Designer Dress With Separate Bodice | Cutting And Stitching | DIY – Tailoring With Usha

Designer Dress With Separate Bodice | Cutting And Stitching | DIY – Tailoring With Usha

hello friends, today m going to teach you designer paneled dress with separate bodice the measurement is like this full length 45 inch length of bodice 13.5 inch shoulder to shoulder width 11 inch shoulder length 7 inch chest 36 inch waist 28 inch bottom part length 31.5 inch bottom width maximum according to panels front neck length 6 inch back neck length 6 inch neck width 5.5 inch sleeve length 20 inch half sleeve round 3.5 inch this is my contrast color fabric and from this i’ll make bodice and from this one i’ll make bottom part of dress first of all fold the bodice piece fabric width wise and from top take bodice length + 1.5 inch, and then cut it i.e 13.5+1.5=15 inch, i’ll mark 15 inch line and after cutting it i’ll proceed further now fold it to four layers and start drafting from the close part from top one side take half of shoulder to shoulder width + 0.5 inch i.e 11/2+0.5=6 inch and from this point take shoulder length lengthwise i.e 7 inch and now cross mark shoulder length mark with the upper width mark i.e 6 inch and take 0.5 inch less i.e 5.5 inch and join these two marks to upper mark at shoulder length, from close part take 1/4 of chest + 2 inch width wise i.e 36/4=9+2=11 inch, mark at 9 and 11 inch now come to waist length, take 1/4 of waist + 2 inch width wise i.e 28/4=7+2=9 inch, mark at 7 and 9 inch we cut our bodice up to waist length now join waist marks to chest marks in slant manner now to top mark half of neck width i.e 2.75 inch and mark 0.5 inch length wise on shoulder length line and then join neck width mark to it making a slant line and after that do front and back sleeve curving now we come to waist and insert four pleats for fitting like we do in simple frocks in width we take 3 inch (range is 2.5 to 3.5 inch) and in length we take 2.5 inch (range is 2 to 3.5 inch) for fitting we insert these 0.5 inch pleats cutting is done like this now remove back piece and now do cutting of front arm curve this is our front and back bodice cutting for bottom part this is our fabric and it is folded lengthwise and now from open part take length +3 inch and cut it length is 31.5 inch + 3=34.5 inch, m taking 35 inch fabric and after marking straight line and cutting it i’ll proceed further after cutting now fold this fabric in 8 layers like this, it is already in 2 layers i.e fold it 2 times, after adjusting it i’ll proceed further after that on one side take 1/16 of waist +1 inch i.e 28/16=1.75 inch +1=2.75 inch take the same measurement on opposite side too i.e 2.75 inch and join both points in slant manner and now do cutting on this slant line this is our back piece panels and in front we’ll make open slit and these are our two front piece panels and from middle slit will be open these are our two bodice, after this i’ll cut sleeves which is simple (link in description) and after that we make front and back neck which i already taught you and then join shoulders (LINK IN DESCRIPTION) after doing all this i’ll proceed further after making simple neck and joining of shoulders now come to bottom part this is our front half side panels and in this we put that portion from which thread doesn’t tear off easily in center and then match slants of fabric right to right for stitching and after that match straight of fabric with slant of other panel right to right for stitching slant of fabric must come at outer side of bottom width stitching is done like this after matching right to right after this match right to right straight and slant of panel and sew it after that do press stitching on this also like this we sew our both front panel pieces after stitching front panels and now come to back panel pieces and sew it matching right to right first up to down and then sew next panel down to up like we sewn in 24 panel anarkali (LINK IN DESCRIPTION) after doing press stitching on back bottom width and completing it now come to front panels piece again and match it right to right and keep a bit above from center part and do cutting in curving because of this our front slit will at a bit upper side and it matches with bottom width of back piece too after adjusting it i’ll proceed further after that now mark 7 to 8 inch from bottom lengthwise i’m taking 8 inch and then join it to outer mark in curve manner and now cut this curve now we insert this designer strip on front open slit matching right of strip and wrong of front panel and sew it straight after stitching at wrong side now fold it to right side and fold 0.5 inch from other boundary side too and sew it after inserting designer strip on front part now we insert pleats on our bodice as we did in simple frock after inserting pleats now we take center of front bodice and sew front panels matching right to right like this we sew other panel piece too and after that do press stitching on this after press stitching now sew back panel to back bodice matching center to center and right to right after that do press stitching on it also now darken your fitting line and transfer it to other side by tapping after that take this 2 inch wide designer slant strip and insert it like we insert designer strip at front open slit in bottom width match wrong of panel and right of slant strip and then sew it alongside all bottom width and after that take it to upper right side and fold it and sew it there after sewing of strip, mark small cuts for better finishing and now fold it to right side and sew at bottom and fold 0.5 inch from other side boundary and then sew it on upper side of strip too now fold 0.5 inch like this and sew it alongside bottom width of dress after completing this i’ll proceed further after that now join sleeves which i’ve already taught you (LINK IN DESCRIPTION), after joining sleeves i’ll upload an image of it if you like my video then hit like button and if you are new here then subscribe for more such videos in next video i’ll teach you a new cutting/stitching in a simple way..thank you 🙂

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  1. apka video mujhe bhohuthe acha laga mam.Kya app mujhe chote bhache ke leye panels lehenga Kaise bhanethe heee.pls bhathaye

  2. Mam plz mujhe yeh batye k agar hame is ko vertical cloth mai banan ho to gher ki cutting kaise hogi
    aur 1 bat aur samjhaye ki aapni choli ki cutting mai arm pit mai 1/2" Ander nishan kiyo lagaya

  3. Hi ,
    Nice videos . Can you please show a picture of all the measurements in a picture please – kind of confusing the shoulder length .

  4. bhut hi khubsurt ….mam ghr k liye kitna kapda liye the. .or plzz nxt tym some disng me body ko cap laga k ready karte hai na. parker hame chaye Jo ready kapdo me ata hai. ..plzz mam agr aisa already ap dikha chuke hai to mujhe link snd kare shukriya

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