Exploring the “StrayedAway” Voicemail Thread

Exploring the “StrayedAway” Voicemail Thread

On March 13th a user on Twitter by the name of Ty made a thread about a cryptic voicemail he had received. Make of this what you will. He uploaded a video of the voicemail, and this is what it said: “Sierra. Delta Alpha November Gaul Echo Romeo (DANGER) Sierra Oscar Sierra (SOS) India Tango India Sierra Delta India Romeo Echo Foxtrot Oscar Romeo (IT IS DIRE FOR-) Yankee Oscar November Oscar Tango Hotel (it says ‘YONOTH’. I think it’s been cut because in the tweet he says that it says ‘YOU TO EVACUATE BE CAUTIOUS, THEY ARE NOT HUMAN’ ‘TO’ to the ‘H’ in human is cut. Why is it cut?) Uniform Mike Alpha November (-UMAN) Zero four two nine three three nine six four two three zero, Sierra, Oscar, Sierra (coordinates, SOS) Delta Alpha November Golf Echo Romeo Sierra Oscar Sierra (DANGER SOS)” (See tweet.) (See tweet.) At this point, he StrayedAway is referring a tweet from three days prior, that says this: (See tweet.) Someone then chimed in, asking what he was doing sitting in a car at 3:29 a.m, to which he responds: (See tweet.) Back to the voicemail. A user by the name of ‘Uzumaki’ or ‘Justin’ chimed in with some input about the supposed recording: (See tweet.) (See tweet.) (See tweet.) Another user then chimed in: (See tweet.) Justin then closed with: (See tweet.) And that’s it. So, what do you think? Is Ty hearing a lost black box recording from missing Malaysia flight 370? Or is it something else entirely? Anyway, I’m working on something you’ll like for the next one. I’ll see you guys then. I love you all, and good night. [Captions by Zhina Abdulkarim]

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  1. Hey guys, this was just a little something (without analysis) to hold you all over until the (next) video that I've been working on for a little while now. I think you'll like it. You loved the first one 🙂

    Also, give my friend Zach J. some love for making us an outro song! Let him know I sent ya:

    See you guys soon! Love ya.

    PS – damn you Reign. You beat me by two minutes.

  2. This channel is the only channel that has made me feel this horrible feeling of dread and goosebumps. I love this so much

  3. “they are not human” damn i thought joseph, kakyoin, jotaro, and avdol fought Tower of Gray in 1983 not 2018

  4. That wasn't a black box recording.

    The warning to the person to cut the shit out regarding his recent post about the voicemail was absolutely sincere. That was the creepiest thing about this. It seems to be overlooked.

  5. Planes don't use SOS signals anymore. The proper term is "mayday." I also don't see why a blackbox recording would speak NATO phonetic alphabet when it could just as easily actually say the words. There's no way this is real.

  6. My friend actually got a voicemail from a random person before when him, me, and my other friend were walking home and my friend said the voicemail said "help us were trapped"….. I'm 13, the one who got the message was like 12 and my other friend is like 14…. I wasn't scared but it was definitely creepy

  7. What's weird to me is that if this is meant to be code, using the NATO phonetic alphabet, a common and fairly well known system used by pretty much all aeronautical companies and organisations, which isn't very hard to crack as it simply uses anagrams and isn't meant to be a code, but rather a way to avoid ambiguity when spelling out letter, is a rather weak protection (and indeed, the guy who posted the recording cracked it himself).

    Aaaand any credibility in this story went crashing down (no pun intended) with Uzumaki's theory. First of all, tying up your creepypasta/ARG to real events often seems kinda silly to me, and can be rather disrespectful when it's recent events.

    But on top of that, if you're going to send out an emergency message… why would you do so with a looped message, implying you had to take the time to enter each letter of your message, in the phonetic alphabet rather than just the actual words for some reason, on some kind of text-to-speech interface and then send it out, rather than just use the radio that exists for that very purpose?

    Also, black boxes don't send out signals or messages. That's not what black boxes are for and it's not what they do. They exist solely to log and record everything that happened during a flight. And if they did send out messages, they wouldn't send it to a bloody phone, would they? And if they did THAT, they wouldn't send it a number that can easily be confused with a civilian number. They also record voice discussions, making the use of some kind of phonetic alphabet text-to-speech thing even more pointless.

    And last but not least on this topic, planes don't send out SOS's. That's a signal for martial ships. The equivalent in planes would be something like Mayday, Sécurité or Pan-Pan. They also have emergency beacons, transponder codes and other stuff, but not SOS. In fact, even naval ships don't typically use SOS any more.

    Also, solar flares turn your smartphone's voicemail into a radio receiver. Gotcha.

    And of course there's the fact that these explanations _don't even make sense in the context of this story_. That's quite a hunch this guy has on linking together these disparate elements that nothing hints at in the original post and nothing is tying together.

    He also says that the message was saying to evacuate (which I don't even remember it doing), so… evacuate what? The plane? That seems like a really bad idea unless solar flares make you grow wings and render you immune to pressure and temperature changes.

    Anyway, I shall apply my usual technique when dealing with these things: everything is a creepypasta or an ARG until proven otherwise.

  8. Even if this turned out to be a hoax, I have to admit it was creepy as hell when I was translating the military code message in notepad only to look up at the end and see "sdangersositisdireforyonothuman042933964230sosdangersos". I was legit SO focused on pressing the right letters as I heard them that I didn't know what it said until I was done. That's the kind of shit I watch videos on this side of YouTube for.

  9. I like how they use the word "translate" when it literally is just spelling out words for you.
    People on the internet can be brilliant sometimes…and then others think spelling out words is a secret code that needs the Enigma machine to crack.

  10. I knew this was fake from a message being written in NATO phonetic, that's just not how it's done, especially an SOS

  11. It's kinda funny how many people need morons like this to come out and admit that stupid shit like this is fake. I mean really? Holy fuck.

  12. My sister is in Malaysia now for work. Even though she flew first class, this scared me, I was scared with her flight to begin as its so far.

  13. "Foxtrot, Alpha, Delta, Echo, Romeo, Golf, Sierra, November." All of these are to deal with military code names given to your fellow soldiers. The Military also names tanks. Like "Bottom Feeder" etc. that's my theory for this video.

  14. Kid's got a lot to learn. Solar flares would not amplify any particular signal, it would add RF noise to the point it would decay the signal. Also, since when does a planes blackbox arbitrarily broadcast transmissions in the phonetic alphabet? Does the plane have some sort of dictation system that could translate conversations to text first, then to the phonetic alphabet? And what would be the point if so?

  15. I myself got this voicemail and so did like 10 other people I know, we all got it from an unknown number. I think it was a mass prank from a robocall. But once this went viral on the internet it freaked me out a bit because at the time the Malaysian flight was all people were talking about. The flight STILL hasn’t been found anywhere despite world wide effort. If there was any real skeptical evidence of extraterrestrial interference, it would be the missing Malaysian airlines flight.

  16. why do people get so angry over the fact that it’s fake lmao yeah no shit half of the stuff on this channel ends up being fake or logically explained.
    that’s not the point of it. it’s simply to enjoy and take a second to think of the ‘what if’ . if you’re gonna be so anal about it then stop watching the videos or keep your opinion to yourself. don’t make others feel bad simply because they believe in things you don’t.

  17. As soon as I started hearing phonetic I grabbed a pen. I guess I missed some stuff because I saw the sos danger part but didn't get evacuate or the, "they are" part before "not human"

  18. Come on now. This one is straight up lame. Not even a fun "what if". Like what the fuck random solar flares just so happened to do….something? To the black box that's probably at the bottom of the ocean so it could send shit that a black box DOESNT record to send to a RANDOM phone number across the world. How did anyone believe this for half a second

  19. Makes some thematic sense, and 1:58 that message is Indonesian. We share borders with Malaysia. However, our languages (Malay and Bahasa) are very similar as well, with a few key differences. (Like we can talk to each other in our own languages and understand the other, it just sounds funny)
    It may very well just be Malaysian but google picked it up as Indonesian with their detection system, but I don't know enough about the differences to know for sure if such a mistake is even possible for that sentence.

  20. Weow lmao listen to this. Just today while I was asleep I got a phone call and a voicemail from a number that I didn't know but the first start of the phone number was "469" so I figured it must me someone I know because I got a new phone last Christmas and I still haven't gotten everyone's phone number from my old phone to my new phone (sorry I know I'm lazy lmao) and I listened to the voicemail (halfway thinking it also could have been some automated message from some random ass company) and the voicemail just had a couple of noises, like shuffling noises and music and then it ended. So I tried to call the number back because I thought that maybe someone that I didn't have my number in my phone yet butt dialed me and it just said that the number I dialed was not a working number. Lmao I actually like high key freaked out because I occasionally go on 4chan but like without a VPN and I thought that maybe after so many years of looking through 4chan without a VPN some how through some random ass topic on that hell site (probably the green text topic lmao) they finally hacked into my phone or something. It was late in the day and I was barely awake so that could have been what made me paranoid but I went back to sleep and I woke at like 4pm and didn't really think about it so I'm pretty sure that maybe they changed their number or something while I was asleep before I called them back.

  21. He literally said in the last tweet it was just for enjoyment and not to take it seriously. So don't. How can a black box recording somehow transmit itself and "attach" itself to a phone number and some how call him?

  22. I adore how everyone is debunking this…Hey youtube genius, if you've figured out the great logical leaps, it's probably pretty fucking obvious. Thanks.

  23. I work at a call center that does outgoing calls and I have definitely called wrong numbers and gotten coded messages like this. The most unnerving one like this (although not coded) said "site one ok. site two the alarm is off the site is not ok. Site three ok…"

  24. So I copied and pasted the number from the voicemail into Google and it sent me to a page where the background looked like code and had more of NATO phonetic alphabet. (Yankee Oscar Uniform Hotel Alfa Victor Echo November Oscar Whisky Bravo Echo Echo November Alfa Delta Echo Delta) and translated is says "you have now been added."

  25. When those numbers are typed in it brings you to a cicada 3301 site that tells you youv been added in military letters or whatever (hotel tango etc.)

  26. Uhmm, why don't you at all mention what happens when you google the coordinates presented in the voicemail? It shows you a website with another military code message, which seems to lead to cicada 3301. That's very very odd. No one else noticed it?

  27. …Flight recorders record… flight telemetry. The only way it could possibly record a message like that is from a microphone inside the cockpit, in which case the message wouldn't be spelled out in the NATO alphabet, and given that it was a domestic flight in southeast Asia, wouldn't be in English.

  28. Ok so i love these types of things so I did a Ton of research. Basically all of those words spell out this. S-DANGER SOS IT IS DIRE FOR YOU TO EVACUATE BE CAUTIOUS THEY ARE NOT HUMAN 042933964230 SOS DANGER SOS. doing some more research I discovered it is hooked to the Malaysia air flight 307. The Malaysia air flight 307 was a plane that went missing out of no where around 1:08 AM. The last message anyone received from then was that message at 1:22 AM. want to know more about the flight? look it up lol

  29. im in jrotc and we have the phonetic alphabet
    A Alpha
    B Bravo
    C Charlie
    D Delta
    E Echo
    F Foxtrot
    G Golf
    H Hotel
    I India
    J Juliet
    K Kilo
    L Lima
    M Mike
    N November
    O Oscar
    P Papa
    Q Quebec
    R Romeo
    S Sierra
    T Tango
    U Uniform
    V Victor
    W Whiskey
    X X-ray
    Y Yankee
    Z Zulu

    hope this helps

  30. I like how a few indonesians flock in to debunk the post, only for them to get accused that they are alien cause they say 1 wrong thing 😂😂

  31. But that code is Vietnamese American military code. Vietnam military used these words so it wouldn’t be from aliens but probably a prank. It also wouldn’t be from any other country mostly because it’s old and American language. Now some of these words are still military code but echo was teplaced

  32. 1:57 yep, that's awfully cringeworthy for us native speakers. we speak in slangs and abbreviation when using online platforms, so much to the point it might not be able to be translated by google at all.

    "apus postingan lo yg di twitter" sounds much more convincing

  33. I know this is late but im in Brisbane Aus and i received the same voicemail and i came to the same conclusion it iseither the black box message or some one phone freaking that is really really good at phone freaking as a ton of people in Aus got it crazy

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