Eng) 나 이러다 거지 되겠다🤦🏼‍♀️ 혼내주세요………명품 하울

Eng) 나 이러다 거지 되겠다🤦🏼‍♀️ 혼내주세요………명품 하울

Hi, it’s Tori! Today I’m going to show you what’s inside this huge bag! Shopping Fairy Tori, What did she buy this September? Let’s get this new series started! Shopping Fairy Tori’s September Shopping Cart! This is a monthly collective haul video to share with you what I bought in September. Fitting for a Shopping Fairy, not a month goes by without me buying something. Let’s have a look! Starting off with something you’ve probably seen already! Tada! Guess what it says!
/GUCCI. This is a Gucci box.
/GUCCI, WARNING. Gucci makes different boxes for different seasons. This item wasn’t available in Korea, so I got it shipped overseas through a proxy seller. Since they have different packaging each season, I’m sure you know how useful this dust bag is. It says GUCCI on it, and the fabric is really soft. It looks super cute in a clear bag. This collection gives you a red dust bag. And the wrapping paper’s red, too. Guess what it is! Tada! You’ve seen these already. I couldn’t resist wearing them, but I put them back in the box for the video. I wanted these so much, that I bought them without any discount or promotion! Gucci high-heeled mules. I saw they call slippers with high heel mules. It’s enamel, and I just fell in love with this lemon color. So, I bought them! When I ordered them, I thought they were platform so I was excited, But the front sole is actually quite thin, which means your feet can hurt easily. So they aren’t the most comfy. But I love the details and I love the height of the heels too. I got this part scratched and peeled! It beats me, cuz there’s no way it could get scratched here. So annoying… I got it damaged too early. Could I get it fixed somewhere? It’s heartbreaking… It’s surprising how steep the shaft is. Hence, not really comfy. I gave them some time to soften and now I can wear them for 4~5 hours with no problem. Also, they’re easy to put on, so I keep reaching for them. Also the color is perfect with my lavender dress, so it’s my go-to combination. Oh, and this dress is a new release from my brand Unipopcorn, too! I wanna show it off, it’s so pretty! Geez, my toes have grown so long. They’re so thick, they’re hard to clip. I need professional help. I haven’t had the chance to try the next item out because it’s more for the autumn season. My, the, resa? I got it from an online overseas proxy shopping website called Mytheresa. This is clothes. They wrapped it so cute. Online proxy stores always have a signature telling you who packed it. I’m more interested in the goods, not the staff… I got… Don’t they remind you of Black Lady from Sailor Moon? These are leggings from a brand that’s quite hyped-up, called Marine Serre. Aren’t they cute? Aren’t you jealous? Do they have the feet part too?
/Yes! they’re called leggings, but you can actually wear them like stockings. So, stoggings?
/Yeah, stoggings. Just like the name hints, The crescent moon is the core symbol of this brand. I think I heard it won top prize at some LVMH contest. Anyway, this brand is led by a super hot and trendy rookie designer. I’ve seen lots of Korean celebs wear Marine Serre, too. I was vaguely wanting to own a piece from her, and then I saw these were on 30% discount! So I was able to purchase them at a much cheaper price. Items with the standard pattern or packed with these crescent moons are rarely on sale. They sell too well. I was able to secure the past piece! Lucky. I love me my stockings. I thought of getting the white ones, but I thought these black ones would be a more versatile, practical option. Black, it is! They look so cute together. These feel more like sturdy stockings. More like thick stockings than leggings. I think I could style them in so many ways. A versatile accent piece. Aren’t they so cute? I’m so happy with them. Marine Serre are so hard to get, let alone get them on sale! Especially steady sellers like these… Now I want a top from this line. A stretchy top. Cute, aren’t they? And then, next up is.. Tada! Clothing. You may have seen it on my Instagram Story. I got this at an amazing discounted price at the Paju outlet. I’m not sure I can say “cheap”… That’s what baffles me most when I go shopping. I can’t just ignore something at an insane discount rate, but that discounted price isn’t necessarily cheap. The money isn’t easy, but relatively speaking it’s a crazy discount. But I know the product is good, so I end up buying it. This is one of those. That’s why one of my golden rules is: as my taste gets more expensive through experience and my bank account is bleeding, I should buy discounted products only! These mules are I think the only designer product I bought without discount. But this one was at 80% discount! I couldn’t not buy it, so I went broke for this. I know it looks ugly like this It’s an adorable long jacket with a cute combination of checks and embroidery. It looks very vintage in both the fabric and color So I didn’t give it much thought when I tried it on That 80% discount got me thinking twice and justifying… And slowly, it grew on me… It’s cute, and I could wear it on a daily basis. So, I got it… Surprising thing was, the discount rate is crazy high, but it’s only last year’s release! I don’t own anything checked, so I thought it’d be OK to get one. So I got this Mulberry jacket. Never in my life would I have bought this brand were it not for the steep discount. The retail price is… $4,000! How much did I pay? $800! How could I not? Tell me I was right! I would’ve given my bank account blood transfusion to get it! AND this was the last piece! *sigh*
So I ended up buying it… I wasn’t even thinking of buying anything when I got it… Purchase only at discounts! At least you won’t regret buying it then. or so I think. Wise words of Tori the Shopping Fairy. Thanks to the crazy 80% discount, I got this jacket for $800. $4,000? Isn’t it shocking just to hear it? I didn’t know this world existed either. This could clash with my dress, but… Nope, it clashes. It’s a boxy checked jacket. I wanted it to be a bit baggy and loose on me. There was the same one in a smaller size. But, I thought it’d look better a bit bigger and baggier. The embroidery… it’s really subtle on the fabric. So unique yet classy. This dress really clashes. Oh, the pockets are fake! No pockets! Really? no pockets? Why did they make fake pockets? Because of the embroidery? I’m feeling the hand-in-the-pocket vibe… too bad. I think this warm color would look great with green. So this is what this jacket looks like. It looks so bad with this dress LOL So BAD! Look just at the jacket, please! I made this new dress for Unipopcorn. A gorgeous ash lavender dress with cute puff sleeves. I love this kind of dress, so I made it in this color. I love it. I made it long and flowy with cute frills and the stretchy shirring is also pretty. I made lots of parts stretchy so it feels quite comfy. Also you might think it’s a bit too chilly for short sleeves, but you can layer a top under this. That way, you can wear this dress all-year-around! I love every detail of this dress! And a cute tag over here! So here’s what I bought in September: few but surely not cheap. Fingers crossed I won’t spend so much money in October! I need to be harder at work to pay off my credit card…! Tori, you can do it! I feel like I work so I can shop. I’ll share with you what I buy, which is the purpose of my labor, in more detail. Surely you’ll see me wearing this in my upcoming vlogs! See you at my October Shopping Cart! Bye! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more news!
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100 thoughts on “Eng) 나 이러다 거지 되겠다🤦🏼‍♀️ 혼내주세요………명품 하울

  1. 안녕하세요 #곽토리 에요🐹 여러분들의 도움이 필요합니다..!
    매달 산거 검사 맡을테니까 댓글로 혼꾸녕을 내주세요😭
    9월의 소비..! #명품하울 이 된 것 같은 #444요정 장바구니🧚🏻‍♀️
    ⭐️INSTAGRAM 인스타그램 :https://instagram.com/KWAKTORI

  2. 엇 그 주머니 가끔 수제?라구 해야되나 잘 만든 자켓/코트는 주머니가 바느질 되있는 경우가 있더라구요 안감에 주머니처럼 생긴게 있다면 뚫어보시는것두..! 그치만 주머니가 있을 법한 안감이 없다면 안대요..!!!

  3. 우런니 가구사서 돈아낀다면서 이런 소비 아주 칭찬해👏
    다들.구독 해주세여!!! 울언니 돈 많이 벌게!!!

  4. 분명 저번영상에서 유럽에서 한달살기 하신다구 쇼핑 그만한다고 하셨는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그래도 내심 좋아요,,,,

  5. 언니 코트나 자켓 처음에 구멍 막아져 있지 않나용? 그거 뜯으면 주머니 될거에요 저는 그런 경우가 많았는데 비싼 옷이니까 잘 확인해보시고 뜯으세욤

  6. 저거 주머니가 없는게 아니라 늘어남 방지를 위해 막아둔 걸 수도 있어요,,!아닐 수도 있지만 대부분 자켓이나 코트들은 늘어남 방지를 위해 막아두는 경우가 많더라구요 한 번 주머니 부분 만져보고 주머니가 있는거 같으면 살살 쪽가위로 잘라주면 됩니당

  7. 꺄아 토리님 원피스 넘 예뻐서 라벤더랑ㅇ블랙 둘다 구매했지요😆프릴은 사랑입니다💜💜

  8. 으앙 자켓 너모 이뽀여… 무려 80프로세일 진짜 잘샀는디요?!?! 주머니는 잘보면 트는게 있을거에요! 핏때문에 처음에 막혀있는 경우가 있으니 세탁소에 문의해보세요!
    +진짜 찰떡같이 잘 어울리는거 잘 고르시는 톨님!!👍 4444요정 마니와주세요❣ㅋㅋ쓰는맛에 또 열심히 버는것 아닙니깡?!

  9. 이 코너 너무 좋아요 대찬성이야!!!! 토리님이 매달마다 어떤거 구매하셧는지 보는거 재밋어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 항상 구매하시는게 같지 않고 다채로워서 볼 맛이 납니닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ444요정의 이번달 지름은 무엇일까..??? 10월도 기대되욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  10. 언니 경제력에 맞게 사는 거면 태클 걸 건 아닌것 같아여.
    저는 제가 버는 돈이 적으니까 적게 쓰는거고
    언니는 많이 버니까 많이 쓰는거 아니에요?
    적게 번 달은 소비 좀 줄이면 돼죠 뭐 ㅋㅅㅋ;

  11. 아니아니아니 400짜리를 80에 살 수 있다면 없는 돈도 만들죠ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 체크 넘 이뿌다,, 레몬구두도 넘 이뻐ㅠㅠㅠㅠ🙊

  12. 444요정ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    무슨 요정이 이리 귀욤나요

    그만큼 버니까 이렇게 사는 거겠죠?ㅎ
    부럽….완전 부럽 개부럽다

  13. 혼내달라고하셨지만…저정도 할인율에 괜찮은제품이면 사야된다고 생각합니당ㄲㅋㅋ 이렇게 텅장이 되죠

  14. 언니 혼꾸녕은 모르겠고ㅋㄱㅋㄱㄱㅋㅋ 힛 오늘 정말 힘든하루였는데 언니 영상으로 힐링받고 가욤💕💕

  15. 박스 는 시즌 마다 가 아니라 구매할 제품 마다 다른 거 같아요.
    저도 백 2개 샀는데 그 박스 도 있고 화이트 와 블랙 의 박스 도 있어요.

  16. 주머니 앞쪽 보면 아주 살짝 구멍같은거 있을꺼에여 새상품이라 주머니 안트여져있는거…! 뜯을 수 있게 실 하나가 눈에 보이게 벌어져있을꺼에여 고거 칼로 조심히 톡 하고 뜯으면 뒤에 주머니 부분이 와다다다다다 같이 뜯어져여 ~ 이랬는데 구멍없으면 어카지

  17. 저희 엄마가 맘에드는 옷이나 아이템은 빚져서라도 사야한다고 하셨거든요? 그러니 옳은 지름 하신거에요 👏👏👏👍

  18. 언니제가 전에부터 소원이 있었는데요…제 신장이 153cm인지라 언니네 가게 옷을 사 입을 수가 없어요… 혹시 미니사이즈 같은 옷도 만들어주실 수 있을까요?🥺🥺

  19. 헐 구찌뮬 ㅁㅊㄷㅁㅊㅇ 개이뻐요 지금 원피스랑도 겁나 잘 어울리심

  20. 원래 내가 돈 벌면 더 덜아끼게 되는거 같아욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ…;;

  21. 언니 예전에 신기한 안경 쓰시고 플라밍고 전구 사고 맥 블러셔 사면서 새로운 하울 시리즈라고 하셨잖아요,,,,,그 후로 소식이 없으셨다눈……..

  22. 역시 온니의 쇼핑영상은 꾸르잼…❤️
    적게 일하시고 많이 버소서🙏🏻

    (갑자기 궁금해졌는데 스벅텀블러영상은 여즘 안찍으시나옄ㅋㅋㅋ)

  23. 언니 이 코너 오래가게 해주세요 ㅠㅠㅠ 언니 스타일 너무 좋은데 다 어디서 보지도 못한 제품이라 넘 유니크하고 저도 알고싶었어용 ㅠㅠㅠ 특히나 이번 구찌 신발은 넘 이쁜데 홈페이지 가도 안보이네용 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 그래도 출처를 알게되어서 좋아용ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 적게일하고 돈많이 버셔서 이 컨텐츠 오래가게해주세요~!!!!(하트)(하트)

  24. Sometimes the pockets in jackets and coats are sewn shut to prevent them from being stretched by people trying them on in the store. Maybe that is the case for your jacket pockets, and if so the stitches can be removed quite easily. ☺️

  25. 진짜 혼내도되나여??? 토리님 너무 예브고 찰떡인거 잘 사셔서 부럽고 넘 조아보이지만 ㅜㅜ 물건도 넘 많고 정리도 힘드실것같아요 (+돈,,) 미니멀라이프까진 못해도 미니멀하려고 노력해요 우리 ㅜㅜ 물건은 다 써서 필요로 의해 새걸 사기… 이미 있는거 다 쓰지못하면 참고 그 물건을 더 아껴주기,, 토리님의 이미 있는 옷장 신발장을 더 아껴줘여😂 /근데
    이번영상 나온것들 다 넘모 예뿌네여,,,

  26. 와… 저 뮬이 발목부터 발등라인을 예술로 뽑아내네… 안살수가없었겠다…
    다만 언니 발목 건강이 걱정될뿐 ㅠㅠ

  27. 저번에 머리 탈색하고 염색할때 염색하기전 탈색했을때 너무 이뻐서 탈색머리 했으면 좋겠다 했었는데 지금 너무 찰떡이예요 너무 이뻐요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  28. 아니 토리님 소비자의 요정..,,🤦‍♀️🦋
    토리님 유튜브 오래오래 , 이대로만 해주세용 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 시원하게 사고 싶은거 사는 토리님 너무 부럽습미다..

  29. 언니가 444요정이 되면 슬퍼하는 건 통장이지만..톨언니를 포함 46만명이 좋아하니 손해보는 장사는 아니지 않나뇨~~케케

  30. 언니 그냥 다 44444고 탕진해서, 돈 벌기 위해 매일밤 눈물을 흘리면서 편집하고 1일1영상해주세요,,🔥😊💞

  31. 코트 안쪽에 주머니 있는지 봐요 보통 튿어서 쓰던데 저도 없는 줄 알았는데 튿으니까 있더라구요. 잘봐봐요

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