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Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world.
Recently I wrote a blog on my website about a Star Wars party that I did for
young lady who was way into interactive play what she really wanted to do was
put on a costume play a character then take off the costume put on another
costume play a character she wanted photographs taken as those characters so it was a lot of character play and we wanted to create something that would be
really easy and accessible for all the children at the party we didn’t want to
just get certain costumes from online we wanted something that would be really
fun interactive and easy and my sister Freda came up with the most amazing no
sew felt costumes and they’re really super simple built on a smock piece you see this and
all the different pieces of all the different characters can be cut out of
different felt and glued onto these smock pieces to make different
characters so the effect was amazing and the kids had such a great time throwing on the smocks and taking them off and trading it was awesome so what I’m gonna do right now is teach you how to
make that basic smock and then on my website you will find all the different templates to make all the difference smocks but now I’m going to teach you how to make that smock so you’re gonna need whoever you’re making this outfit for
be it a child or be it an adult you’re gonna want to take the measurement of their
shoulders and so I was using a measuring tape for that just makes it a lot easier
in this case I’ve got 13 inches from my shoulder then you want to measure from
the shoulder tip to the crotch and you want to just go straight down so from
here down to the crotch and I get 16 inches for that and then you want to
measure across the hips and that’s eleven inches here so write these
measurements down just so you have them I’m going to be using a small bowl this one is five inches across in diameter this is gonna be to make the neckline I’ve got
my scissors I’ve got my ruler measuring tape Sharpie pen and
then some paper now you can use this is brown paper that I have that comes
on a roll but you can use any kind of paper that is wide enough and long
enough so if you’ve got wrapping paper wrapping paper is great you could use
newspaper you can really use anything that you have you could even take a
paper bag and open it up if you wanted to but in this case I’m going to be using
this brown paper cuz it’s just the right size so the first thing you want to do
is take a piece of paper and you want to make sure that you have enough so that
it is double the length so in this case 16 inches here I want to make sure that I
have 32 inches of paper and you take that 32 inches of paper and you fold it
in half give it a nice good crease and then fold it
in half the short direction so that you can get center. Now I’ve got my
center right there now with my center what I’m gonna do is I’m going to
measure the 13 inches but I want to give myself a little bit extra so I’m
actually gonna add an inch on either side to give it a little bit more in the
shoulders and so that’s going to become 15 so you add two inches to your number
and that gives us 15 so measuring here seven and a half inches from the center
here and gonna be seven and a half inches on the other side as well and you
mark that on the edges there then you would measure down your sixteen inches
which this piece is exactly 16 inches and I want to measure 11 inches across
and again I want to add that two inches so it’s actually gonna become 13 inches
and I mark it mark it so that this is 13 and this is
fifteen now what I want to do is just take my pen just extend this down on
either side about an inch on either side and this is kinda you’re gonna do this by
eyeball but what you’re basically doing is just swooping this in ever so slightly
to meet the bottom like that now because this is exactly the same on both sides I can fold this in half at the crease and with my scissors cut this out This is giving me my basic shape Take my bowl, line it up so that it’s right in the middle here and from here and I’m just going to trace around this is going to be for my neck line Cut that out. You might be looking at this
going well that’s an awfully small neckline for a child’s head here’s the thing
once you get this cut out you can slit in the back like this and you can make
this slit however big it needs to allow the head to go through you might
want to make it two inches 3 inches its really up to how big your child’s head is
but you can see you want to get your child’s head through and then their
neckline will go in here this is your pattern now all you gotta do is lay this
down on your fabric and you trace around and cut it out or you can just pin it
down and cut it out there you have it your basic template for your tunic and
remember you just go to the web site download
whatever template for whatever character you want cut out the pieces and then
glue them on accordingly it’s all pretty easy and straight forward
let me give you a little show and tell of the ones that Freda created so this one
my personal favorite BB8 love BB8 and then we’ve got Luke and as you can see
he has a sash so it ties tight everybody’s favorite arch nemesis Darth Vader his is a
little tiny bit different and that’s noted in the template pattern and then
of course what would Star Wars be without a stormtrooper. There’s the
storm trooper now on the website you’re gonna find other ones as well you’ll
find Han Solo you’re also gonna find Princess Amahdala some of the major
characters we’ve got all their little costume pieces and now I’m going to bid
you a fair adieu and because it is actually being filmed on Star Wars Day,
May the Fourth be with you.

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