Front Side Slit Pleated Kurti Cutting And Stitching | DIY – Tailoring With Usha

hello friends, today m going to teach you cutting and stitching of front side slit pleated kurti with decoration the measurement is like this length 38 inch shoulder to shoulder width 12 inch shoulder length 7 inch chest 34 inch waist length 14 inch waist 28 inch hip length 22 inch hips 34 inch half bottom width 22 inch length of front neck 6.5 inch length of back neck 5 inch neck width 6 inch sleeve length 17 inch half arm round 4.5 inch for making this kurti we need fabric equal to double of (length + 3 inch) + sleeve length + 2 inch it is near about 2.25 meter of fabric from which i’ll make this kurti and will make pleats from this contrast fabric now keep this fabric in 4 layers which is equal to half of our half bottom width +2 inch i.e 22/2+2=13 inch so I will fold it up to 13 inch and then do drafting of my kurti the drafting of this kurti is same as of simple A-line kurti which i’ve already told you (LINK IN DESCRIPTION) the cutting is done like this the only difference is that we don’t cut the curve part in this, we cut the straight line at hem now separate the back and do the cutting of our front piece because we insert pleats on front piece only before doing cutting we transfer this fitting lines to other side too by tapping this is our wrong side, now flip this fabric to right side because we keep the slit on left hand side so on left hand side we cut the slit and we cut our bodice separately first mark center of neck on right side of kurti and mark a bit less from half of neck width on both sides from center now take front neck length + 0.5 inch from the top i.e 6.5 + 0.5=7 inch and from center line mark a bit less than half neck width on both sides i.e 6/2=3 inch, so m marking taking 2.75 inch and make a box of neck length + 0.5 inch after that on right side of neck pattern, take 4 inch (range is 4 to 5 inch) and do the curving like this and now i’ll cut straight from neck to bodice length and extend this line straight till bottom and cut it in cutting first cut the bodice part this is our right side after this cutting now we cut contrast color fabric of same length of the bottom part and width is up to you , i took 17 inch this is the cutting of front part of front side slit pleated kurti and back part we cut it already now we cut sleeves which i already taught you in my previous video (LINK IN DESCRIPTION) after that we do cutting of our front neck bookrum, first take neck width i.e 6 inch and place right side of bodice on it like this and do drafting alongside the bodice neck pattern do drafting till end now remove upper bodice piece and mark 1 inch alongside the drafting like his and now cut these two lines, and this will be our one side neck bookrum and cut 1 inch straight strip for other side which is equal to its length now pin up this bookrum neck pattern on contrast fabric and cut 0.5 inch alongside the pattern now do temporary stitching on inner side and fold fabric on outer side on bookrum and do permanent or temporary sewing on it do the same on other side too and after that paste this on bodice part now place it on wrong side of bodice neck portion and sew alongside the bookrum matching corners of both do the same on other straight side of the bodice and then take neck portion inside out now mark small cuts and then take it out to right side which i’ve taught you in my earlier video (INSIDE-OUT NECK TUTORIAL) after that fix neck pattern by sewing on both its boundary like this after doing this we’ll undo this middle temporary stitching for better finishing first make a 2 inch double wide strip and then sew bodice pattern on its center and other straight bodice on center too like this we do this to increase the good finishing and strength of bodice part after doing this, it is our ready upper part of front piece and now we come to bottom part for this, match right to right of contrast and kurti main fabric and sew it straight lengthwise and after sewing at one side, sew the other side matching right to right lengthwise after stitching at both sides, now we insert pleats on this contrast fabric and for this first take its center after taking center now we insert pleats half from one side and other half from another side matching at center first mark width of pleat from one side, i’ll insert 1.5 inch wide pleat and after that take double of it i.e 3 inch further and remaining is near about 3 inch, if it is more or less then take center as the last pleat like in the same way do marking for the pleats on opposite side too now insert pleats like this, first fold up to 1.5 inch and again fold it like this for 2nd pleat and atlast fold till center for last pleat like we insert pleats in sarees, we fold the fabric in the same way and fold it in opposite direction from sides till center after securing pleats on one side now insert pleats on other side too in opposite direction, main fabric should be on top like this and it should match the other side like this, pin up it at top now do stitching at top to fix the pleats after that join bottom part with bodice, our strip center must match the pleats center now sew it straight matching right to right after that do press stitching, take fabric towards the bottom part of kurti now sew the fitting line the bottom and then make back neck and join shoulders(LINK IN DESCRIPTION), after this i’ll proceed further now join sleeves which i already taught you, and then we fold up to required length from bottom now we decorate this kurti with beads by hand stitching like this and stitch this fancy hanging at waist between the pleats after completing this i’ll upload an image of it if you like this video then hit like button and if you are new here then subscribe for more such videos in the next video i’ll teach you a new cutting/stitching in a simple way..thank you 🙂

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