44 thoughts on “DIY 三股編手環 南美蠟線 蠶絲蠟線 Three Strand Braid Bracelet Braid Bracelet / MuuMuu

  1. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos.

    Todo lo que haces es muy sencillo pero elegante.

    Pulseras muy bonitas 😍

  2. Very nice and I appreciate you slowly showed the steps in the beginning and completion of the bracelet. Thank you.👍🙋😊

  3. Awesome! I never buy one from the mall because it costs 100 pesos and has bright colors and plastic jewelries which i find unattractive but i got a semi-leather silver studded one from a bargain boutique which only cost 20 pesos! I loved it but it did not last a month because of agedness but it was the best bracelet i had. Im a bracelet lover and your videos make me inspired! I cant wait to make plenty for myself and friends😅 Thank you very much😍

  4. Aunque no conozco tu rostro o tu voz me parece bellísimo lo que haces y como tratas a tus seguidores, eres genial, gracias por todo lo que haces :3 ♡

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