DIY Saddle Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon

DIY Saddle Stitch Bookbinding Tutorial | Sea Lemon

Saddle stitch binding is quick and easy to
do, and doesn’t require any glue. In this tutorial Ill show you how to saddle
stitch your book using thread. Here’s a list of materials and tools I’ll
be using. For books with a thick cover and lots of pages,
it’s easier to bind with everything held flat together with clips, and make the center fold
later. Measure and make your holes for binding with
an awl. Then single thread your needle, but don’t
make a knot on the end. Start from the inside middle hole, and leave
a little thread on the end like this, sew all the way to the last hole on the right
end and then sew all the way to the last hole to the left end and sew back to the middle. On the last stitch on the outside, tie a knot
like this, and return the needle, pulling the knot through to the inside. Then tie one more time to complete the knot.
You can tuck the ends under if you’d like, and cut the thread off. Now take the inside pages and press them together
and press the outside cover the opposite way. This will work the paper into folding together
better. Then use weights or a book press to help the
book stay closed. For books with less pages and thin covers,
it’s fine to fold the center before hand. then follow the same sewing method to bind
it. I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and
good luck on your next bookbinding project! Use the saddle stitch method you just learned
and make some fun memo books on the left. Or learn how to make a seashell watercolor
book to the right. And be sure to subscribe for more tutorials!

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  1. If I use the technique in which you clip the paper, to make "midori" inserts, do I have to cut the pages in the end? (cut the pages, to make them all straight and not forming a "staircase" form the middle up – and down) I hope you can understand what I am asking, I feel like I am not expressing myself as well as I could.

  2. can i do this on the top of the book and not fold it in? I know that you did videos on the coptic stitch and the single sheets but i wanted something less time consuming to do and one that works on full sheets of paper that I didn't have to fold and since majority of the paper that you can buy lined paper at least comes in portrait and not landscape.

  3. thank you to this video you help me to do notebook with no glue thank you very well love it and I always watch your video and subscribe

  4. Hi, thank you, this was great! i want to make a 21 page book with 11 pages with photos glued on and the opposite 10 pages writing. Will this work with this style of book? I think so, but I'm worried about the weight of the photos.

  5. Thanks for this tutorial! I was wanting to try doing some kind of book making project with my niece (who is into all kinds of art & craft stuff) that she could then use for her other projects when it was done, and this is perfect!

  6. Wonderful video! I've recently gotten into making homemade recycled paper and needed a good way to make journals that didn't involve too much cutting or re-inforcing with bought materials, thank you!
    Now I can make recycled journals out of all that annoying junk mail!

  7. i have a question: when ever i make my own saddle stitch binding, when i use the awl to push thru the paper it always comes out crooked… IOW, it wont be directly down the spine of the book. Does anyone know how i can keep it straight? what am i doing wrong?

  8. Very simply put and extremely helpful for anyone contemplating the creation of their family story, such as a 'holiday memories'.

  9. thank you so much. I stitched my first binding with your tutorial. have been subscribed for a while but never commented. tfs

  10. So simple and easy to make! But one thing… if I don't have wax thread and just a normal one, can I use it? Or a yarn perhaps… ?

  11. Nice.. can I get the procedures? Where can i get it? I actually I want it to do in my Demo class presentation.. it is nice and simple..

  12. Just wanted to say that I've never tried any of this in my life, but needed a 40 page special booklet. I ran a trial using both the SADDLE STITCH tutorial methods and the JAPANESE Bookbinding tutorial, and they both turned out amazing!

    Your skill at making this topic not only enjoyable, but LEARNABLE is just off the charts.

    Thanks for doing these.

  13. Thank you finally made my first one today using embroidery floss and I love it I think I'm going to be addicted to this pretty darn quick

  14. I love this tutorial so much, it's very helpful for me to binding a book, but may I know, why should we start to binding from the center not from the edge? Thank you xoxo

  15. I was wondering. I'm making sketchbooks to sell and wanted to know if I should sign my name (I have a rubber stamp of my signature) and where?

  16. I really need help.
    I'm just gonna ask how I'm supposed to print out pages, then stitch them like this, and still let them be in order.

  17. I made the books!!! The tutorial was simple, and the books look great. I'm following you Sea Lemon. I want to see what other great tutorials you have. Thanks!!!

  18. I love the idea of making my own notebooks but I was wondering if there is a certain amount of holes the notebook needs in order to stitch it?

  19. I bind in another way but i just learn something your method is way better than mind don't show on meh,i am an age man.

  20. How would you proceed with a thick page block? I know it is not meant to be thick but I need this for a creative project. My concern is with prefolding, registering holes with folds, handling the whole process… I'm making tryouts, I'd like to have Jenny's take on that… or anyone else? See as example Phaidon's "Misfit" catalog of designer Hella Jongerius works

  21. What weight of paper did you use for the book cover of the first book in the video?  I think I need something between that and heavy cardstock for my project.  My kids are making memo books for their teachers for Christmas.  (Also, we've never done this before)

  22. Hi, I am making a notebook for my TN, I need 15 sheets in each notebook, so I've made 3 signatures of 5 sheets each. How do I cover a 3 signature book? It doesn't really have a spine, but sewing it to the middle signature just doesn't seem sturdy enough

  23. Hi i was wondering what is the recommended number of pages you can use with this binding method ?
    And also what is the maximum number of pages ?

  24. Finally a bookbinding technique I can follow. I don't know why I always mess it up su much! You saved me, thank you!!

  25. A bit of humidity and a good clamp until it dries out, or some heat and it will lay as flat as is possible. I always enjoy your videos, they're so clear and concise. Thank you

  26. This just saved my little binder I made to hold my planner stickers using protective sheets! I wanted extra security in the middle to make sure my sheets wouldn't break apart after fusing them, and this stitching method worked so well <3 Thank you for the lovely tutorial!

  27. Is there a suggested way to connect multiple saddle stitch books? I'm in grad school and I print out my readings in small booklets and I'd like to connect them all together as I read them.

  28. Ah! It's called "saddle – stich"!!! Now I know what to do, haha!!! I've been stiching all my "inserts" the wrong way!!!rolfmao

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