100 thoughts on “Despite A Black Eye And 14 Stitches, 95-Year-Old Jimmy Carter Builds Homes For Habitat For Humanity

  1. If tRump told the truth, if tRump thought before he spoke, if tRump cared about others, if tRump didn't worship money, if tRump was a true leader, if tRump was a faithful husband, if tRump put County before self, if tRump wasn't racist,……..
    His name would be Obama, or Carter……..

  2. President Carter is the first president I remember as a kid and the name the peanut president stuck with me. Then we moved to the US from Sweden and I heard so many bad things about him. Most of all him being a weak president but from what I learned later he is the greatest humanitarian of all president’s.
    He is everything the right wing evangelicals pretend to be.

  3. There's something about the left eye being blackened. Do the research. It has something to do the satanic freemasons

  4. An example of a true public servant. He's not in public life to enrich himself, or to brag about his accomplishments, or declare himself a genius. He's a servant to the people, giving back, living his values of faith, promoting something greater than himself and using his platform to elevate the plight of those in need. That is a TRUE American President! At 95 years old, he could have chosen to retire, sit at home and not contribute any further, but a few years shy of 100, Jimmy Carter has chosen not to waste a single moment in service to a good cause. I wish desperately that we could return this kind of care, compassion, service and honor back to the White House!

  5. Amazing! President and Mrs. Carter are most honorable and caring. Their goodness, honesty, humility, and strength of character are what we the people need most in our first families. They are honorable leaders and the kind of people who we & our children can look up to and be so very proud of. They will long be remembered as fine examples of the very best Americans. We thank them for their love, compassion for those who may be struggling, and deep commitment to truly make America an outstanding country. Thank you & May God bless you & your family always.

  6. Amazing work Mr. President. May The Lord continue to bless you and keep you alive for a long long time to continue HIS work.

  7. What a great man!! He is the epitome of kindness. If you were to look up the definition of the word kindness, President Carter's picture would be there! Thank you Jimmy! We love you so much!! ❤️

  8. Poor old Jimmy. He was a great President. He's also a reminder to us all, to live each day as best as we can. There is hope for a better future..
    SANDERS WARREN 2020 😎🤘

  9. Jimmy is THE ONLY politician in our country that demonstrates faith and service of Christian principles. There is NOT ONE republican in Congress that can claim to be a christian. NOT ONE.

  10. Jimmy is doing so much more for this country than Trump!! He actually cares about the people in this country. Trump cares about HIMSELF and HIMSELF ALONE!!

  11. What a Great Humanitarian. People should take notice of this Great Man.
    Building 21 homes In Nashville, Helping people. At 95 years old.
    Not like dump the trump, we now have.

  12. I was around when he was elected….he told Castro we would take all the immigrants….castro emptied the prisons…aka Miami….thnx Mr Peanut….thnx for making the divide even greater in America due to bashing the sitting POTUS….shameful

  13. Many kudos to Jimmy Carter. He walks the talk better than vast majority of Presidents. We should walk his path.

  14. It's great to hear how sharp President Carters mind still is at this age! Thats something anyone living to that age can only hope for!

    Meanwhile, trump commits crimes from the oval office, has daily mental meltdowns and as of late believes he is not only above the law but also above every other human being…

  15. I’m glad you talked about his works with Habitat. Other channels focused on his comments about Trump. Yes this is what a President looks like.

  16. Respect. What a stark contrast with the current clown occupying the WH…
    BTW, Carter had to sell his peanut farm to avoid conflicts of interest. A peanut farm!!
    US, you are in a very sad state today…

  17. President Carter is engaged, involved and magnificently mentally alert. His many good deeds are his superpower. He’s changed the game on post-presidencies. What encouragement!

  18. Kudos to Mr Carter…tRump does not even rate and can never come up to your class…wishing your another 2 decades of service!

  19. Compared to that orange carcass that would call a national emergency if he banged his FOOT,
    WAIT, there IS no comparison, not in any sense. You will NEVER see trump do something like Carter does for less fortunate ppl, NEVER..

  20. A truly great and good man, the religious right needs to learn from his example what it means to actually be a Christian. As  an atheist I have nothing but a profound respect for this man!

  21. jimmy carter once lived in public housing. his legacy – perhaps his greatest legacy – will be habitat for humanity. jimmy carter can 'talk the talk' ~ because with habitat, he's Shown that he 'walks the walk'. speedy recovery, mr. president

  22. I'm constantly impressed by how quick he still is mentally. Not like a certain orange imbecile currently running the White House. But I gotta say, I'm even more impressed at how steady his hands are in handling tools despite his age.

  23. What an absolutely marvellous example of the characteristics and personality a former president of the United States should have! Jimmy Carter has never tired of doing what he vowed to do during his presidency: which was to do the best that he could for those disadvantaged by the Capitalist regime of the US.
    At 95 years of age, I sincerely wish Mr Carter many more years on this earth. I hope he exists forever to show the rest of us just what we're doing wrong.

  24. The reason we are punished with Trump is that we let a wonderful man like Carter go. How did this man not have a second term?!?

  25. Ford and Carter were both men caught by the times. The growth model had changed for the 1st time since WW2. We never fixed the problem, all Presidents since have just kicked the can down the road.

  26. Even after his term at the Oval Office…he's still working for the betterment of humanity…be well and take care president J. Carter.

  27. Great, at human president… I do like this one, he is a fine human being !
    Thank you for your service mr president Carter 👍😀

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  29. JImmy Carter is one of the greatest men that have ever lived. Regardless of what you think of his presidency.I lived through it and he was a fine president. That was in the days of oil and gasoline shortages and long long lines at the gas stations. That was actually a problem that JImmy Carter inherited but the Republicans tarred and feathered Carter, who is so much more of a human being than any of the corrupt Republiklan.

  30. President Carter, you are an inspiration to us all. May God look after you and protect you, sir! I may not have been alive to see your presidency first hand, but presidents like you make me proud to be an American. You represent everything that’s good in the world, and you show us why we need to protect our country and our Constitutions from those who only wish to hurt, hate, and abuse. It was never all about you, and everybody didn’t always agree with you, but you never backed down, and you’ve never forsaken your values as a Christian and a human being. Even if times get tough, presidents like you are worth fighting for, and we WILL vote Donald Trump out of office if he isn’t impeached before then. Thank you for your service to both America and the world, Jimmy.

  31. The more I live, the more I get to admire Jimmy Carter, and I'm not even a US citizen, let alone a christian. He brings the best of humanity and turns it into positive action. Long live Jimmy Carter.

  32. Carter has convinced me, despite his argument, that there exist 95 year olds who are more vigorous and sharp-witted than some recent presidents…

  33. May God Bless you President Carter and the family. We know you and Rosalind will one day be in that big beautiful sky still building home for the needy. We love the work yall are doing. When you fell the other day I gave you a great big prayer……oh no lord dont take him now his works is not finished. Keep at it kids ……you have a lot of houses to build……we luv yall

  34. All those evangelicals for Trump should hang their head in shame., bunch of Pharisees. Take a good look at this man.

  35. The secret to a happy life is to help others be happy. Contributing to the good of your community, even in the smallest way is rewarding.

  36. Good to see an ex president doing something great for the people taking no money instead of taking in millions like the Clintons and Obama’s.

  37. This is the kind of guy who had enough vision for America, (and the world) to put solar panels on the White House roof during his presidency. It was a token gesture, to be sure, but it shows the fundamental character
    of a true leader. An honorable and decent human being. Thank you, sir.

  38. I have it on pretty good authority that Jimmy got that black eye because he pinched his nurse's bottom and she smacked him in the face with his own bed pan. Hey… this new "Whistle-Blower" protocol that the Dems passed behind closed doors sure is fun!

  39. Next time just eat your food and do not argue with them… 🙂

    By the way, broke the 666 likes… we are now on 667 likes… LOL

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