5 thoughts on “Embroidery Hub Ep. 36: Hat Embroidery with a 4.7″ Hoop | How to Embroider a Hat Without a Hat Hoop

  1. Can't wait to try this! I don't always want to get the whole hat hoop/driver out to mess with it, since I'm set up for other things…what a cool alternative! Thank you!

  2. I bought a machine in 2016 and haven't used it yet. I skipped the one day training and now I have no idea where to start. Videos don't help me much. Can you tell me where I can get training in New York? I have a RCM-1501TC-7S and would be willing to pay for the training.
    Sydney Baird.

  3. Hey there. Nice idea to hoop unstructured caps with flat hoops to save change over time.
    Wondering if you used just a standard 75/11 needle or a ball point on these types of caps?
    Great channel.

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