DIY Long Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon

DIY Long Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon

Long stitch binding involves sewing pages
directly to the book cover. This type of binding allows the pages to lay flat and it doesn’t
require any glue. There is a variety of ways to long stitch
bind, with variations in the stitch methods. In this tutorial, I’ll show a common long
stitch binding method, with a link stitch variation. To demonstrate this binding, I’m using six
signatures which already have pierced holes, this piece of leather for the cover which
already has the holes pierced as well, and a large sewing needle double threaded with
waxed embroidery thread and a knot on the end. This tutorial will mainly focus on just the
long stitch binding itself, to help you learn the binding method before applying it to a
project. If you want to learn more about how I set
up the pages, cover and how I finished this particular book, you can check out this video
here or find the link in the description below. For more projects you can apply this binding
method to, check out my DIY Bookmaking Projects playlist on my channel. Ok, let’s start. Sew into the first hole from the inside of
the signature to the outside cover. Now sew back into that same hole, but stop
once you have made a little loop on the outside. Then sew into the next hole, out to the cover, and back in completely, but still keeping
that little loop on the first hole. Continue sewing through the entire row. When you reach the last hole, grab the next
signature and from the outside cover, sew into the first hole. And continue sewing through the entire row. When you reach the end, on the outside cover,
sew through the little loop you made. Then return the needle into the next signature. Continue sewing through the entire row. When you reach the last hole, on the outside
cover, loop under the previous signature’s stitch. Then return the needle into the next signature. And continue sewing through the entire row. When you reach the last hole, on the outside
cover, loop under the previous signature’s stitch. And like before, return the needle into the
next signature. And continue sewing through the entire row. If you run out of thread, you can just tie
it off in a knot on this inside of the signature. Tuck the ends under and cut it off. And tie a new threaded needle on with a knot,
and continue binding with the same method, looping under the previous signature’s stitch
at the ends. When you reach the last hole on the last signature,
loop under the previous signature’s stitch as before, but return the needle back into
the same hole. Then tie the thread off in a knot, tuck the
ends in and cut it off. Then the binding is complete. I hope you found
this tutorial helpful. Feel free to like, share and leave your comments below. For more tutorials, be sure to subscribe and
check out my channel. If you want to see how I finished this book, check out the recipe
journal tutorial on the left. For another similar binding method, check
out the saddle stitch binding tutorial on the right. You can find these links and more in the description

99 thoughts on “DIY Long Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon

  1. Thank you another bookbinding tutorial,please make more of them! Some future suggestions-plain longstitch,buttonhole binding,some of the cross structure bindings,link stitch,single quire coptic binding,ledger binding,and so on & so …..

  2. Hi! I was wondering how do you hide the knot after doing this type of binding. The Coptic Stitch too, I didn't quite get it.
    I loove your tutorials, they help to make such wonderful gifts! Thank you for all the work you have doing the videos! <3

  3. At the start of the stitching when you make the little loop, could you put something in the loop to keep it from coming through the other side like a toothpick with its sharp ends cut off so that the toothpick will not damage your leather or stab you?  I could imagine me starting this stich off and losing the little loop by tugging too hard.

  4. Hi. I'm Terezinha, from São Paulo, in Brazil. I really loved your project. I'd like to learn more types of stitching it. Do you have more?

  5. Do you have any recommendations for purchasing paper in bulk or at good prices? I have found the huge rolls economical but nearly impossible to work with. Thanks for this tutorial! Looking forward to trying this soon. 🙂

  6. Do you have any recommendations for purchasing paper in bulk or at good prices? I have found the huge rolls economical but nearly impossible to work with. Thanks for this tutorial! Looking forward to trying this soon. 🙂

  7. Hi! Such a clear and amazing tutorial! I was just wondering if can I punch the holes closer together on the leather so that the signatures would be tighter together?? Also, would I be able to reinforce the leather by gluing some stiffer paper on the inner side of the leather so that it wouldn't be flopping around like that?

  8. Really Love your videos and have been inspired to do some binding myself!!  Is there a chance you would consider doing a short video on which binding methods are best for which projects, when signatures are most applicable, and what to consider when choosing the type of cover when binding is complete?  I'm fumbling my way through these, I think eventually I'm making the right decisions, but curious if there is an easier way for me to layout my idea from the beginning without having to figure out if it's better done a different way?  Oh dear, I hope this makes sense, seems I'm talking in a big circle, my apologies!!

  9. Thank you for this video, it really helped with the book that I made. Without your video, I could not have done it so thanks

  10. Do the measurements of the leather and hole placement change much if you do not wish to tear the 1 inch border off???

  11. Finally worked up the nerve to try long stitching a book.  Thanks for posting such a clear, instructive video.

  12. I have been watching some of your tutorials and have given you thumbs up before, but this is the one that made me choose to subscribe.  This is a lovely binding technique and really looks good. The book is so classy and elegant-looking with tactile appeal. The leather looks so soft and flexible. I also like the look of those papers, which make me want to touch.  Where are they from?
     I only wish that you would leave off the music, as I find it distracting and would prefer to just hear your voice, which is soft and professional.  It is all you need to convey your experience in bookbinding.  I admire how concise and clear your videos are.  TFS and greetings from England.
    Elaine x

  13. I just read some of the comments and also found the recipe tutorial where you show what paper you used, so thank you again! E

  14. I've been trying to find something on how to make "soft cover" journals for awhile now! A few months back I learned how to Coptic stitch journals, and now I found this! THANKS! I want to dish out as many journals as possible for Christmas presents this year. 🙂

  15. Could the iron-on adhesive paper backing be used on a leather cover like this as you did in the travel journal project?

  16. so my book has 15 signatures with 2 paper fold in half and i dont know how much sapce should i leave in between 

  17. I was looking through many of your tutorials and I just wanted to congratulate you on your skill, on the presentation , on the way you make your youtube movies (without some annoying music in the background for example), generally very beautifully and professionally done , WELL DONE and good luck , .. and keep it up 🙂

  18. Your tutorial was very usefull and might i say damn easy…
    i used it for a project of mine…
    so lets see how the teacher likes it fingers crossed 😘

  19. Your tutorials are straight forward and easy to understand with no superfluous chatter! You show some very helpful techniques. I'm ready now to do my first long stitch binding, then try out your method for text block and also make a book press. Woot!! Thanks, Sea Lemon.

  20. What is the best type of binding for a book you will keep adding pages to as time goes by, i.e. loose sketches?

  21. Hey ! I'm going to use vinyl for my project and it seems a little fragile.. Is 3mm between signatures enough ? I'm afraid it's going to tear appart through years.. ?
    Nice video and amazing channel thank you a lot ! : D

  22. I have just bound my first book following this tutorial. I'm hooked already !…
    Thanks for y our great videos … i always refer back to them :}

  23. Hey! I am working on making a desk journal for my husband using this technique, and I'm having such a hard time seeing where the holes are on the dark, textured leather cover. Do you have any tips? I got about halfway finished and realized how off it was, and now I'm starting over! I really want it to look nice for him 🙂 Thank you!

  24. I recently started bookbinding and one thing that always happens to me is that my needle pierces new stichtechs through my signatures :/ It sometimes makes it really hard to go back through the same hole (The thing ist: I haven't found an awl because yet because i haven't had any time to buy one… Any tips to find the right one?)

  25. Hi !So, I have a question : what's the biggest difference between this method and the coptic stich one please? Mainly time I think, but is there something else? Thanks!

  26. A quick question: for this type of binding, what other material besides leather or vinyl would work as alternatives? Would fabric work, and if so, what kind? Thanks so much and please keep doing what you're doing. Your tutorials are clear, well explained, enjoyable and very detailed. I've successfully made River Song's journal thanks to your tutorial 🙂

  27. Okay, this is a VERY late comment, but do you know what stitch to use if I were to stitch a piece of leather symbol to a leather book?

  28. Hey! Im using this tutorial right now and am all prepped, but am wondering if it matters whether you start at the front or the back of a pre printed book. Love your tutorials! xx

  29. How different is the process for doing this but making it hardcover? I love the look of the long stitch binding but I really want that solid spine and cover on it. Any advice?

  30. just mad epic book can noit wait to becum a pro authur like my favorite docter seuss i want to meet him one day

  31. This is really helpful, do you think it will stitch my parents marriage back together? Thank you Sea Lemon – Catherine Scott you have no job

  32. I have to do an artist book as my final project for one of my classes and this tutorial helped me so much! I appreciate that you took the time to share this process 🙂

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