63 thoughts on “Embroidery for Beginners | 7 Basic Stitches

  1. This may sound random but I love your nail polish colour! Do you remember what brand and what the colour is called?

  2. is embroidery floss basically joint normal sewing thread?

    btw love the video, it was very helpful! 👍

  3. My mom always used four strands of embroidery thread.  For me, that was the hardest part of this craft…..separating  the threads.  She liked the way 4 looked…..she was fantastic too.  Miss her.

  4. First time ever doing embroidery and this video helped so much! Can’t wait for second one I’m gonna do!

  5. Now, I only need lessons on how to tie the string at the Begining and at the end, because this string is extremely slippery

  6. thank you! you are by far the easiest and informative tutorial and it didn’t have much talking. thank you!🙏

  7. As a beginner, I found most of these stitches easy to understand (other than the stem stitch, as someone else noted), but the camera's constantly changing focus made this video less enjoyable, and ultimately ended up making my eyes hurt.

  8. Sorry, not a good tutorial. Need to see the needle enter and exit the stitch several times. Too much editing. Couldn’t use this.

  9. Using a Velcro round to separate floss strands is awful. It damages the floss. Simply hold the thread approx 1/4” from the end with one hand and tap the end of the thread with a finger on the other hand. Keep tapping right against the end of the 6 strands and they will separate easily. Pull ONE strand out at a time straight from the end.

    Ps: this video drives me nuts. Why change the angle Of the camera just when you’re showing how to do this ditch? You’re not actually showing anything. Just put the camera over top of the hoop and leave it there.

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