84 thoughts on “Embroidery Hub Ep. 10: 3D Embroidery | How To Do Puff Embroidery On Hats Tutorial

  1. Very Interesting, I have a brother now. I will be doing more research on the rooms brand. Thanks. I used a hair dryer on my puffy cap, worked well.

  2. Oh I did sign up to learn more but was asked what type of machine I have. i dont have a ricoma. I have a brother single needle right now. If I should get large, I will be looking to upgrade. So that's y I wanted to learn more on it.

  3. I’m having trouble keeping a rectangular shape logo nice and square on a flex fit or low profile hat. Any tips?

  4. Hey guys, just bought the MT 1501! …big jump from thinking getting the EM1010 😬
    My main interest are hat and specific 3D …does the needles that comes standard on the MT are good for hats …bags?


  5. Does the Ricoma EM-1010 do the 3D stitch? If not, what machine model can accomplish it? Looking around to buy a embroidery machine.

  6. WHy not tell people what they are asking… A 10 needle starts at Almost 10,000.00 depending on the company… If they are truly able they will buy… stop taking people through loops… …. this is an awesome machine!!! It will sell regardless!

  7. now taking donations for this machine………………I thank you in advance. 🙂 (This would be to supplement my SS income which ain't much!)

  8. Pretty sweet. But even more cost effective woulda been if you had turned the foam 90*, rite? But still this was/is pretty sweet. And loved the subject matter (the supes logo), I mean let's all agree that the supes is awesome.. Lol.

  9. Is there a certain type of foam to use? Also, should density be changed? I have an EM 1010 and I just want to make myself a few 3D puff caps.

  10. You explain everything in detail. However, the items you embroidered are caps.
    You’ve encouraged me to make a purchase of an industrial embroidery machine.

  11. You should rename this video to “essentially itself” since those are the words of the day apparently, or should I say “essentially”

  12. tips n tricks with lighter really brought out the quality of design …. b4 that i was like hmmm doesnt look good .but yep . ATTENTION TOO DETAIL .PERFECTO

  13. Amazing! Can I send a hat in to get done or I need to buy hats from you? I've been looking for a place to do 3D for a long time! #help!

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  15. “The _______ Itself” 😂😂😂 homie is hella nervous. This is a great video itself. Rather informative. 👍🏾👍🏾

  16. Great lesson, 10x for sharing. I will do appreciate if you share your experience in digitizing for 3d puff embroidery? What should be the stitches density, do we need to put underlay, if yes which one is better – edge, parallel, zigzag… Thanks in advance…

  17. I want to see if you guys can do a video doing embroidery on the side and the back of the hat please I’m looking to buy the MT1502.

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