Easy Long Cape – sew and no sew (FREE Pattern!)

Easy Long Cape – sew and no sew (FREE Pattern!)

Hi I’m Angel with Fleecefun.com. Today I’m
going to show you how to make the easy long cape. There are sew and no sew options available
for this cape.It’s really fun and easy to make, great for a costume piece. For this
project you will need the following. You will need a printed up version of Fleece Fun’s
free pattern available on Fleecefun.com. 2-2.5 yards of fleece for a long cape, less if you
desire a shorter cape. Scissors. Thread. Alright once you’ve have all those items it’s time
to get started. You can find instructions on how to assemble
the pattern on Fleecefun.com’s channel. There are two versions of this cape. There’s the
easy sew version and there’s the no sew version. The easy sew version you will want to cut
out the hood. So cut out two pieces of the hood and set them aside. Make sure the remaining
cloth has a straight end on each side. You might need to use a rotary blade and ruler
to cut those ends to make sure they are exactly straight. Now if you’re doing this project, there is
a sew version and a no sew version. So if you’re doing the sew version, you’ll need
to cut out the hood part. If you’re not doing the sew version, you’re just going to skip
to this next step which is cutting out the cape. For both the easy sew and no sew option, the
length and width of the cape is up to you. In the pattern example I used 2 yards of fleece
with a full width so it was 6 feet in length and 60 inches wide. The width is good for
a man but it may be too bulky for a female. For a woman, I recommend cutting the width
down to 50 inches. Because this pattern works differently, you’ll be cutting out the negative
space and tossing it away. Meaning the pieces you cut out are extra and what remains is
the cape. So on the hood section where there are triangles, you’re going to cut into the
pattern to cut out the triangles and not into the cloth. This is only necessary if you’re
adding the hood for the easy sew option. Find the middle point of your fabric and mark
it with a pen. So if your fabric is 2 yards long you’re going to mark it at one yard. This
will be the starting point where we will begin to build the pattern. Place the negative pattern
on the cape on the fold. With the top of the negative pattern he’s touching the half way
mark you just made. Then use the extenders to build your pattern piece to the end of the
cloth. So build it to the length of your cloth. The corner piece lining up with the end to
make a curve edge, lay all of those pieces down. Here’s a diagram to help you out. Alright now cutting out the cape nicely is
crucial because we aren’t finishing the edges. So take your time and make really nice clean
cuts in the fleece. Alright so you’re going to lay out your pattern and cut out your cape. Carefully cut out the pattern pieces. You
just made the neck in front of your cape. We just made the front but not let’s give
the cape a little nicer look on the ends. Take the other curve negative cut outs, the
ones that have two pointy ends. On one end where you just did the negative cut out, take
it to the edge, opposite from the fold and cut it so it’s curved. Then go to the opposite
end of the cloth, the side you didn’t cut out on or didn’t touch, the second yard that
we’re talking about and place it on the fabric opposite of the fold. So where the two fabric pieces
are meeting where it’s not folded. Cut out another curve. Now if you’re doing the no sew version, you’re
finished. Your cape is ready to go. But if you want to do the easy sew version, then
three seams and you’re done so let’s get started on that. Make the hood. Take the hood pieces and using
a half inch seam allowance sew them together. Then turn under the rim of the hood and using
a half inch seam allowance use a zig zag stitch along the edge to sew it down. Now you’re going to attach the hood to the
cape. With right sides together, line up the triangles with each other on the hood of the
cape. Pin. Sew together using a half inch seam allowance. Trim your threads and you’re
finished. And you’re finished. You have a great cape
that is very versatile. There’s actually multiple ways to wear this cape. I like to wear it
with a belt, singed in the middle to kind of give it a different kind of look. You can
also just throw one side of it over your shoulder to give you a different look or both sides
and tie them behind you. There’s many different versatile ways you can wear this cape so play
around with it and see what you can come up with. If you like this pattern, I have several
others on my website Fleecefun.com that you’ll also enjoy. All my patterns and tutorials
are free. You might also like the red riding hood cape. Very cute, versatile, and great
for going to grandma’s house in. And be sure to check out Fleece Fun on Facebook and on
Pinterest. Have a great day and remember velvet is pretentious. Fleece is fun.

25 thoughts on “Easy Long Cape – sew and no sew (FREE Pattern!)

  1. Thank you so much.  I have 16 year old son who wants a cape for a Halloween party.  This is most excellent.  I will be checking out your website.  Great tutorial.

  2. I need to make a hoodie to make a costume that looks like an assassin. Im just trying to make this to make an awesome costume for a next halloween

  3. going to try to make my jaqen h'ghar costume like this, would this work with other materials or is fleece essential?

  4. Maaan I just wanna know how to make a shy guy robe. Every time I look up how to make one it’s either a cloak, a bath robe, or a cape. Rip.

  5. Uauuu! Estava procurando um vídeo que ensinasse com detalhes e achei o seu que ensina tão bem. Obrigada por dividir seus conhecimentos…bjs.

  6. I suddenly wish to learn how to sew..I cannot afford a machine but maybe I can learn how to hand sew..I want to make my own medieval tunics.

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