99 thoughts on “DIY No Sew Cute Beanie Boho Twisted Hat {EASY How to Make}

  1. I would do this only when I'm really bored or bored cuz that's a lot of time to be wasted when I can go buy one for $1-$3 just sayin

  2. I never thought of using fraycheck on knits…great idea. This is a wonderful way to stretch dollars by using sweaters you already have fallen in love with once that for whatever reasons~~that are either worn out or are too small :0(~~and breathe new life into them. Or, of course, picking them up for really cheap at Goodwill.

    Another way is to hold coffeetime with the girls and having a clothing swap! Thanks for the inspiration AnneorShine!!!

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  4. we all love u ann keep on making new vids dont let anyone stand in ur way lol we all luv u and btw watching from Australia <3

  5. I was making one for my mom but didn't finish it ….. It looked like a turban so I wasn't gonna give her that …. She's Christian

  6. The original owner of this video is Andreaschoice, so this girl post it to get likes lol but she didn't make the video. I dont think she can answer ur questions. Andrea has a lot of DIY stuff.

  7. I just love this tutorial I just made 6 twisty caps in 20min💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  8. hand knitted hats

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