Flosstube 35 Cross Stitching with Sulky Threads WIP Haul Stonewashed Sampler

Flosstube 35 Cross Stitching with Sulky Threads WIP Haul Stonewashed Sampler

Welcome back to my channel. I am so
excited that you’re here for my 35th episode of Flosstube where we celebrate
all things counted cross stitch, sustainable stitching, and everything in
between. I’m so happy that you’re with me today!
we have some fun stuff to do. I’m gonna show you some projects that I’ve been
working on, we’re gonna do our giveaway, winner and I’m gonna show you some of my
haul that I got this week. So let’s get started… And with that I’d like to say
thank you again guess what happened this week
besides Pi Day which oh hi so I put on my little pug this is a t-shirt that I
designed for one of my kids a couple years ago. As you can see it is too small
now, but put it on a pug right this is my 3.14, and then the pie, and the crust of
pie, and this is apple pie because well like one of my kids favorite pies is
apple pie. So that’s one of the designs. that I made and I translated it into a
t-shirt, but we had Pi day, Saint Patrick’s Day, I hope everyone who
celebrated St. Patrick’s Day was safe and had a lovely time. I want to
celebrate this week. Are you ready? Drumroll please. I’ve reached 500
subscribers! Yah! Yes! Thank you all who have subscribed to my channel, who have found
me on YouTube, and have come on this needlework journey with me. I am so
grateful. I’m so fortunate, and you all propel me to continue to make and create
and I thank you for that. And with that, comes the 500 my giveaway winner.
I did the random number generator and of course the only paper I could find as I
write this down is from my kids. well hip-hip-“hooray!”
And it is Davina. [whispers] Message me. You won. Yay! And the comment
that she answered was when I asked about spring I said what do you love about
spring? and she said, “the cold weather is finally coming to an end.” Yes I have
short sleeves on. I’m very grateful that it’s starting to warm up. whoa
I love confetti! Thank you for all who entered in the giveaway winner um
Davina let me know you get one of my little custom carrots if you want or I
can make you something else you just have to let me know, you get to pick out
one of my books. I have my mod book here. I have the kids graph paper book. I’ve
got my address book, “My Stitching Friends,” and this one is really fun. I
don’t know, I haven’t received any feedback if anybody actually likes it or
if it works. I hope you like it. I hope it works. I have my just regular lined paper
“Pumpkin Rooster.” I have another graph paper book. I love this one!
Oh my gosh, I love it so much. And in the back I put some fonts and stuff just to
help you know just a little bit. I also have my Springtime Sketch and Stitch,” and my “Cribbage Sketch and Stitch.” And thank you all so much for your amazing amazing
comments about cribbage. Christine of “Stitch all the things,” she plays cribbage
and I’ve got people saying they played cribbage and that just made my heart
sing. Oh my goodness! I so I started digging around I found I have a couple
cribbage boards. And so those are my books so um let me know I get the book,
the carrot, one of my patterns, and you can go on my website I’m gonna have it
down below, I and I’m shipping it anywhere in the world so you just get a
hold of me so and tell me your mailing address and what you would oh my gosh so
thank you all so much 500! Alright what have I been working on
this week? Well I did some cleaning this week, and I wanted to show a little
update. I quickly I mean really tried to I got this one out of the frame and it
was boy was this one like a Fort Knox of frames. It was in a metal frame and I had
to use gadgetry and ingenuity to get this out of a frame. Let me tell you and
then I cleaned it, and I cleaned it again, and I could not get the round staining
off. Unfortunately, I didn’t know if I should put it in another bath.
Someone had suggested using OxiClean. I have not tried OxiClean. I’m very
hesitant. Again, I was just gonna make it a smaller circle so the area that is
stained you wouldn’t see it so I’m not sure how to proceed with that if I
should try to remove the staining completely or just keep moving forward,
preserve the actual stitching piece, and have it have a smaller footprint. This I
cleaned, and ironed, and pressed. I did not put any backing fabric or anything on it.
As you see, it looks “baked and basted” with coffee tea dye. Oh no, that’s just
wear and tear, wear and tear right there. Rusty crusty, and hey it’s awesome. I
really want to do something with this. I’m gonna try to integrate it somewhere,
but it’s got I mean it’s it’s it’s rough but it’s clean and no odor so that’s
awesome. Are you ready for my little puppy? Okay
so she’s started–the eyes follow and thank you all so much [laughs]
So people confirmed with me that her eyes do follow you. There’s a quote
from the movie from a TV show and they said, “You know you pay extra for that.”
Look at her eyes! Doesn’t she look like Pretty Southern’s little puppy dog? Oh my
gosh! So I am having a heck of a canoodle time
trying to figure out how to get this pressed better. I have pressed this, and
pressed it, and pressed it again. It’s been cleaned. It had tape
on the corner it had been glued down to the matte. Oh that matte. Wow!
So I want to finish this, and I wasn’t sure if I should finish it in a round in
the round and have her like regal pug a regal portrait, or if I don’t know if she
just needs to be re-homed as is. I don’t know if I can have her in my house
staring at me. The stitching is impeccable,
but those eyes just keep following me. And lastly I pressed and got started
prepping my gorgeous Barbara Ana completed, and this one has some some
some wrinkles in it. that I again I’m having a really hard time getting out. I
put a fusible interfacing on the back. I cut it to size and put it on you can see
that a wrinkled part here. I have tried ironing it I put a cloth a cotton cloth
over without any water or steam you know pressing it, and then I tried it with the
water and steam pressing it and I don’t want to crush the stitches. Look at this
beautiful piece, and I don’t if you’re just tuning in I got this piece on eBay
in a fevered pitch literally in a fevered haze, I impulse purchased this,
and I feel like while I had it I was in the midst of a fever I made a good
choice. This is incredible! I have wanted to have this pattern for awhile. Bendy
Stitchy is stitching this right now. I think she’s almost done with it and she
changed the face color to a different shade of DMC to encompass more people of color, and I really respect and appreciate that.
I, this again, I did not stitch. I bought it fully finished, and whether you say I
cheated or not by just purchasing it fully finished I love it and she will be
finished soon, and I will admire her and all of her stitching glory!
Alright those are the some of the projects that I worked on this week. I
also worked on a review of the threads that I purchased. I think I showed you
all last week, I had gone to my local quilt shop and purchased the Voldani
and that’s the twelve weight. I had this the Week’s Dye Works twelve weight pearl
cotton. Of course, we all know and well I love the Gentle Art. I tried the avocado
out, and I tried out the Finca number sixteen, and I used a piece of
linen from my stash, and I just stitched away just to see and get a feel of what
it was that I was gonna do. So I want to show you what I did. I understand that
the linen is not–the colors do not match, and it looks rather garish, and I
understand that. However, I just wanted to see kind of what these threads would
look like. This is the watermelon weeks. I used one strand the watermelon weeks
here for the coverage. This right here is the I tried to make a urn and that’s the
Voldani and that is thick. I–no. I really think that that the Voldani
is meant for punch needle and not cross stitch or if I had a bigger count like
if this was like a ten count Aida or 11 count aida, the big thick it would have
looked better. These really bright colors and this right here I wanted to test the
variegation is the Sulky Petites.
I purchased these online. I’m not in affiliated with them in any way.
I purchased their product after seeing Julie from Gulf Coast Stitcher, she and
her daughter did the live stream on Nashville the review I think I’m not
sure if she’s got any other recap videos but I watched everything on Instagram
like glued to watching and they were talking about the Sulky Petites, and
Cathy Habermann, who is I would say Cathy is one of the leading influencers in the
cross-stitch industry. Pretty much what she does everyone follows, and I say that
because she she is on point. She knows her stuff. And her beautiful pattern of,
the world needs “More chocolate bunnies,” it feature of featuring all of these
petits and she had she used their color range to develop a pattern and so she
worked with a thread company. Again I am not affiliated with them in any way. I
watched Cathy’s Flosstube video. I drooled over all of her new releases, her market
releases, and just loved listening to her. She has a wealth of knowledge over 20
years in the industry, and when she speaks I listen.
And so I after watching I went, “Okay it’s official I just need to order this.” So I
ordered this, it came in, and I tried them all out. and what they say is that one
strand of the 12 weight cotton equals two strands of the typical embroidery
floss, and this is the Sulky, and I was excited to try this out. I purchased it’s
like the “best of blendables” and what I had heard and then went again in the
Nashville video they were talking about how these are different than variegated
floss in that there there isn’t a consistency in the color palette and how
it moves. So you could have different lengths of color on different strands.
It’s not consistent. I know with a lot of might
like my DMC variegated I like the “Black Forest” that I really like right now it’s
consistent I know that if I do seven stitches full crosses the colors gonna
change and you really see the striation and striping effect,
so I was excited to try these out and I wanted to see if that is indeed the case
if it has it kind of a uniformity to it or if you kind of see that the
transgression of color transgression transcended it’s not transcendence… you
see that progression of color in a varied way. I will say I purchased the
the set here and they said these are the most popular.
I didn’t there’s no green in here, and I think I have an affinity to green. I
really like green. I started going through my fancy flosses and realize I
have like every color of aqua, teal, and green. So I only saw the green on this the
varied color, and I tested it out here. and you can see you could see the green
and it’s oh boy is it bright and I feel like I did these colors a disservice by
doing this on a coffee tea dyed R&R linen to practice and to see the colors. I
feel like I really should have test-drove these colors on a white, but
live and learn. The pink here it’s oh my gosh it’s so pretty it’s like a pink
purple and I love it. It’s got very Easter color and then the yellow I did
and by that point I’m going enough enough messing around let’s get down a
business. Let’s get down to business! so I of those colors I thought I’m doing
something with this blue. I used these two colors and are you ready?
I made my little tiny little sampler. I made a little bookmark slash sampler pillow
and I was so excited about it! Okay story about this little sampler. The
fabric is a light blue linen and I got it at the Stitching Post, and okay so I
love blue linen. I have a lot of fabric– again always gravitated towards it, and
when I went last a month for my birthday celebration we drove into Catonsville/
Baltimore and I got my scissors, and I looked, and I shopped, and my kids
are running around, and they’re frolocking, I’m frolicking, gallivanting, and I
purchased a piece of this tiny tiny piece of the blue linen.
Well they had this basket of all these other beautiful fabrics something just
like little remnant pieces. Right, well they’re not priced, and in the land that
I live in, if things are not priced typically they’re not sold. Because if
you go to antique balls or thrift stores or something if there’s not a price
people assume that you’ve just taken the tag off, and that they considered that
theft, and then they won’t sell it to you. So I went up to the counter. The
gracious owner so lovely you know she pulls up my account and my newsletter
and I’m like kind of bashful. I asked, “How much is this fabric? “Wheret did you
find it? in the basket?” “Yeah I found it over there.” “Oh that’s free.” What? Free?! okay! and she said you you know what you do is get that get the fabric, stitch something
on, it make it into a bookmark, it’s about a big enough piece to make into a
bookmark, and then tell people that you got your linen at the Stitching Post. and
I said bingo bango sold! so I got my I got all that stuff and like $80 worth of
floss and I we’re driving and I’m like stroking my pretty over-dyed fibers. I digress.
The linen is from the Stitching Post in Baltimore.
The colors are using the two Sulky and I am pleasantly impressed to report that I
stitched this with one strand. With one thread!
I used a larger I want to say I used a size 24 needle my embroidery needle and
I don’t know why I’m trying to set this up there on the camera sorry about that,
and I just love it, and again these are the two blues and then with summer and
spring coming along and my favorite beverage is lemonade.
I love lemonade! All variations of lemonade:
strawberry, berry, you could put it over ice, you could blend it ,you could oh
anything I just love it. So hey I had to put my lemon fabric with it and so I
made it into a bookmark. Then I thought no you know what let’s try something
else so I again made this into a bookmark but I thought why don’t I try
stuffing it with one of the plethora of things that you can stuff mini pillows
with. People have talked about lizard bedding, sawdust shavings,
walnut-shells, sand, thinking of all these things and then I went dadada
I have an idea! I purchased years ago and I haven’t used it– I compost. I dabble
in compost since having kids I haven’t– it has not been a priority, however, I was
gifted a box of compost wood shavings and it’s pretty heavy and so I opened it
up to show you they’re not wood shavings. they’re wood pellets! and I thought well
could wood pellets work so I started researching on the internet and the wood
pellets a lot of these are sold is bedding for–you guessed it–lizards
and bunnies, and all those things. Now I don’t know what kind of wood this is but
I thought could it work in a small pillow? so your thoughts your comments. I
have not I’m not I’m not stuffing the pillow, but I have this in the night so I
have my I am ready so you all tell me if I should try to stuff this. I hand-sewed
this all. I did it while a child napped on me, so my corners aren’t “Vonna pressed,” but I left enough here to put in and to you know fill her up as it
were. So you’all tell me if I should try this. bookmark or pillow? bookmark or
pillow? that’s my that’s that’s what I worked on this week. Again, I am very
impressed with this product. It’s I have to say it was a joy to stitch with it
really was and I love the variegation. My only real critique of this is that you
would have to use at least a 28 count fabric and stitching over two. 32 count
would probably be preferable up to maybe a 36 count. I did not try this on 40. I
assume it might be too bulky for a 40 count, however, I liked the look of this. I
liked the variegation that it gave me. The colors are bright. With the irregularity
of the variation, however, I would not put two strands together to stitch this on a
larger weave or you know a 10, 11, 12, I don’t you know I I just I don’t I see it
working for maybe 28 if you like the sparseness, 32, and 36, so it does limit
those who stitch on different fabric. I want to get some more of these. I’m gonna
reach out to the company and see what they’ve got but there’s my
little sampler. Alright what else do we have?
Oh for my haul this week I went I don’t know back in episode 7 a long time
ago last year, eons ago, I had shown you how to organize your cross stitch
patterns and I had talked about these really neat plastic inserts that you can
put in with your binder to hold your magazine issues. Well look at what I
got this week! I got a set of three of these and they’re the magazine
protectors, where you put it in and then you can put it in your binder. These are
new old stock. I picked these up from the second-hand store these were not new. I
know they sell them online and a couple retail areas, but I got these and it was
awesome that I got them because I found some more magazines this week! We went
out treasure hunting, and I found another copy of my Bee Garden. Apparently I need
to get started on this, and this is a issue from 1987, and I purchased this
partially completed on eBay, and I need to finish stitching it. I adopted it to
finish to stitch. I got this issue I love those cross stitch faces, but look at
this! I was looking close there’s a goat remember how I said how I was in love
with the kidding season for Farm Girl Michelle Rudy and her goats. Look at the
goat, Pig… I found a goat pattern! It’s not “Goat Load,” but it’s something. And then
you all know my love of carrots. I can’t go one day without finding a carrot in a
magazine, let me tell you, and look at that face! look at those faces! I got
this issue of cross stitch magazine and I’m cracking up. I love science.
I don’t know if you all know that I love math and science. “The Nuclear Family” with the robots, and then I’m thumbing through the magazine and you see the little bird?
you see the little cutie? Like that looks really familiar boy oh boy does that
look familiar, where do I know that from? Oh I know where that’s from! I own it! [laughs] so
it’s a small world in case anybody wanted to stitch that little bird it’s
in the January February 1987 issue a cross stitch and country crafts magazine
with the Noah’s Ark on the cover. I apparently I’m certain to like remember
things oh yes that was stitched in 1987 edition of cross stitch magazine yes
yes yes again I want to take the 80s lace off of this and revamp it. It looks
like the person added the “Happy Holidays,” so I’m gonna see about what I can do
with that. And the last magazine that I got y’all know me and my “save the
stitches” and use unconventional containers, well I had to get the 1970s
egg carton creation craft book. I had to do it. These feature all the different
crafts that you can do with the plastic in styrofoam egg cartons. And most–a lot
of states the styrofoam has styrofoam has been banned from being in the waste
stream–I know in Maryland they do have they do carry them the plastic I the
farm that I go to they have the cardboard which you use the cardboard
egg containers for paper mache and that’s a whole other that’s a whole
other craft-a-Palooza. but anyway I’m cracked
you. all know me and my kitschy crafts. I love them! But you know Easter! holy moley
alright Oh Priscilla and Chelsea Real Housewives of Cross-Stitch,
about how they get a lot of floss and stuff from the thrift store and that’s
how that they augment their stash and I’m going I have never found floss at a
thrift store I would love to find floss at a thrift store. I think this was a
couple weeks ago they’re floss. Oh so I put it on into the universe I would like
to find some clean affordable floss to add to my DMC collection. Yes please! I
got floss! Look at how pretty that is! It’s all bobbinated. It’s gorgeous! I haven’t gone
through to inventory to make sure that the numbers line up and I’m not sure if
they’re DMC, but the person did a beautiful job organizing and now I have
more goodies to add to my collection and I just feel so grateful and I feel very
fortunate that I had the money to purchase them when I saw them. I had no
save the stitches this week. I am happy to report that I went to one to two
places this week, and there was no cross stitch to be found. that’s okay because I
came home with this little gem. What is that Amanda Mae? Well it’s a little doll
chair it’s a doll chair made out of clothes pins. Hello adorable! I don’t know
if this person had a pattern they worked off of or what, but I have
never seen this in real life, and I loved it and it came home with me and I feel
like there needs to be a little pin pillow on there. Me and my cute crafts.
Awesome! Thank you all for joining me this week. I am excited to be making all
the things, doing all the things, thank you to my giveaway winner, thank
you all for joining me. I would love it if you have not already to like,
subscribe, hit that Bell button. Please be patient with me with my closed
captioning, I appreciate you, you’re awesome, keep stitching, and I will
see you next week. Take care.

8 thoughts on “Flosstube 35 Cross Stitching with Sulky Threads WIP Haul Stonewashed Sampler

  1. Hi! Sure you may use what I refer to as my Rescue Project with your growing rescue finds. Love your new pattern. I would personally make it into a pin cushion with cotton batting (?) inside. Do you think the wood pieces might discolor the fabric and xs from the inside out? Plus, wouldn't the cushion be lumpy? I really like your new threads. I pretty much use DMC and occasionally a nice variegated thread. Your pie on a pug is adorable! Great video as usual.

  2. Amanda your little stitch with Sulky is adorbs. I would stuff with fiber fill and make it a little pillow. The Cross Stitch magazine that has Noahs Ark on the cover , looks like the one I stitched years ago and didn't finish. If you would like it to finish let me know and I will send to you. I don't have the magazine any longer. Great video today! Happy Stitching and rescuing. πŸ’•πŸ˜‰ p.s. again I love the sulky thread on 20 count adia.

  3. Loved your video! I just love the joy that you bring in your smiles & laughter. I love your new pattern & your save the stitches. I need to remember to pick up one of the Stitchy friends address book, it is such a great idea!! I hope you have a great rest of your week! Happy Spring!!

  4. Hi Amanda May, I'm catching up on flosstube slowly. Your videos are always inspiring. Congratulations on 500 subscribers.

  5. Hi Amanda May ,just heard I'v won a prize tried to email you but it keeps getting sent back ,I will try again later, I just wanted to let you that I'v seen it , thank you .

  6. Have you ever tried Best Press when ironing your finished projects? You spray it on the back only and then iron. Can find it at JoAnn’s but only use the clear, not any of the color ones.

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