Cricket Loom: Prepping Machine: Lesson 3

Cricket Loom: Prepping Machine: Lesson 3

And welcome back to The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey. Today I’m gonna show you how to use the Cricket 15″ loom by Schacht. There’s also a 10″ tabletop loom as well and this is actually really fun and simple and you’ll be very surprised at how quick it takes in order to make up a scarf. So let’s go over some of the basics first. So in this video I’m gonna assume that you put your machine together, you’re happy with it. One thing I did notice that when I put my machine together is that I wasn’t understanding the strings for, this is called the apron strings. And you’re actually gonna tie your yarn to this particular piece. And you will notice that the string that has been provided with Cricket here will have little gaps in between the middle of the string and what it does, what you wanna do is that you wanna separate one of the gaps closer to the end. Drag the yarn through so that it’s just creating a loop that is just wrapping around this bar and by doing that what happens is that every one of these strings will be the same length when you go to use it. So let’s begin and I’m gonna show you the processes on how to load up your particular loom that you have. To start with I have placed my loom on top of my table. I place a place mat underneath. I don’t wanna scratch my table, in actual fact I probably would have used a whole tablecloth for this. These are the clamps that come with your product and you will notice that there’s holes and these holes exist on all four sides but you only get two clamps because you only need two clamps. So what we wanna do is we wanna secure this loom down so that it’s not gonna move as we go to load it. So all you’re just gonna just do is just insert it into the hole, move it up, put the wingnut up and secure it to your table and so it won’t move when you go to do that and do the same for the other side. The next thing you need to do is that you need to get your warping peg out that came with your product and it’s also clamp as well. And you wanna clamp that the distance that you want your scarf. So for example when you see the scarfs that I have made here the distance I made was about 80 to 95″ away from the back of your product here. So in actual fact this is just a tutorial so I’m not going the whole way. This is the only time that you’re gonna need this much space in order to work because once you get it loaded onto your loom you can just work within this presence here and not take up too much space. All you wanna do is just wanna come back to where you wanna go. You wanna do it so that the peg, okay, this is the front of the peg because if you try to go on to the side like this of a table is gonna fall over. So you wanna do it so that the peg basically is gonna fall forward therefore it’s gonna clip onto the clamp. Clamp onto the clamp. So we’re just gonna clamp that to the table here on this side and you will also notice too that I’ve used that place mat underneath in order to protect the surface on my table. So now it’s time to actually start loading up some of the material that we’re gonna go in this whole direction. So we need to do that first. One of my mistakes when I started out with this loom is that I had the apron strings going like this underneath, and then I realized afterward that I what, I did, I couldn’t figure what was wrong, and I did it the same for both sides and I realized that I wasn’t able to weave so I had actually done a whole process, so these are the apron strings. There’s actually braking mechanisms that I’ll show you in a second. So you wanna bring it around the back of this machine and then up and over and just let it fall. Okay, and the same for the other side. So out okay, the braking is off that’s why I can move like this, and then just come up over and down just like that. So that is the position that you need to start off with when you’re loading up your machine. We then wanna grab our heddle. Okay, and the heddle just sits in the resting spot just right here. This is the only time that it will be sitting in this spot because when we go to weave it’ll either be sitting up here or down here. It, that’s where it’s gonna go, but right now is this gonna sit comfortably right here and we’re gonna get, grab some yarn and then load up this loom. So this is it. This will finish off your lesson for today. You can move on to the next lesson the choices will be on the screen and you know what you can just propel yourself. It doesn’t take much time to do one of these projects. So you might be able to do this whole video series today as you’re following along on my tutorial. Until next time I’m Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. 🧶

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  1. Hi Michael, hope some day I can learn to knit or use those looming mechines,also I want to know if you can help me find some yarn I'd been looking for since I belive you work at a yarn craft store. here in youtube I see a" berroco multipurpose" yarn or thread people from brazil use to make crochet flowers and other items.but I can't find that yarn in any place I'd you know how to get them? than you very much for your help. Silvia,FLORIDA,E.U. can respond to [email protected]

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