53 thoughts on “Budget Sewing and Embroidery: Tools and Hacks from the Dollar Store

  1. Great tips, I’m gonna make my self a “hooping station” I got the cloth under my pedal and it’s perfect 👌 thank you so much for sharing all this tips ☺️

  2. Some great ideas here. I'll have to have a look at the pound shop here in the UK. I already use resealable bags a lot and I'm a big fan of the frixion pens. I definitely want to pick up some of that non slip shelf liner.

  3. shelf liner under the hoops will be a winner in my sewing/embroidery/quilting room. I have used the frixion pens. love them. I will also look for the chop sticks. Thanks for the wonderful information that you and Don share with us all.

  4. I have been using the non slip stuff on my hoops for awhile now and also for the sewing machine foot petal . I also us that plastic container for my bobbins…All really great ideas for a budget😁👍.

  5. Hi Sue great video, I love your ideas and good value too. Just to let you know friction pens are great, but they do leave a mark on some fabrics, and most fabrics if left on fabric for a while. Much to my dismay on an embroidered quilt I made. So please be careful.

  6. Great ideas! I like the zip lock bags best.. nice way to keep things tidy and stacked away like when you’re sewing a lot of the same things for craft shows etc.

  7. I took a large cutting board and attached the shelf liner and use it all the time for my viking and now I have it fixed to use on my Persona.

  8. Excellent ideas, thanks for sharing Sue! I really like the basket with the lid to organize projects. Another way to distinguish one project from another would be to use a rubber band to secure the CD case, color chart, or pattern envelope to the outside of the lid. Easily seen and no need to open each box to see which is which!

  9. Nice. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing them with us. Keep them coming, love seeing what you guys come up with.

  10. Good ideas; I use Zip-Lock bags all of the time, however I like larger storage bags for many of my projects.

  11. How about shelf liner under the embroidery machine I have found it holds the machine better. I will be getting the frixion pens

  12. Thanks Sue for giving us great ideas and to think outside the box when we see stuff that can be useful, have more than one use

  13. Thank you, Sue, for the great ideas for organizing using Dollar Store stuff. I liked the tip about using the shelf liner under my hoop and I also have it under my machine to reduce vibration.

  14. Some wonderful things shown here; although we do not have 'Dollar Stores' in the UK we do have 'Pound Shops' but they are not so good at quality as your dollar Stores appear to be – but even so, I think I will take a look next time I am in town. Thank you again for an informative video.

  15. Great hacks. I have a divided plastic container that I also use for my extra feet. I used my label maker and put the name of the foot in the bottom of each compartment.

  16. Great Ideas. I use the Friction Pens on my regular sewing projects, just Iron away!!! I like the idea of the foam mat stuff, I am always pushing my sewing pedal away!! Thank you!!!

  17. no slip matting is the greatest idea thanks i will be buying a few rolls. can't wait for that video on that box cover you made. i really love the dollar haul you give great ideas.

  18. Love these ideas! I’ve been using Pilot pens a while now and love them so I keep refills handy. I have a yoga mat that I use for hooping. It also works great! You are an awesome teacher! Will you please post the link for the sewing machine feet? Thank you for all you do!

  19. I organize my fabrics in ziploc bags and hang them from the clip type cafe curtain hooks and hang in my spare closet.

  20. Nice ideas but I have to caution you about the frixion pen. If the fabric gets cold the marks will reappear. Even though it is hard to see, there is still a mark on the fabric. According to Pilot they did not make these pens for fabric. If you want to have fun with your grand children. Write them a note and iron it and when they don’t see anything on it tell them to put it in the freezer and the writing will reappear. Magic!

  21. I use several of these tips! Ziplock bags are my friend when organizing a multi block hand pieced quilt.

  22. Great hacks! My fav is the organizer tray, too, which I use to keep all my different sewing machine needles separated – all different sizes of ball points, sharps, metallic, leather, denim. Saves a ton of time looking through stacks of needles in a drawer and easy to see when it's time to shop for more. I can't live without the shelf liner, either. I have some under my machine as well as my cutting mat to keep them from skiddering around. Thanks, Sue, for another great video!

  23. Great ideas! I’m confused about the store you went to. You indicated the price of the items; most were more than a dollar. So is it a Dollar Store or someplace else? Thank you.

  24. I received collection of 100 Florian’s threads when I attended a workshop a few tears ago. I bought a Snapware 3- tier Christmas ornament storage box which holds those threads. I put post-it notes with the color #’s on the bottom of each compartment which holds up to 3 spools. I numbered the tiers for easy sorting, too.

  25. Use a sharpie marker and draw the x and y axes on the shelf liner so you can line up your hoop markings to correspond to dour markings/ templates on the item to be embroidered.

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