – [Mindy] Ooh, it’s a picture. (children giggling) Mom, I think I have a tail. Paisley, there’s Daxton. – [Shaun] That’s from Rylan. – [Mindy] You make me so happy because you’re mega-great. You make me eat my fruits. You make me be helpful. You’re very. – [Rylan] Unique. – [Mindy] Unique, okay. But you also are excellent. You do a great job being a mom. Very creative Rylan! – Here’s mine, Bailey helped me pick
out some of the colors. It’s not here yet. So it’s just a picture of
what we’re giving to you. – To Mom, this is from you or from you and Bailey? – [Bailey] From her, but I helped. – [Mindy] Okay. Am I gonna be scared? – [Voiceover] No it’s good. – We made a sign for our front door. – It was supposed to be a heart, it might just be a circle. – [Mindy] Very good, we need this a lot. – We’ll see if it works out, but I just have a picture
’cause it’s not here yet. – [Mindy] Ooh! A Kendra Scott. – [Voiceover] Yeah, it’s a black sparkly one. – [Voiceover] You were talking about them and it was the one you wanted. – [Mindy] The onyx one? – [Voiceover] And we’re
always fighting over who gets the black necklaces anyway. – [Mindy] Thank you guys! I love it. (children gigging) – [Shaun] That’s a lot
of love right there. (everyone laughing) – Okay guys, did you enjoy my Mother’s Day? Yay! I sure did. – We all enjoyed her Mother’s Day. – And now we get to go edit this video and put it up. – Yeah, we get a lot of work tonight. And put the kids to bed
so she can rest again. But that’ll be for a
video for another time. We’ll do a night time
routine another time. – I’m gonna go eat some more
chocolate covered strawberries and play Best Fiends. – So if you guys want the link to Best Fiends too, I’ll pop it in the description
box below so you can find it. It was free, so check it out. – Lots of fun, we have a competition. – I’m winning now. – But I was serving you all day. Once I get a moment I’m
gonna beat her again. – The competition is back on. – It’s on. – So don’t forget to subscribe, give us the thumbs up, and you can click this button
if you want to see more Behind The Braids videos, and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye guys! (guitar riff)

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