Brother CS 6000i 26 Blind Hem

Brother CS 6000i 26 Blind Hem

Foot R is a blind hem. When we choose stitch
number 09, it will tell us to put this particular foot on. It has a blade that we can slip the
thread down and through but really the blade is there to help guide us for our blind hem.
First thing, it’s about the folding. Fold it up based on your final hem that you want
on your pants, on your skirt. What you do is you fold the fabric back so this is kind
of a makeshift fold. We want this stitch … it’s going to bite just a little tiny bit into
this fold. That little guide on the foot is what we’re going to put the fold up against. As you sink the needle down, this would be
a place where I’d take a little test and I can turn the hand wheel down. I see I’m actually
going to get a pretty deep bite. If I need to I can adjust the width right up here where
we can actually, here we go, adjust the width. It just says one or two. You’ll notice it
doesn’t actually have a setting. It just starts at zero. As you move in to one, the needle
moves just a hair to the right. That’s exactly what I needed. Maybe, I might go up to two
here. Because the machine doesn’t know what thickness
of fabric I am using, you will need to kind of fine tune it before you stitch. Then, as
it stitches, it’s going to stitch on the right hand side of the fabric. Then it’s going to
stitch jump over into the fold. It does about four or five stitches and it’s just jumping
over that edge there. I can even hear it as it goes in. The idea is to have this perfect.
Here, let’s look before we open it up. That’s what it’s going to look like on the inside. On this side, what we’re looking for is that
it catches just a little bit. If your little bites here are consistent in size, you did
it right. If they’re even bigger but they are consistent, you also did it right. You
just need enough to catch and hold that all the way down the fabric. Boy, that really
looks good. Of course, if we had cream fabric in here, you would not even see the stitches
even if they were a little on the big side. I bet you’re surprise yourself and it sure
beats doing it by hand.

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  2. Any way you can talk about doing hemstitching with the Brother CS? I've looked through all the videos, and can't find any about straight hemstitching (creating holes in the fabric). Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for producing so many wonderful videos on the operation of the Brother CS6000i machine! After a few years hiatus from the machine, I forgot some of things. Now that I'm retired I can finally sew all I want and when I want. Glory Be!

  4. This was so helpful for me. Exactly what I was looking for to understand how to blind stitch a hem for the first time using my brother machine. Thank you!

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