Easy Front Slit with Round Neck Cutting and Stitching

Easy Front Slit with Round Neck Cutting and Stitching

Hi friends welcome back to RR FASHION POINT today i am sharing very simple and easy neck design. in this pattern i will make round neck design with front slit so let’s start. here i have already cut the kurti in which we will cut back part as per measurement and front part we have to take 1 inch more by the back. for front slit i have to cut strips (2 inches wide) take length of strips as per kurti’s length. i am cutting only 2 inches deep neck to back side so take full measurement of shoulder line(in my measurement it is 7”) in front part of kurti we had take 1 inch extra in which 1/2 inch for seam allowance and 1/2 inch for pattern. now here only marking for neck. length 5” and width 3” but we will mark on 3.5” (width) because 1/2 inch will go for pattern. after that, we will mark for pattern. so here we have to mark on 10” inches. it is first line then give 1”inch gap and mark for second line also 1” shorter than first. so here, lines come as slanting as shown. now mark as same as other side of front part. i have marked both sides. after marking we will start sewing work. hold the fabric straight forward as shown then sew at edge of marked line sew to the end . move from there and sew it again continue this process on all lines. ready both part of front side same as. for pattern i have done these stitches. i have cut round neck of 3” x 5” and paste it on fabric. set the neckline on front side of kurti and sew it. cut extra fabric and also small cuts to round shape then sew at edge of neckline as shown. round neck is ready. for slit, i have already cut strips keep this strip extra from starting as shown and stitch it. stitch to whole strip and now fold this extra fabric as shown and stitch inside again on it. half side of front part is ready. stitch the strip of second half of front side same as. only stitch one strip (i have already sew it) at center as shown. this is for pattern. fix it here with this stitch. both front slits are completed. we will fix this strip in opposite direction as shown. now for fix the front slit at center i have take one more strip and sew like this. leave 15” below and continue this stitch. this is open slit in kurti. stitch second slit same as first i have completed this pattern with buttons. friends for latest fashion updates keep watching my videos. if you like my this video please hit like button and give comment. THANK YOU

34 thoughts on “Easy Front Slit with Round Neck Cutting and Stitching

  1. Mam aapke video dekh ker lagta hai aap fashion designer hai aapke sabhi videos perfectly hote hai

  2. Amazing video Ma'am. 4 Slant stitch kapde ke wrong side part karna hai na??
    Yesterday night made another pattern after seeing your video. Slit neck with 3 buttons.
    Thanks for sharing the video. 🙏🙏

  3. And iforgot to add…i am making the necklines you are showing one by one in the kurtas i stitch now

  4. I watch your video's too..but I dont understand Hindi language..if you can please upload these video's in English it will be a great help for me.

  5. Madm muj 1 bt btain mene kmiz cut ki par armhoal ka shap ni dia glti se box shap hi cut kar dia ab me wo armhol ka shp kse thik kar sakti hon koi solUtion h kya apk pas batain… plzz

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