100 thoughts on “DIY Monogrammed Cute PillowCases {No Sew & Sew} How-to Make

  1. I have a question. It might seem stupid but to find out how many inches of fabric you need how would you measure your throw pillow/pillow?

  2. Thank you sooooo much! I spent a week stumped on what to get my friend for her birthday and BAM I found this video :D. In case anyone is reading this, could you please check out my account? I post diys and drawing videos. Thank you 🙂

  3. Love it! I add it to my favorites so I can easy find it when I have free time and decide to make this! Thanks Anne! xx

  4. my teacher saw this video and showed it to us,my classmates went crazy because they were amazed by your great idea!this would be our first sewing project…..thanks!

  5. thank you for doing this video- helped me so nuch!  i made this long time ago but opend a youtube account today and felt like watch this video again to make another one 😀

  6. you make it so complicated my gosh if you going to sew get any shape of fabric to fit your pillow then sew on side and leave the other part alone then turn it inside out and put it on the pillow and if there doing the design follow your steps and if your not sewing, get any size of fabric to fit your pillow then hot glue or fabric glue on side and leave the other part alone then turn it inside out and your done easy done then said

  7. I am a fan of monogramming. This will be a hit in my living room and I just may add this idea to the bedroom. Thnx so much. 🙂

  8. Hey Anne! I love this idea! I did this for Christmas! I was wondering where you got your ruler? I've been looking for one for a while, and yours is exactly what I'm looking for! I'd love a reply. 🙂

  9. its really cool project,are it really so perfect or you have bloopers,please make us a diy again but complete with a bloopers,so i can see it .

  10. I'm so happy I saw this video I have been looking for pillows that will match my room perfectly and instead I'll ask my mom o help me make my own thanks!

  11. Love will have to try it. I couldnt find the right pillows to go with my living room makeover, now I do!

  12. I made this pillow and it was really cool, but at Walmart there was a yard of fabric for a dollar and I bought the 18 by 16 inch fabric and it worked out perfectly.

  13. It could also be a backpack just add a zipper and 2 straps of fabric on the sides and there you go a nice pretty backpack

  14. I saw the A and E and I was like A and E?? Not sure how that goes with Anne Le… Maybe she is hiding the two Ns? Then I finally realized OHHH ANNE AND ERIC!! Derp! These are sooo cute though, love them. (:

  15. can you please fo a video on how to store your sewing supplies!! Thanks i love your videos sooo much!!!!!!!!

  16. i love all of your DIYs. Seriously. Anyway, I m curious what brand of sewing machine are you using? Planning to buy one for myself! 🙂 Thank you !! 

  17. The monogram piollow with washable ,Is not it ? Or use as decorativ pillows ,pillow guest .This brilliant .

  18. Dear Ann. Can you do these pillows in any frantic or detail like holiday or. Any other theam like IndianAnd or sports?

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