Dutch Side Braid Ponytail on Natural Hair

Dutch Side Braid Ponytail on Natural Hair

Welcome back curlfriends! Today we’re creating a braided side ponytail. Let’s start off with our base. I’m starting off with this really old twist
out using the ORS Olive Oil Hair Pudding. I’m just going to section off my sections. Don’t mind the gel residue from my Eco Styler. I’ll be blending this out. I”m going to separate my hair. I want a side parting so not so much the middle
of my head but more towards the right side of my head. As you can see here, I went ahead and sectioned
off the front and the back. It’s pretty much my crown section, just a
little further back than normal. I’m just going to put a little elastic band
around the back to separate it. Now we can begin creating our braid which
is pretty much the foundation for this entire hairstyle. You want to make sure that your paring is
really nice and clean and sharp because it’s going to be showing in this hairstyle. I’m going to reactivate all of my products
by spraying some water and adding in a little bit more of my moisturizer before I go ahead
and start braiding. As you can see, most of the residue from the
Eco Styler has already started to emulsify so I can go ahead and begin my braid. The key to creating this braid is pretty much
your positioning of your hands and how fast you braid. You want to take your time when you’re creating
this braid and position your hands towards your hairline. You’re pretty much creating your braid on
the base of your hairline and bringing all of the hair forward into that braid. You want to be as big and as thick as possible
and to protect your hairline of course. To create that 3D dimensional kind of look
you can use the end of a rat tail comb and just lift up the braid to give it some more
height and body. As I braid all the way down to the end of
this braid, I’m just going to go back in to make my braid just a tad bit more taller. I really want a nice 3D effect. Now that the
hard part is over, we’re just going to mist the back ponytail portion of this hairstyle
and add some Eco Styler if a gel of your choice. Brush it in to create a nice, smooth and sleek
ponytail and add in the braid to this ponytail. It’s really easy and simple to achieve. I’m just going to use my Goody Elastic band
to create the ponytail that way it doesn’t snag or tug at my hair. Last but not least, I’m going to add in my
oil sheen spray from ORS. Here’s the final look. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Be sure to subscribe to become a curlfriend. Like this video to let me know that you guys
are enjoying these natural hair tutorials and product reviews. I will see you guys tomorrow! That’s right, tomorrow I’ll be back here on
the channel. Love you guys!

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  1. This video was, sooo helpful thanks. I've been really looking for simple styles, as I am tired of always wearing a puff

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