DIAMOND BROCADE Knit Stitch Pattern

DIAMOND BROCADE Knit Stitch Pattern

The Diamond Brocade Knit Stitch Pattern. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and thank you for joining me here at STUDIO KNIT where
today we’re knitting up this Diamond Brocade pattern. it’s a really elegant design created by a simple series of knits and purls it’s an 8-row
repeat and it creates this fashionable textured graphic it’s an easy level
project perfect for all of you who completed my ABSOLUTE BEGINNER KNITTING SERIES and we are just using knits and purls this is not a reversible pattern
because the front the right side and the wrong side look different however it’s a
really nice clean look where you can still see that diamond pattern on the
back and I would not mind it being visible in something like a scarf and
for our materials we are going to be using yarn you can use any size you’d
like appropriately sized knitting needles of course you want to have
scissors and a tapestry needle on hand if you’d like to know the exact
materials I’m using in this video I will link to those in the description for you
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my website I have a link in the description below the pattern is written
out there for you totally for free I’ve also included a knitting chart so if
you’d like to start learning how to read charts then these simple patterns are a
great way to start doing that this pattern is also included in my knit
stitch pattern book available for purchase over on Etsy it’s a
downloadable PDF that you can print out you also can have it saved on any mobile
device or desktop as well so let’s knit it up we begin with our beloved Slipknot
for this pattern we are going to be casting on our stitches in multiples of
eight plus one so we begin by casting on eight stitches
and then you will continue casting on in multiples of eight until you have the
number of stitches that you would like on your needle
it is totally your choice once you have that it’s the plus one it’s just one
last little stitch to finish up the casting on just that one right there
okay Row one we begin with knit four so we’re knitting four stitches to begin
right here on Row one we get that little tail out of the way and then once we
have four stitches we’re going to be knitting between those asterisks and
that means we’re repeating the pattern all the way down so we begin with P 1
that is purl one stitch and then this repeat is k7 so we’re knitting 7
stitches and we continue this pattern of p1k 7 all the way down the row until we
have 5 stitches remaining on our needle and once we get to that point it is P 1
so we’re going to bring our yarn to the front purl 1 stitch and then finish up
row 1 right here with 4 knit stitches so we’ll just do it right here 1 & 2 3 & 4 p3 is how we start out Row 2 here so
there’s 3 purl stitches 1 2 and 3 and then we’re going to take our yarn to the
back to knit and you’ll see the asterisks it’s k1 p1 k1 p5 so we’re
knitting one stitch and then we’re bringing our yarn to the front and it is
p1 purling one stitch then we are knitting one stitch and then we are
purling five more stitches and this is the repeat pattern that you do all the
way down the row and here on Row 2 we’re going to be doing this repeat until we
have 6 stitches remaining on our needle and at that point it is k1 that’s
knitting 1 and then we’re going to purl one stitch and then we’re going to knit
one stitch and then finishing up Row 2 with p3 that is purling three stitches row three we begin with knitting two
stitches so it’s one and two and then the pattern between the asterisks that’s
the repeat and it’s p1k three so we bring our yarn to the front for one purl
stitch that’s P one our yarn to the back and it’s knitting three stitches so this
P 1 K 3 we are going to keep repeating that pattern all the way down the row
until we have just three stitches remaining on our needle and then we
finish it up with P 1 purling 1 and knitting 2 stitches here to finish up
Row 3 Row 4 we begin with a purl stitch so you’ll have your yarn in the front to
begin and then the entire rest of your row is the repeat so it’s K 1 that’s
knit 1 bringing our yarn around to the front and we’re going to purl 5 stitches
2 3 4 and 5 and then k 1 we’re knitting one stitch and we are purling one stitch
and we repeat this all the way down to the very end of our row and let’s see
how it is knitting up you can see we’re halfway there we have the little bottom
part of the diamond and Row 5 were purling 1 and then we are knitting a 7
and those are between the asterisks so that means that we are repeating p1k 7
all the way down the row until we hit one last little stitches remaining and
that will be a purl stitch purl one now our diamond pattern is tapering back up
so row 6 is actually exactly the same as row
for so you start with the purl one and then you do the stitch pattern between
the asterisks right there row seven is identical to what we did in Row three so
again we just start with two stitches and then we have the repeat of purl one
knit three until you get to the last three stitches and then it’s just purl
one and it to our last row row eight of our eighth row repeat we are doing
exactly what we did on Row two so you just follow the pattern all the way
until you finish up row eight and here is how the eight rows our little diamond
pattern turns out it looks really pretty and you just continue repeating those
eight rows until your piece is the length that you desire and I hope you
are inspired to knit up this diamond brocade knit stitch pattern I think it
would look stunning if you used it to knit up a pillow or blanket and even
with just one yarn color it would look really impressive with this texture as
part of your home decor please check out this video right here next I think
you’ll really enjoy it of course please make sure you are SUBSCRIBED and LIKE up this video. I will see you next time, Guys. BYE!

39 thoughts on “DIAMOND BROCADE Knit Stitch Pattern

  1. Hey, Studio Knitters! You can get the free written pattern over on my website here โ–บ http://bit.ly/sk-brocade

  2. I love this pattern. I made a hat using this pattern several years ago and it was beautiful. Thanks for your great videos.

  3. Thank you for the tutorial, itโ€™s a beautiful stitch. Question: if I want to make a hat using this stitch, would I do it in the round?

  4. I have this EXACT same pattern in a book aโ€Teach Yourself Visuallyโ€ KNITTING. By Sharon Turner! โ€œDiamond Brocade Patternโ€ p. 54.

    Plus I used this same pattern to knit a baby blanket 45 YEARS AGO!

  5. I love the reverse side as well!! This would make a beautiful yet simple scarf!! Thank you thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Is it possible to use this pattern if I already have 130 stitches on my circular needle? Iโ€™m halfway through making a blanket and making the pattern up as I go along as Iโ€™m only just learning and kind of experimenting as I get further through the blanket x

  7. Could you do this pattern with two different Color yarn like the space between the diamonds are a different color and the lines making the diamonds are another kinda like how the brick pattern is with the space between the white lines in color and the lines white

  8. Hello. I am attempting to learn how to knit I am already advanced in crochet. So wanted a new project for other designs and textures. I however keep running into the problem of only finding swatch size stuff. How do I make larger objects?? Such as blankets or sweaters with just knitting needles. Is this possible??

  9. The pattern written out on your website is different then the one displayed and done in the video…which one should I follow?

  10. Hi did any one find out which is the right pattern one on the video or the free pattern I did the video and found out I was 4 stitches out can any one help thankyou

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