DIY- Cute GAME DAY Outfits for Girls (NO-SEW!) – By Orly Shani

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it’s September which means it’s football season. Football season is a good time!
you’ve got football on like Monday night Thursday night Sunday and if you are in
high school or you’re in college then you guys have your home team games on
Fridays or Saturday afternoons. now when I lived in New York I bartended the
entire time. pretty much all 10 years and I always worked Sunday football and so I
used to wear a New York Giants jersey that was probably meant for a child and
when I say probably I mean it was definitely meant for a child and I then
also cut it. the stuff that was actually made for girls, I don’t know I just
thought it was kind of cheesy. I was never a huge fan and so I used to cut up men’s
t-shirts and turn them into all these really cute one-of-a-kind outfits and
that’s what we’re gonna do today generally we’re starting with men’s
shirts here. We will take them and turn them into really cool, one-of-a-kind, sexy, fun
outfits that you can wear out to a bar. you can wear to game day, you can wear to
a house party and the best part they are all NO-SEW! all of us can do it, I’m very
excited.Let’s get to materials and let’s do the damn thing so I’m gonna start off with this
sweatshirt and I’m gonna make it a lace-up front so this is that d-ring I
was talking about it’s basically d-ring sewn onto cotton twill trim so that you
can attach it and create a Lace up what you want to do is just decide how deep you
want that V so that you know exactly where to cut it now grab it by the neck
and the hems that you can fold it in half because we’re gonna cut it at one
time make sure that everything is even that’s the most important thing not only
check your side seams but check that the graphic looks like it’s in half as well
sometimes if it’s vintage sweatshirts can torque a little bit now you’re just
gonna cut it all at the same time I like starting with the bottom of the V so
that I guarantee it’s perfectly sharp and once I get to the top then I cut one
at a time so I’m just cutting one side open it up and then cut the other side
it just guarantees that you have a little more control right there at the
neckline you don’t want to cut a little unevenly. now you’re gonna take the trim
and what I decided to do was cut off the very top d-ring that way I could use the
cotton twill and fold it over to create a nice clean finish on the top now I’m
gonna take my fabric glue and I’m gonna do a nice hefty line you want to make
sure you’re using enough cuz this is all that’s holding it together now just
simply lay the cotton twill trim down lay it nice and flat making sure that
the sweatshirt and the trim are not puckering put your hand inside kind of
pinch it lay it flat just take a minute now when you get to the bottom you’re
gonna want to cut it at an angle when the two angles meet they’ll make that
perfect point so just make sure that both are even now you want to make sure
that the left side matches the right the right can be put however you want but
obviously the left side now needs needs to mirror it so that it laces up evenly
once you have it in line just kind of fold it over don’t remove it just fold
it over so it stays in place add your glue and that way you can just fold it
back and it’s in the right spot exactly where you left it
now just Pat the whole thing down and again you’re gonna cut the bottom on an
angle to create that perfect little V if it’s not perfect you can always trim it
after the fact so don’t worry about it I also cut the bottom d-ring off of each
because they were so close together that they like
there was no room to actually lace anything up anyway so the bottom d-ring
had to go now I just added some glue to the very last bit of the cotton twill
created my perfect point I had a little bit of access there so I took my fabric
scissors and cut it until it created a nice even point and you just finagle
there’s no problem now on the top I had removed that d-rings thought I could
fold this over and so I just added some fabric glue pinched it down and now I
started lacing it up you can use any lace that you like a shoelace something
that looks really like athletic or football whatever color whatever style
whatever you want it’s ready to go so we’re gonna move on to the next now I’m
taking this t-shirt and folding it right in half this is gonna become like a
halter top so first thing is I’m cutting it to create a crop top cut it any link
that you want that’s totally up to you and now we’re gonna cut on an angle from
the very corner of the neckline to the underarm so you’re cutting it at once to
make sure that it’s perfectly symmetrical and now you can see we sort
of have the overall shape but I want it to be an open back halter so again I’m
gonna fold it in half separating the front from the back so that I can extend
that line out this is what’s gonna tie around my back I’m cutting the whole
back off but I wanted to create that nice even slope now I cut the back off
from the neckline you can see I kind of have my shape there now the next thing
was cutting open the neckline this was a men’s shirt so it actually ends up being
enough room for me to tie it in the back of my neck
I’m taking my decorative elastic and I’m just lining it with the fabric glue and
I cut it just about 1/2 an inch from the bottom because there’s gonna be another
piece going across the bottom that’s gonna hide that seam same thing on the
other side now with the leftover trim you just want to find your Center so
that you Center it in the trim so when you tie it in the back the tie is
actually even again just fold it back keeping it in place add your fabric glue
and then just lay it down and tap it all into place now we’ve got our structure
move it off let it dry on to the next so this is what’s gonna go on the back of
our flannel shirt this is something you could do on the back of a flannel a
denim jacket even a sweatshirt first thing was just to cut the main part of
the graphic help but you can see that it’s uneven the top is more narrow than
the bottom so I just used my rotary blade and a ruler to create a perfect
even trying this flannel that I found a thrift store
excuse me had a graphic on the back but it doesn’t matter because we’re covering
it anyway line everything else up nice and even and add your glue you actually
want to go around that shoulder seam and you don’t need to worry about cutting
the red part of the shirt yet we’ll do that once it dries so just lay it down
tap it into the glue and now on the bottom part I actually realized it was
easier to add the glue to the shirt and then fold it down it was kind of hard to
know exactly where I would need the glue if I put it on the flannel so that was
easier but on the bottom you do want to put it on the flannel and you’ll see why
in just a second now we’re cutting that corner and you
can see the glue is dried so it provides a natural Ridge for our scissors just
push your scissors against the edge of the glue anything that’s not glued down
is free to cut and you end up creating a perfectly curved hem along the natural
line same thing with the bottom you can obviously see the excess hanging out
from the bottom so just cut it off and that guy’s ready to go move it off to
the side and let it dry all right so now this is one that I wanted to not only
take in the back of the shirt but create a really cool detail that sort of had a
football element so I folded it in half again separating the front from the back
and I’m actually gonna do a triangle going the opposite way of the sweatshirt
so the point is facing up and the open parts at the bottom now that whole big
opening is gonna get laced up creating a much smaller fit so this is a no sew way
of creating a fitted shirt so I add my glue to the side and with this grommet
tape you want to make sure to add only the edge to the glue you want the
grommets to be free because that’s actually how you’re gonna lace it up so
just line it up making sure to only use the outer edge on the glue and then do
the same thing on the other side at the very top you might need to kind of like
finagle it just a little bit to make sure that they line up evenly use your
fingers to press it all in place but basically that’s the structure of it now
I wanted to crop it at that exact height again so it’s not only smaller in width
but actually a little bit shorter as well so I just use my rotary blade and
then I’m gonna lace it up with a nice big fat shoelace which is gonna look
very football E is the proper term now this is the last one I wanted to
just do a traditional muscle T so again I use my rotary blade to just crop it
give myself a nice even hem and now you just want to figure out how wide you
want that shoulder for me about two or three inches is usually right you’re
gonna connect the line just eyeball it to about an inch below the armhole
create a nice clean line and if you open it and you notice that it’s not perfect
like on the left there then you can just individually go in and cut it and clean
it up all right so whether using your scissors or your
fabric glue this is a totally no sew project super simple have some fun with
it man you guys are gonna look fabulous Sunday football barbecue or like your
Monday night football at the bar Thursday Night Football party Friday
night at your school Saturday are so much football

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