24 thoughts on “Crochet Mandala Stitch Along: Rnds 26 – 40

  1. Thank you Mike l looove your videos…clear instructions are always appreciated sending my love from Greece ❤️

  2. So excited for this video!! I’ve been waiting forever!!! Not really. Just not sure when it was coming out! Love you Mikey. Thanks for a great video and great instructions!!

  3. I have a new group to 'adopt' projects of individuals. The whole idea of spreading the love (of fiber arts) is what I want for my little group! It's Crochet Angel's on Facebook. If you want/need yarn for a specific project, please join my group! Thanks, Crochet Crowd, for all of your videos, time, etc.

  4. I love this Mandala we are doing but l am so confused on round 36. I am doing like it said in the beginning everything is right it's the last part where you crochet 37 then the next one put 2 dc in ok l have that one now the trouble is the is more then 37 left not counting the 3 in the beginning. Put l counted it and it adds up to 394 dc's could someone see help me Thank you very much

  5. I loved following along with you, Mikey! And now I have a beautiful throw. Thank you, Thank you for taking the time to share. I took some creative license for rows 37-40. I used yarns that were on hand, added benefit. Will be creating more in different color schemes.

  6. Yeah just finished row 40 never thought I would make it before the next lot is due, I am finding it frustrating as the rows get bigger it's taken longer to do. Bring it on Mikey, I think I can crochet the whole blanket

  7. Waiting for the next lot of instructions, I don't down load patterns ever rather follow on u tube, my good friend who I taught the basic crochet last year, omg she out crochet me and perfers a hard copy to follow.

  8. I am enjoying the Mandala stitch along so much. You are an excellent instructor. I have made several large afghans & baby blankets but some of these stitches are new to me. I have no problem following your visual instructions. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  9. I'm using my own combination of colors using Joann's store brand Big Twist — they are autumn-y colors. Yours are rather ocean-y, and the Lisa version seems kinda spicy. I'm thinking of finding seven grey/muted colors so that I could make four mandalas, Earth (my autumn colors), Air (the muted colors), Fire (the spicy colors), and Water (your cooler blue combination). I think they would be a lovely set to make. Thank you for the inspiration! Amy S.

  10. I am on row 27 but my mandala is only 66cm in diameter,a bit small, want it for bed spread at least partly.Till i finish not more sa a meter.

  11. Omg. Just finished row 26 and realized my stitch count is off. I have and extra post and an extra 5 dc. Last row I know for sure was right is row 17. No way on earth I'm taking all these rows out. Ugh. I hope it still works out

  12. How many stiches are we supposed to have on row #36 ? it woul be so helpful if someone answers I am stuck on row 37 I got 46stiches on the last section
    Thank you 😊

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