Embrilliance SA+Accuquilt: Machine Embroidery applique owl/bear (OML)

would you believe that this cute bear
was once an owl keep watching and find out how you can take parts of an owl and
make this cute little bear but first my intro I thought I would give myself a
little challenge today and think outside the Accu quilt box and come up with
something really cute and I thought well I could probably do it in Akiko using
all the dyes and this is what I came up with let’s start I’m sorry I should say
I am in in brilliant and I have the Accu quilt add-on that you can get and even
if you don’t have the Aki quilt system you can get the Aki quilt add-on and you
can you know manually cut it out or send it to your cutter so either way you can
do this so let’s start with a new page and we’ve got a whole lot of nothing
there but let’s go up here to our shapes and it’s under a cue quilt and if you
scroll down you get quite a few shapes applications and this and it’s so easy
to work with and fun look at our owl so that owl turned into a bear so we’ve got
all the owl parts here and this is what I used I did a tiny bit of digitizing
but not a whole lot very simple so I’m going to click and I’m gonna shift-click
on those two and bring them in so let’s bring it up a bit more now we’re gonna
move this guy over here just for now so this is our outline of our owl slash
bear let’s go to applique and this is where you can change the outline you
have quite a few options and it’s just simply gonna change automatically you
could do satin if you want it that might look nice for a mr. bear and you could
do fabric preview and that makes it really cute so let’s click on that and
we are gonna do the same thing fabric preview I think I want satin as well I
just think it looks really cute let’s go a cure to color and let’s change the
color let’s look for beige and click on go sure makes it easy that works out
okay all right so I like that let’s switch back to the owl and I kind of
like that outline I guess it doesn’t matter I kind of like it though well I
like it better than the darker one so I want this one
so it’s called old-world buff so let’s go back in here just cuz I like it
better I had the darker one on the other one so
buff old world buff yeah there we go all right now I’m happy and all I did
using these shapes and there’s a couple more that we’re gonna use all I did was
play around with it like a puzzle and I think this is really awesome so this is
the ears and we are going to remove the overlaps and everything after and then
I’m gonna right click copy and I’m gonna right click paste ctrl C as copy ctrl V
as paste I’m just gonna do it like this almost looks like Mickey Mouse there
almost but you’re not Mickey Mouse you’re a bear so now all I have to do is
ctrl V we’ll get another one and his arms are gonna go right about here and
control V get another one so many circles on mr. bear control V give
another one there we go put his little feet on and one more control V see how
easy that is and we have a bear how cute is he how cute is he so we couldn’t move
the arms around if you want I kind of like them right here they don’t have to
be exactly even with each other cuz after all it is a bear well let’s tuck
him in like that so he’s pretty cute I kind of like him so far so good he’s
maybe moved this one over a little bit you can just judge it by however you
want but I think his really cute so now that’s the basics for
everything so we want this the the shape to stitch out first and then all the
placement stitches for this and then all of the zig zag tacked down and
everything that’s the order that we wanted in and that’s the order we have
it in so far so far so good so that’s pretty much it for the applications now
at the end we’re gonna do the stitches so it’s not you know too complicated for
digitizing let’s go back into our shapes directory which is awesome to be in and
let’s go to in brilliance outlines and you can draw a circle yourself but I
think this is so much easier so let’s do it this way and what we want is eyes so
we want to put dot size we don’t have to be that particular about it and then of
course we want to fill it with stitches and I want those stitches to be black so
that one’s black let’s just move it into position
right about here for mr. bear and then we’re gonna do the ctrl-c and ctrl-v and
these are gonna be all over the place so as lil eyes control-v again and they’re
gonna come down here we might have to make these a little bit smaller as my
guess so okay then we’re gonna do copy and then we’re gonna pace so we make
sure we’re pasting the right one there there and whoops I forgot to paste
control V paste again first cute little feets and let’s do the same on the other
side you could copy these three so so far so good I’m really liking him he’s
so cute let’s go grab another shape just to make
things easier and we’re gonna do an oval this time and that’s way too big he
doesn’t have a nose quite that big maybe like that and then of course we are
going to fill that in well I don’t think we want him to have a
red nose like Rudolph not not quite it there we go I’m gonna make it just a
little bit bigger and I’m going to push it right up to the eyes and then of
course I am gonna make this black so its own inés or zero is the color black
there we go see he’s looking awful cute actually I think I want this a dark
brown see it’s getting cute then we can take this oval and can do control C and
control V and we can bring it over here and we’re just gonna make it a little
bit smaller and we’re gonna turn the angle just a little bit and we will make
it black after but that finishes off our paw so let’s do another control V
actually no let’s do control Zed and go back we want to copy this one so we
don’t have to resize it again so let’s do a copy and then let’s do a paste and
then we just want to angle that around again it doesn’t have to be perfect
because it’s your little bear guy so there we go isn’t it coming together now
I think he’s looking cute I guess these should be black what do you guys think
black maybe black so select these go here that’s zero nine zero zero go and
black yep okay so now we’re all black we’re looking really cute now we need
one of these eyes so let’s do control C control V lots of copy and paste but I
think it looks great like this now it’s coming along you could leave it like
that for sure or we can just do a tiny bit of digitizing and do a mouth so I am
going to zoom in a little bit so you guys can see it see how cute he is
I like him he’s cute and we’re going to draw so we want to start
here and we just want one of those little typical smiley mouths and then I
want to go back because I don’t want any jump stitches so I’m gonna go back on it
till we get to the top and then do the same thing on the other side it’s pretty
easy to do and then this one you can just end it if you want to tweak that a
little bit you can I’m gonna leave it for now and I think that’s cute and then
we need to assign what do we want knots at and I think satin would be too much
plus it’s crossing over so no no does that let’s make it a run and let’s zoom
back ease now he has a face now the last thing I would like to do is just put a
little a little bit in his eyes just for fun now we can do this again and we can
do control-c control-v it’s amazing what you can create with copy isn’t it it’s
amazing and we’re gonna make this just a little bit smaller now I have it on fill
stitches we can change this to satin if we wanted to and the last thing we want
to do with this is change it to white because we want that little glow
off-white or lamplight let’s do lamplight there we go and this is gonna
make all the difference in the finishing and then control-c control-v and there
we go look we have a cute bear only using owl applique designs isn’t that
cute so I’m gonna just tweak this a little bit I’m just gonna put it down
just a little bit so that shows now the only problem is you see when I’m
clicking there we have a lot of jump stitches and we have overlaps if we were
going to leave it like this the satin stitches behind the ears here which is
the owl part is gonna stitch underneath and it’ll probably be bumpy and not too
cool so we want to fix that be four we finished so control a select
everything and then we’re gonna take off the create so we have right here remove
hidden stitches so blink and that is going to change everything I’m so happy
about that I love it and then we’re gonna do control a again
and then all we have to do here is utility color sort and we’re gonna have
a color sort for us and you can see in this little diagram here that it’s gonna
stitch out properly so yes this page has been reduced by eleven color changes
well thank you very much make sure you do this at the end so it works in that
cute now we lose our view of the fabric but that’s okay because you can see that
everything this going to look so much better like this now look applique
positions are stitching out first which is exactly what we want and then it’s
gonna do the satin stitches and then it is gonna stitch this and then do the
rest of the black because it’s overlapping and then of course the white
is last so it’s very smart and it does it properly and there we have our cute
little owl that was turned into a bear super easy to do
go to your a Q quilt or you can send the applique pieces to your cutter machine
and cut out everything you need grab you know two colors of thread and there you
go it’s done so thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this challenge I
really had a lot of fun making this bear if you guys want to know how to stitch
it out using the a Q quilt please leave a comment in the comment section and I
can do a separate video on that but until then I’ll see you guys in the next
video by

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