EASY Dragon Braid Tutorial For Guys (No Braiding Skills Required)

EASY Dragon Braid Tutorial For Guys (No Braiding Skills Required)

(lion roaring) (typing) – Hello everybody and
welcome back to my channel. My name is Thomas, if you’re brand new and I make style and hair
related videos every single week. And Merry Nipsmas to you. (snort laughs) What a way to open. In today’s video, we’re going to be doing a
bit of playing with our hair. So for while now I’ve had
you guys asking me to do actual tutorials or do more
things with my hair on camera, so that’s what I’m giving you. Today, we’re doing the dragon braid and the dragon braid is
a really simple braid that pretty much anyone can do. All you got to do is be
able to section your hair a little bit and then the rest is easy. There’s no intertwining or anything and it gives the hair a
real fancy sort of look. So we’re going to do that today. I’ve played around with this
hairstyle a couple of times, I’m not like a master at it, but I wanted to do it
on camera for you today because it doesn’t matter
how much attention to detail I usually put into this hairstyle, it always ends up looking really cool. So we’re going to do it now. (air whooshing) All right, so we’re going to
start off with sectioning, you might want to get a tail end comb, they’re really good for sectioning, even if you’re shit at
sectioning, like me. (laughs) I don’t make sectioning
perfect, like ever. I just make sure I grab
the rough spot that I want and Bob’s your uncle, it
seems to work out for me. Particularly with straightening as well, although, when you’re
straightening your hair, sectioning is pretty important. However, I still manage
to get by. (snort laughs) So I’m just going to roughly section out a piece of my hair, like this. Now that is terrible sectioning,
we’re not doing that. Bit of a tough section
there, but we got there. And then, what I’ve done is I’ve gone and bought a heap of these elastics. So I’m going to be using
the black ones today because my hair is dark. If you’re blond, you might want to use
the clear ones. (sighs) There’s our first section,
then we want to go and get the second section. Again, going back the
practical side of me. I like to always think
of, how can I achieve something really cool without
it being really difficult? And this is like another
one of those things. So I look a bit funny right now. So step one is just getting
your first two sections sorted out, so I’ve got
these here like that. Now what’s going to happen,
is this front section is going to divide into
two and then wrap around the second section and
feed into the next section that I’m going to create
on the back of my head. Let’s go forward with that. We’re going to flip this one forward, It’s very tricky when you’re
filming and trying to do this. Elastic band time, third section. Third section is made up of its own hair, plus the two from the front. Then we’re going to repeat the process and divide this into two and wrap it around the third
section and so on, okay? Okay, divide him into two go around the back, flip this guy forward,
grab your next section. So this is now what we’re
looking like from the back. You can see it’s a very
like… sort of braid shape. It doesn’t actually look
like a full on, legit braid. It looks like some sort
of brioche or baked good. So from here, at the back, I’m actually just going
to group all my hair and we tie it up. Yeah, that’s the shit. Right, now we’re going to wrap it around. She’s in, cool. Look at that. And there we go guys, so now my hair is officially looking like a baked good. I’m just going to give you a
little 360 of that right there. What I really love about
it, is all of this in here, it looks really interesting,
yet it was so easy to do. It probably took me about
10 minutes in total, with sectioning and then also,
just getting the back right. But once you get it right, it can be another one of
those every day hairstyles that you just have. Meaning
to look good on the fly, if you’ve got a spare 10
minutes in the morning. If you have tried this
dragon braid before, please let me know in the comments. Let me know what you
thought of this as well. If you haven’t seen this hairstyle before and you end up trying it,
share it in the Facebook group, which you can find in the
description box as well. I’m really keen to see
how you guys get inspired from stuff like this and yeah, I’m always just looking
for inspo on the feed. So be my guest. That’s all
I have for you this week. Please make sure you hit
the thumbs up button. And I’ll see you next
week for another video. Catch you later. (roars) Bye. (gun bangs)

17 thoughts on “EASY Dragon Braid Tutorial For Guys (No Braiding Skills Required)

  1. That’s the shit! I’m doing that for midnight mass at church. Wish me luck and thanks so much for your channel. P.S. the nipple looked delish!

  2. Hey Thomas I have a question. A friend of my mom's was saying beer can help you in hair growth and I was wondering if you believe it or thinks it's doable?

  3. I think my hair is too puffy to grow out long enough for this stuff, even though these braids and buns are so good looking. Whenever I let it grow out at all it’s just so thick that it won’t just fall down.

  4. Am waiting for the "Why did i grow out my hair at the first place?" Video u are going to upload. Eagerly waiting for it

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