Cable Beanie | Easy Knit Pattern & Tutorial

Cable Beanie | Easy Knit Pattern & Tutorial

Rainbow Warrior here and today I’m going to
show you how to knit this cable beanie with two different cable variations. i think this
hat looks great and this pattern is much more simple than it looks. So let me show you what
you need and let’s get started. I am using size 8 circular needles. This pattern
can be made on straight as well of course. A stitch marker if you’re using circular needles
and I’m using Red Heart Super Saver in the color Aran and you also need something to
use as a cable maker. I am using a paper clip, you can use a double pointed needle or any
other object you may have. You also need scissors and a tapestry needle to sew your ends in
at the end. We’re going to begin with a long-tail cast
on because this is a stretchy method so I’m going to measure out a decently length tail
and you can make a slip knot if you wish and put this on your needle, however, I like to
just simply hold it on my needle like so with my finger. Now we’re going to pick up the
yarn thats by our ball with our pointer and the tail with our thumb and we’re going to
begin casting on by threading under and the thumb and then under the pointer and I am
casting on 80 stitches for my hat. For this pattern, we’re going to want to cast on in
multiples of 16. And if you would like to make this hat with only one of the cables,
either the big jumbo cable or the twist spiral cable then please visit my blog where the
pattern will be listed to each variation of this hat. Alright now that I have all of my stitches
cast on you want to make sure they’re not twisted. And I’m using another piece of yarn
for my stitch marker. I just made a slip knot and place it to mark the beginning of my round.
Alright and then to join my round. I’m simply going to knit the first stitch. I like to
place my tail over the needle like so to help lock it in the back and now I’m going to begin
my 1 by 1 rib so I knit 1, purl 1 and I’m doing this all the way around, knitting 1,
moving my yarn, purling 1 and I’m going to do mine for 10 rounds. However of course you
can make this as thick as you wish and if you want you can do another rib as well, a
2 by 2 rib, a 4 by 4 rib, whatever you want the look of and if you’re working on circular
needles when you get back around to the beginning of our round, we’re simply going to move our
stitch marker on to the next needle and continue with our pattern. And if you’re using straight
needles, hopefully you know that you need to add an edge stitch to this pattern in order
to seam up your hat at the end. I have done 10 rounds of my rib and 1 repeat
of my cable pattern. Here you can see my twist cable as well as the jumbo cable. And this
pattern is made up over 8 rounds. For round 1 we’re going to begin by purling 3, knitting
4. 1, 2, 3, and 4, and this knit 4 is where we’re going to make our twist cable. Purl
3. 1, 2, and 3, and knit 6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and this knit 6 section is where we’re
going to make our jumbo cable. If you’re working with straight needles, then you’re simply
going to start on the wrong side and do the exact opposite. So we’re knitting 3, purling
4, knit 3, purl 6. And we’re going to repeat this pattern all the way around. For round 2, if you’re working with straight
needles you will be working on the right side so you will be doing the same thing as I am.
We are purling 3, and now we’re going to cable and we’re doing something a little different
from a normal cable we’re going to insert our paper clip in to the first 2 stitches
and hold them in the back. And now we’re going to knit the next 2 stitches off our needles
and now rearrange your stitches and normally you knit those two stitches off but we’re
going to purl that first stitch and this prevents the cable from crossing and gives us our spiral
look. So we’re purling the first stitch off of our cable maker and we’re going to knit
the next stitch
and the purpose for doing that first purl stitch is rather than in a normal cross with
the two sections crossing it gives us a nice twist look. So its just a different type of
cable really. And to finish off our round we’re going to purl 3 and knit 6. And we are
repeating this all the way around. So we’re doing our twist 4 back purl for each knit
4 section. Rounds 3-5 are all going to be the same as
round 1. We’re purling 3 for our purl section, knitting 4, purling 3 again and knitting 6.
And if you’re working on straight needles every even row is going to be the same as
the circular needles and every odd row you’re going to do the opposite and what I mean by
opposite is every opposite of a knit is a purl stitch and the opposite of a purl is
a knit stitch. And we’re repeating this pattern all the way around for rounds 3 through 5. And on round 6 we’re going to do our crosses
for both our cables so thats going to look like this we’re going to purl 3. Then we’re
going to do our same twist 4 back purl by cabling the first 2 stitches, holding them
in the back, knitting the next 2 stitches off of our needle
and then don’t forget to move your yarn because
we’re purling the first stitch off of our cable maker and then knitting the next one.
So there’s our twist and we’re cabling every row 2 and 6 for that twist cable. Now we’re
purling 3 and on row 6 we’re also going to do our large cable. We’re going to do a cable
6 back so we’re going to insert our paperclip into the first 3 stitches, pull them off and
hold them in the back. Knit the next 3 stitches off your needle and then knit those 3 off your cable maker.
And we’re repeating this all the way around for round 6. Round 7 and 8 are going to be the same as
our round 1. So our purl 3, knit 4, purl 3, knit 6 and basically this pattern is the same
throughout our rounds except for crossing our twist cable on rounds 2 and 6 and we’re
crossing our large cable on round 6 as well. And this pattern will be written out in the
description below for both circular needles and straight needles. So here I am purling
3, and knitting 6 from our previous cable. And rounds 1 through 8 make up our pattern.
We’re going to repeat these rounds until we have the length needed for our hat. After repeating my pattern, my hat is now
the perfect length for my size head. I repeated my cable pattern three times and if you’re
making this for a large adult size I would recommend making this just a little bit longer.
My hat currently measures 6 inches and if you need to keep going you don’t have to necessarily
end on the 8th row for this pattern. You can make the rib section longer or shorter as
well if you need to play around with the right measurement for this hat. To begin closing, I’m doing something a little
different from a normal hat closure and this is because we have cables of different sizes
around our hat and rather than decreasing evenly. I want to decrease in order for our
pattern to look nice. So I’m going to purl 1, purl 2 together, knit 1, and knit 2 together.
I’m going to knit 1, purl 1, purl 2 together, knit 2, and knit 2 together and
knit 2. I’m going to repeat this all the way
around for my decrease row and as you can see my decreases are nice and hidden and these
knit 2 together and purl 2 together decreases will slant to the right. I’m going to knit 1 round in pattern between
the decrease rows and what i mean by that is knit every knit stitch and purl every purl
stitch. This is going to be the same if you’re working on straight needles and therefore
working on the opposite or wrong side. So i’m just purling the first 2 stitches, knitting
the next 3, purling the next 2, and knitting 5 and I’m doing this all the way around. Time for our next decrease and what we’re
going to do is go in pattern so that all of our decreases are still slanting to the right
nice and evenly. So we’re going to begin by purling 2 together, then we’re going to be
knitting 2 together, and knitting 1, now purling 2 together, knitting 1, knitting 2 together
and knitting 2 and again repeating this all the way around. Alright and don’t forget every other round,
we’re knitting 1 round where we’re not decreasing. So knitting every knit stitch and purling
every purl stitch. For our next round of decrease we’re knitting our first 2 together, knitting
2 together again, knitting 2 together for a third time, and knitting 2 together for
the last time. Alright and now I have enough stitches remaining
to close up my hat and whats great about circular needles is if you want to get your hat right
you can tighten on the top like this and try it right no while it is still on the circular
needles. So I highly recommend using circular needles if you are in to making hats. So we
are going to cut a medium length tail to close off our hat. We’re going to thread our tapestry
needle and simply starting with our first stitch we are going to enter it knitwise and
pull our tail all the way through and we’re going to do this for each stitch all the way
round our hat. Enter each stitch knitwise and pulling all the way through until we get
to the end of our hat. After you have gone all the way around and
all your stitches are off your needles, as you can see I kept this fairly loose, you
can now pull tight and put your tapestry needle through the center of the hat. And pull the
tail to close it just like so and then you’re going to sew you end tails in for your completed
project. So I’m extremely happy with the look of this
hat. I think it looks really great on. I love the look of the two different cables and again
if you just want to use one of these cable designs for hat look make sure to check out
the link below to my blog post and my written pattern. So thank you so much for watching.
Please be sure to give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this pattern. Subscribe for more tutorials
and hopefully I’ll see you in my next video. Thanks for watching, bye.

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