97 thoughts on “Double Dutch Lace Braids | Back-to-School Hairstyles

  1. Cupcakes! Cool! Anyway awesome job Mindy! And to Charity you have a beautiful voice and both of you are beautiful 🙂

  2. Heey!! <3
    Oohhh zij is echt mooi! Ik hou echt van haar muziek, ze kan zo goed zingen! Ik ebn nederlands! Ik spreek "dutch" . 

  3. You are the icing on my cake you are the smile I can't replace you are, you areee.see its not good as her!!!!!!!

  4. I love your videos especially yr new one waterfall knot u inspired me to start doing braids again subscribe me plz

  5. If you have bangs, does it work as well? And can you please show us how to do a French braid and a Dutch braid? Thank you!

  6. Oh my goodness my little princess has quite fine hair…I cnt wait until she's a little older and her hair thickens up….I've mastered quite a few of the braids,but they don't stay in very well as her hair is still quite baby hair yet xxxx

  7. I just LOVE your entire family!!! Been watching you guys for a few years now and you Always have such Wonderful and Fun videos!!!!! Goodness your baby girls are growing up and are just so Gorgeous!!!! What a truly lovely family you all are, My daughter has hair so long she sits on it and I just LOVE trying all these hair styles out on her.

  8. hey, I love your channel and her voice but btw there is another chill called cute girls hairstyles and they totally ripped off your channel and so I gave them a piece of my mind.

  9. Hears Charity sing and goes on with the video Me during the braiding part: I don't care about this video goes back to when Charity is singing

  10. You guys should really get back in touch with Charity, I have watched your videos for so long that I remember when you guys did collabs with her! I miss the good old days!But I love your new vids too💓

  11. I remember seeing her channel before and she had lots of songs. Now she has nothing on there and no profile picture. Does anyone know what happened? When did this happen?

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