Crochet Bead Stitch

Crochet Bead Stitch

So the Bead Stitch is actually possible with many different ideas. We actually have the Bead Stitch in a chevron here on the YouTube channel as well. So you just have to worry about one thing. Make sure that the yarn and the hook go with each other. So if the yarn is recommending a 5 mm, size ‘H’ crochet hook make sure that you are using a 5 mm, size ‘H’ crochet hook. So what I’m gonna be doing today is demonstrating with an 8 mm, size ‘L’ crochet hook by using Bernat Softy Chunky yarn and I’m gonna show you the tricks to be able to do this and then you can make this as big or small as you need. So I’ll give you those secrets too. So let’s begin. We’re going to start off with a slipknot and then we’re going to begin to do a chain. So how many chains do you need in order to create this? You need to even number so it could be 20, 22 could be 30 in my case I’m only gonna do ten because that’s an even number. So you’re just gonna chain. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. So as soon as you are done that and you got to the amount of chain that you want you’re gonna go second chain from the hook. So just count back one and go to the second and flip it and get the the back loop or the back part of that chain. So I want you to single crochet in that one and keep single crocheting all the way down your chain in the back loop of the chain so that it keeps it really quite beautiful. So because you’ve gone second chain from the hook and because you did an even number this gives you an odd number. So in this case there’s only nine stitches gonna be left on here. So the trick is is to start off with the even number and when you come across then the second time with this first row going across it changes it to an odd number which is what you’re looking for. So you’re gonna go back all the way down so put me on hold now and I will show you how to do the Bead Stitch right after this. So right now we’ve just completed now the bottom section here and we’ve gone and done a single crochet. Now we’re gonna start our Bead Stitch which is this row and then we’re gonna come back and we’re going to single crochet and then Bead Stitch across and the back single crochet and Bead Stitch across. The trick is is to really watch this single crochets after we get the first Bead Stitch Those are where its really gonna matter the most. So let’s just turn on work now and let’s begin. So let, they’re always gonna start off in the same way. So I want you to chain thee, 1, 2, 3 and that counts as a double crochet in this pattern. So for the Bead Stitch the very next stitch that’s available to you is gonna be the start of that. So here’s how you do the Bead Stitch. Just double crochet into that one first and now we’re going to complete this, this double crochet as a Bead Stitch. In order to do it you’re gonna yarn over and you’re gonna go around the post from the front to the back side and grab the yarn and pull up and you’re gonna do that three times. So let’s grab around the post, pull up, one more time, go and pull up. And now once you have all that done what I want you to do is I want you to pull this yarn through this whack of loops here, but leave this empty, or leave this one untouched. So just wrap and pull through everything except for the very final loop. Sometimes depending on your tension it’s easier to get it through and other times it’s a little more stiff. So once you have that pull through you’re gonna yarn over and pull through the final two, and that is your Bead Stitch. So the Bead Stitch counts as two stitches if you’re referring to the row below. So knowing that you’re gonna skip the next stitch and go to the second over and you’re gonna Bead Stitch again. So to start the bead you are going to double crochet first to get the foundation of it started and now you’re gonna bead around that. So you’re gonna yarn over go around the post from the front to the back, pull through and do that three times. Okay, and now that you have that on your hook you’re going to yarn over pull just through this section leaving the last one untouched now when I’m practicing this stuff I never get, I never have an issue pulling through. It’s always when I’m on camera. [laughs] So you’re gonna pull through everything except for the very final one and then pull through the final two and you’re gonna keep doing that all the way across so you’re gonna skip the next one go to the second one over and I’m gonna double crochet and I’m just gonna do the bead. So wrap three times. I’m gonna speed up. And then pull through everything except for the final loop on there and then yarning over pulling through the final two. So eventually you’re gonna come to the end of the line and you are gonna have three what appears to be three stitches left you are just gonna skip one do your bead in the second one is normal and you’ll have one stitch left over after that. So bead your one, bead stitch your one last one here and coming through just pulling it through everything but the final and then yarning over pulling through the final two. So to keep in balanced the last here, the last stitch just single or just double crochet so you’re not skipping over anything and that completes your first row of doing the Bead Stitch. So to start your next row, this is what’s most critical to you. In order to keep balancing it’s gonna feel like it doesn’t make sense if you’re an experienced crocheter, but we’re gonna turn a work and let’s carefully go through this section. Okay, are you ready? Are you nervous? I don’t know! So what we’re gonna do is that we’re gonna chain one. Now normally in single crochet we just single crochet that one below but I don’t want you, I want you to come right above the first Bead Stitch and that’s where you’re gonna start and you’re going to single crochet yourself all the way across to the final Bead Stitch but you need to pay attention to the final Bead Stitch. So I’m just gonna go my way across. You’re gonna go your way across as well and you have to pay attention to that last one because I did a sample and I kinda screwed that up. So this is the very last Bead Stitch. This is what does not feel right to me. So you’re gonna come across to the top of the bead stitch and there’s technically another stitch right here but you don’t wanna do that one. You wanna go into the turning chain. So just into the chain itself I want you to single crochet. Doesn’t that feel wrong, to you? It’s right in every way. So then you’re going to turn your work and begin another row of bead stitching. So let’s begin that again. So you’re gonna chain up three and now the very next one like you did before is going to be the Bead Stitch. So just double crochet and then complete your wraps around to make the Bead Stitch and then pull through everything except for the final one and then pull through two and now you’re gonna skip one and go to the second one over. These bead stitches look straight above each other when they’re done. So you double crochet first and then bead. Starting to relax a little bit so it’s getting easier. So then skip one, second went over and you keep doing that all the way across. This is my last one that’s going in so I have four below so I’m obviously doing four on this side. And I’m putting in my Bead Stitch just like you see. Pulling it through the final two and then if it looks sloppy like that you’re gonna have to probably fix it or you just have to just kind of like manipulate it and adjust it either way it’s pretty good. So in your very final stitch here you’re going to apply a double crochet and that keeps everything in balance. Okay, so let’s review that single crochet row once again. So you just chain up one, you don’t go into the one that you would normally go into you come into the next one and you start single crocheting yourself across. So, what is the secret? You’re looking for that final Bead Stitch on the other side to make sure you know where to stop. So here it is. So you go into that one and then skip over to the turning chain and do the turning chain once again. Then turn your work and begin the Bead Stitch and then single crochet and the Bead Stitch. So this is how you would do the actual Bead Stitch using this particular concept and I really like it and this is it for now. Have a great day, and we’ll see you again real soon. Bye, bye 👋

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  1. Thank you so much for your time and effort Mikey, sounds like you got a bit of congestion going on. I hope you are well.
    I love the look of this so it will be on my to do list. I hope you have a safe Merry Christmas and New Year, God bless

  2. Thanks for sharing your videos Mikey, I'm learning so much more about crocheting. Maybe you can do a video sometime teaching how to design a pattern. I really want to, but have no idea where to start. I'm currently working on your mandala, the beginner and love it!!

  3. Appreciate all your help. You have taught me so much. I was so depressed until I learned to crochet from you. You saved my sanity. HONESTLY! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  4. Hallelujah!!! I just discovered a way to use up my left over yarn; I’m going to make little squares of different yarns and then sew them together; it will be very interesting due to the stitch pattern and the varying colors.

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