Easy Dhoti Salwar Cutting and Stitching/धोती सलवार बनाने का सबसे आसान तरीका

Easy Dhoti Salwar Cutting and Stitching/धोती सलवार बनाने का सबसे आसान तरीका

Hi Friends,Welcome back to RR FASHION today i am sharing cutting and stitching of DHOTI PANT for this dhoti pant i am using 2 mt. rayon fabric.(which is very flexible) let’s start. here i am drafting this. and how to cut it on fabric? link is given in description . suppose this is fabric.just fold it as triangle shape(as shown) after this. here we measures the length.first we will cut extra fabric. if there is when we will cut this dhoti pant on fabric we will have take double fold fabric. this drafting is of only one side. look, we measures length here whatever is total length leave 4” for belt and add 1” to rest of length.and mark on it. in my measurement total length is 38” in which 4” of belt has also add so ,here i am marking on 34”+ 1”seam allowance here we will mark for mori(open part of dhoti ) in my measurement it is 5.5” on fabric. same as churidar pant. now from open side of triangle. we will mark for crotch line. 1/4 of hip line+1”(length of crotch line) and mark on 3”(width of crotch line) make a box of it then give shape of crotch. from close side of dhoti make slightly round shape. and cut it. here i am also cutting belt of 4”+2” for folding.in my dhoti pant look at dhoti pant,plates should stitch in opposite direction of crotch. i am also cut it on fabric. after cutting we will start to sew dhoti for it begins from crotch. stitch both crotch lines. then we will sew mori. after that,we will sew in v shape from side of mori to mori as shown. now will start to make plates. which is important part of dhoti pant. make plates in opposite direction as i had shown already on diagram make 2”wide plates. make it more deep for perfect and nice shape continue this plates till close side of triangle as i had shown on diagram. and on slight round shape of close side of triangle .sew gathers there. after that restart to sew the plates .keep the plates face to face. as U shape. and this is most important part of dhoti pant. make same number of plates at both sides. complete these plates . if you want plate less than 2” you should also try. but make sure that number of plates must same .and face to face at side of dhoti pant. plates of my dhoti pant are ready. now we will attach the belt. before attach belt to dhoti make sure width of dhoti(after plates)and width of belt should of same size. start to sew belt from crotch line. after stitching of belt we will apply elastic here. take it as per your waist line. and sew it as shown. in my measurement waist line is 30” so i will take 26” long elastic. before sew elastic here we will sew edge of belt . now, apply the elastic inside the belt as shown. and sew to edge of the belt. note that elastic should not sew with this hemming apply it to whole waist line. until elastic should not attach to whole waist line strain the elastic from inside as shown and continue this process till the end. after that also one more stitch to elastic at center of elastic to fix it very well. my dhoti pant is almost complete. you should try it with crop top/short kurti my dhoti pant is completed. if you like it pls hit like button and give one comment. THANK YOU.

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  1. Roshni …same problem… please add subtitle in English..this is the one I'm waiting…😘😘😘😘 Tq

  2. 👌….mam kya ap bata skte hain ki rayon kapda jitni bar pahnege utni Baar badh jayega…loose hota h?

  3. Mam .. बिना मोहरी वाली धोती सलवार बताईए ना प्लिज

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