DIY Waxed Thread for Bookbinding | Sea Lemon

DIY Waxed Thread for Bookbinding | Sea Lemon

Waxed thread reduces tangles and makes your thread more manageable to bind with. You can buy thread that is already waxed, or use bees wax to make your own. You can find beeswax like this, or even
larger blocks, at arts and crafts stores. Or bees wax like this, which I usually find in the jewelry making section at arts and crafts stores. This type is good if you prefer to keep your hands off the wax. Slide your thread through the notch, and wax the other side as well. I prefer to wax the thread about one to two
more times. Anymore, then the thread has too much wax. It will crumble off and get messy. You can also take it out of the
container and wax the thread the same way by pressing against the block like this. The same process also works for this type of wax.

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  1. I like to wax my thread with beeswax and then pull the waxed thread between my thumb and a cup of hot coffee or tea cup (or any warm surface that isn't hot enough to burn me or the waxed thread). The cup gently warms the thread and melts the wax into the thread. When finished, I pull the thread between my fingers to gently stretch and smooth the thread. I find the thread is stronger, doesn't feel so "waxy" and definitely doesn't tangle as easily. Also, if you notice your thread is twisting, just drop the threaded needle and allow it to dangle and spin around, untwisting the twists that occur when you stitch.

  2. You don't really explain much about the thread you say what we should and could use then it looks like you use completely different stuff. Tell us what your using your thread looks much thicker than standard "thread" is Jean thread what your using? Or is it that embroidery thread? What kind of thread is weak?

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