DIY No Sew Bandana

Today we’re going to make a bandana from a t-shirt. So you will need something to unpick stitches with, I’ve got this unpicky type device but you could use nail scissors, and a nice big t-shirt because you’re going to want that sleeve to fit around your face. So it’s really simple we’re basically going to unpick the sleeve and I’m going to speed this up because I am pretty sure you can all figure out how to unpick stitches on a sleeve. So yeah… fast forward. The armpit seam bit where all four seams meet, it can be a little bit tricky and if worst comes to worst just you know cut that bit off. Once your sleeve is disattached get rid of any loose bits of string that are hanging around, just you know making things look a bit messy. If you managed to pick the perfect size sleeve then this bandana will just fit round your face like an elasticated bandana. Sadly for me I picked a sleeve that was too big so my bandana is way too loose for my face, but don’t worry because we’re going to fix that too. So now I’m going to unpick that seam that would be kind of under your armpit and your arm and then it will leave us with one triangle-shaped piece of material that you can just tie at the back for the perfect stylish bandana. So the little fold over seamed bit at the end of the sleeve can be a bit tricky so you know just keep at it or just cut it with scissors if you get too frustrated and tada!!! That is it. You now have your bandana. Don’t throw away the rest of that shirt though because we can still make some stuff out of that. These are really great for Burning Man because they’re so small you can just you know have it in a tiny pocket of your bag or in your pocket and it’s always going to be there when you need it. I do suggest having a proper dust mask as well, don’t just rely on this I’m not sure t-shirt can protect you that much from playa dust. So I hope this is helpful guys and you all enjoy your new t-shirt style bandanas!

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